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7 Common Problems With Carthago Motorhomes

7 Common Problems With Carthago Motorhomes

Carthago motorhomes are luxurious premium-class motorhomes. Moreover, these are comfortable, convenient, and safe on the roads. People love them because of the sufficient storage space and spacious living area.

Common problems with Carthago motorhomes are stuck electric steps, noisy Alde heating system pump, sensitivity of fridges to power supply, failure of daytime running lights, small garage area, damaged wiring of rear camera, and absence of spare wheels.

These motorhomes have separate bathrooms, luxurious interiors, high-quality manufacturing materials, large mirrored walls, and sliding wooden doors.

My friend also purchased the integrated motorhome, which is comparatively cheaper than its semi-integrated models. He told me he liked it because of the separate changing room. Changing rooms have panoramic windows to maintain your privacy.

Problems Solutions
Stuck electric steps Lubrication and cleaning
Noisy Alde heating system pump Bleed air
Sensitivity of fridges to power supply Avoid using multiple electric items at the same time
Failure of daytime running lights Replace daytime running lights
Small garage area Use bike racks
Damaged wiring of the rear camera Replace electric wirings
Absence of spare wheel Purchase compatible spare tires from the market

Stuck electric steps

Carthago motorhomes have electrically retractable steps at the entrance door so passengers can easily enter and exit the motorhomes.

It is also safe and convenient for children because they can easily access the living area. These vehicles usually have more ground clearance, and sometimes, it is difficult for people to get inside.

Many people complain that retractable steps get stuck in a closed position, and they cannot open them to exit the living area.

In addition, they can also get stuck in the middle position during their retraction. You have to use the button to open and close them. Sometimes, the button becomes faulty and causes them to get stuck in a particular position.

The issue also comes because of insufficient power supply or broken wires that supply electric current for their retraction. Moreover, these are made up of metal material, which can corrode.

Corrosion can come on these electric steps because of the dirty and damp shoes. Furthermore, dust and dirt can accumulate on their sides and cause problems in their smooth retraction.

You can replace the damaged or broken button with a new one. It is also better to lubricate it properly to decrease the risk of corrosion and their smooth opening. Use a bristled brush to remove rust and dust from their surface, obstructing movement.

Noisy Alde heating system pump

Alde heating systems are present in luxurious motorhomes, which differ from electric heaters. It is the safest way to make the interior cozy. In addition, it is a silent heating system as compared to heaters.

People like them because it does not produce any noise during its functioning. Chic C-line is famous because of the Alde heating system, but people face several issues.

Alde heating system circulates the warm fluid throughout the cabin to make it warmer during winter. Alde heating system pump controls the working efficiency of the heating system.

One of my friends also has the same motorhome, and he complained about the sloshing sound from the system. He told me he heard the sloshing sound from the heating system when he turned it ON to maintain the interior temperature.

The sloshing sound from the heating system comes because of the separation of air from the fluid. The issue also comes because of water entry in the Alde system.

My friend also told me he bled the air by following the method mentioned in the manufacturer’s guidelines, and the sloshing sound disappeared when he turned ON the Alde heating system.

Moreover, you can also hear the ticking sound because of the expansion and contraction of pipework, which is common because of temperature changes.

Monitoring the heating system temperature is necessary to reduce the risk of fluid overheating.

Sensitivity of fridges to power supply

Fridges of the Carthago motorhomes are sensitive to voltage changes. They turn off when the electric voltage decreases from the normal.

Voltage drops in your motorhome because of the weak batteries and faulty electric system. Voltage also decreases because of corroded or broken wires that cause resistance in current flow.

Moreover, current drawing electric equipment also increases the risk of voltage loss. The issue comes when you simultaneously turn on the hairdryer, electric heaters, and other electric items.

In addition, the use of one or more electric devices at the same time leads to a sudden drop in voltage. The fridge turns off when there is a minor decrease in voltage supply.

You can fix it by turning off the unnecessary electric items in your motorhome. My friend also faced the issue when he turned ON the hairdryer to dry his hair.

The fridge shuts off suddenly because of a voltage drop. He turned off the hairdryer and turned on the fridge again. Avoid using one or more electric items simultaneously to decrease the tripping issue.

You should also check the battery voltage and replace the dead battery with a new one.

Failure of daytime running lights

Daytime running lights are low ambient lights and are less bright than the headlights. These are mounted on the top side of the Carthago motorhomes.

These are low-voltage lights, and these automatically turn ON when you start the engine. The primary purpose of these lights is to reduce the risk of accidents.

These are mounted on the top so drivers of other vehicles can spot these larger vehicles during low-light conditions and at night. Sometimes, these lights become dim because of the insufficient power supply.

In addition, they also start to flicker because of the interrupted power supply. Many owners complain that these do not turn ON after starting the engine because of the blown-out bulb of daytime lights.

Furthermore, these are vulnerable to failure because of water damage, which causes corrosion of the electric components. You cannot repair these lights, so replacing them with new ones is necessary.

You can drive with faulty daytime running lights, but it is not recommended because of safety concerns.

Small garage area

Carthago motorhomes are large enough, and their living area is spacious. However, their garage area is small, and you cannot store the motorcycle or ski jets there for adventurous trips because of their limited space.

The garage area is small because of the design faults. They only designed the garage area for storage of smaller cargo. The garage is not specially designed for the storage of these vehicles.

You need bike racks to take your bikes for adventurous road trips. You have to tow the bike racks on the rear side of the trailer with a trailer hitch.

Damaged wiring of the rear camera

Carthago motorhomes have cameras mounted on the rear side to make the reversing easy. In addition, the rear camera is also useful for parallel parking areas.

The rear camera stops functioning because of damaged electric wires. They do not show any video on the display screen because of the electrical faults.

Wires can break because of the damaged insulating material and short circuits. In addition, driving on bumpy roads increases the risk of breaking these wires.

Impacts and vibrations from the roads lead to loose wiring connections. You can feel difficulty parking your motorhomes at RV parks because of the failure of the reverse camera.

These motorhomes are larger, and you cannot see behind while sitting in the driver’s seat. You can replace the damaged electric wires with new ones to ensure a smooth electricity supply.

Absence of spare wheel

Most motorhomes have spare wheels mounted on their rear side or present in storage compartments so you can quickly tackle emergencies and proceed with your road trip.

However, Carthago motorhomes do not have spare wheels, and you have to purchase the extra tire as an aftermarket addition.

Purchase the spare time from the market, which is compatible with your motorhome and pre-existing tires. Store it in a storage compartment to change a tire in case of sudden blow-outs.

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