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9 Common Problems With KNAUS Motorhomes

9 Common Problems With KNAUS Motorhomes

KNAUS motorhomes provide two options to their customers, including semi-integrated and fully integrated motorhomes. You can also select and design the layout according to your choice and needs. Their famous motorhomes are SUN TI, VAN TI, Boxstar, and Tabbert. KNAUS manufactures motorhomes, CUVs, camper vans, and Caravans.

Common problems with KNAUS motorhomes are insufficient charge-holding capacity of batteries, electrical faults, faulty control panel, toilet sink drain leakage, cracked side fenders, failure of water tank bracket, issues with freshwater tank level indicator, malfunction electric water heater, and rust bumps.

My friend also recommended the SUN TI KNAUS motorhome to me last year. I purchased it, and it was a wonderful road trip experience because of the spacious interior, larger windows, and high-quality construction material. I liked the comfy lounge, under-bed storage, and modern design. However, I faced the problem while reversing it because of the larger blind spot area.

Problems Solutions
Batteries not holding charge Remove corrosion from battery terminals
Electric faults Replace broken wires and faulty fuses
Faulty control panel Call dealers for service
Toilet sink drain leakage Replace broken drain pipes
Cracked side fenders Replace broken fenders
Failure of the water tank bracket Book an appointment for a water tank bracket replacement
Issue with freshwater tank level indicator Properly clean freshwater tank
Malfunctioning of the electric water heater Replace fuse
Rust bumps Follow habitation schedule

Batteries not holding charge

Many owners complain about the battery issues of the KNAUS motorhomes. Faulty batteries do not allow you to start the engine because of a lack of power supply.

Their batteries do not hold the charge and die frequently. You have to recharge the batteries several times to power electric items.

It is not holding charge because of its age-related wear and tear. They become dead at a certain age and cannot hold the charge.

In addition, they do not hold the charge because of the draining issue. Many people add aftermarket electric accessories in the living area for their comfort, which causes the draining of batteries.

Batteries have to work harder to provide high voltage current to these items. It does not hold the charge because of the excessive draining of the electric current.

The issue comes from the corroded terminals that do not allow their electric charge to move inside. Because of their badly corroded terminals, you cannot fully charge your motorhome batteries after connecting them to power sockets.

Temperature changes also affect the charge-holding capacity of batteries. It is necessary to remove the corrosion from their terminals using baking soda or vinegar spray. You should check the voltage requirement of the electric accessories while installing them in your motorhomes.

Electrical faults

You can see electrical faults in the VAN TI KNAUS motorhomes. Electric problems affect the functioning of electric items, including lights, electric heaters, power sockets, and refrigerators.

The issue comes because of the broken wires. Wires routed inside are of low quality and can break because of driving on bumpy roads, causing obstruction in the current flow.

Current through broken wires cannot move smoothly to the respective system, leading to malfunctioning. In addition, electrical faults occur because of blown-out fuses and power relays.

Short-circuited wires also cause electrical faults and sudden tripping of electric lights and other items. You can also feel the burning smell from the living area because of the burning of the insulation layer of the electric wires.

You can face problems because of the tripped circuit breakers. It is necessary to check the circuit breakers in your motorhomes and ensure that they are in the ON position. Moreover, track the broken wires and replace them with new ones of good quality.

Faulty control panel

The control panel in your motorhomes is the center of information, which provides information about the several systems. It is located in the living area of the KNAUS Boxstar.

Boxstar motorhome control panels are vulnerable to failure because of several problems. They do not provide the owners with the necessary information about different systems.

You cannot maintain these systems because of insufficient information. Electric failure and inadequate power supply make the control panel faulty.

In addition, dirty and corroded wiring connections also cause failure of the control monitoring panel. My friend also faced an issue with his Boxstar motorhome.

He told me the control panel showed the batteries were not fully charged. He checked the battery charge with a voltmeter, and they were full. He called the dealers for service and maintenance of the control panel to resolve the problem.

Toilet sink drain leakage

Water leakage from the toilet sink drain is common in the KNAUS motorhome. It causes water puddles near the sink area, which provides the medium for molds and bacterial growth.

Water leaks from the drain area because of the loose pipe connections. Pipe connections become loose with their age and incorrect installation.

In addition, corrosion build-up and blockage also lead to poor connections of drain pipes, and water comes out from the sides.

You can face the problem because of the loose tightening nuts that secure the pipes. Broken drain pipes also cause water leaks in toilets.

You have to replace the broken pipe with a new one. It is necessary to ensure the drain pipe connections when you see water puddles near the sink area.

Cracked side fenders

KNAUS motorhome wheels have side fenders to protect against dust, debris, mud splashes, and road salts. These fenders create the barrier and do not allow the road debris to come on wheels, suspension parts, and chassis area.

Fenders can crack because of the hitting of larger stones. Age-related wear and tear are common in side fenders, which leads to cracking issues.

Moreover, exposure to UV radiation increases the risk of plastic fender cracking. You cannot repair the cracked fenders, so replacing them with new ones is better. Select the new fenders according to the size of your motorhome tires.

Failure of the water tank bracket

People also faced the water tank dislodging issue in the KNAUS motorhome because of the failure of mounting brackets. The problem came in their latest models because of the manufacturing default and incorrect brackets mounting to hold the tank.

Freshwater tanks can dislodge underneath the motorhome and lead to serious accidents. They recalled their latest models manufactured in 2022 and 2023 to fix the problem.

You can book an appointment for free of charge replacement of freshwater tank mounting brackets.

Issue with freshwater tank level indicator

Freshwater tanks are equipped with level indicators that work with freshwater gauges. It measures the water level in the tank and displays the information.

After pressing the button, you cannot get correct information about the volume in your KNAUS motorhome with a freshwater tank.

It shows the incorrect reading when the tank is full of water. The issue comes from the dirty and contaminated level indicators due to sediments and fungus build-up.

Before every road trip, you should clean your freshwater tank with citric acid to remove the deposits from the level indicators.

Malfunctioning of the electric water heater

The electric water heater issue in KNAUS motorhomes does not allow the heaters to supply warm water in winter. You cannot find warm water in faucets because of the malfunctioning electric heaters.

My friend also faced an electrical malfunction in his SUN TI. He checked the electric heater wirings, and those were connected correctly.

He inspected the heating element, and it was also free from damage. The issue was due to the blown-out fuse. He replaced the burned-out fuse with the new one to restore the electric heater functioning.

Rust bumps

Many people complain about the rust bumps in their SUN TI motorhomes. You can see rust bumps on habitation, external gas compartments, and wastewater doors.

Rust bumps come on these doors because of the poor maintenance. You can also face rust bumps when you do not follow the habitation service programs.

Rust can come on them because of damaged protective coating and water exposure. You should follow the habitation service schedule to decrease the risk of corrosion on certain doors.

Habitation service causes problems, including damping, electric, and plumbing systems.

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