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9 Common Problems With Swift Motorhomes

9 Common Problems With Swift Motorhomes

Swift Motorhomes manufactures caravans, campervans, and motorhomes. They have more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing these motorhomes. These are of the finest quality to make your trip experience enjoyable. These are manufactured in the UK, and they have a team of about 1300 expert and dedicated employees.

Common problems with Swift motorhomes include a faulty stereo system, tiny holes in the panoramic sunroof, gas leakage, frequent breaking of fridge shelves, floor rotting, bowing of aluminum roof, failing of entrance door handle, corroded drawer runners, cracked walls and poor steering wheel stability.

I also drove the Escape model of Swift motorhome, which was stylish and modern. I loved the bathroom interior, with a stylish shower, LED downlights, ample storage, and high-glossed wall boards. The second thing that fascinated me was the cup holder. It was larger, and I placed my coffee cup in it. I did not see this in any RV before and had to put the coffee or tea cup on the table.

Problems Solutions
Faulty stereo system Replace damaged speakers
Tiny hole in panoramic sunroof Regular habitation checks
Gas leakage Tighten the screws of the gas pipe
Frequent breaking of fridge shelves Replacement of shelves
Floor rotting Reseal the floor
Bowing of aluminum roof Use plastic panels to fill gaps between fixtures
Corroded drawer runners Anti-rust spray
Cracked walls Apply sealant or paint on the wall
Poor steering wheel stability Check fluid levels

Faulty stereo system

My friend purchased the Kon-tiki motorhome from Swift, and he told me he did not face any serious issues while driving that could ruin your trip.

He saw the faulty stereo system issue when he turned on the infotainment system. He wanted to listen to music while traveling, but the speakers were not working.

He turned on the music but could not listen to any sound from the stereo system because of the faulty speakers. He checked his mobile phone connection, but it was okay.

He checked the speakers, and those were faulty, which hindered the sound production. The problem was due to the blown-out speakers in the stereo system.

He removed the blown-out speakers and replaced them with new ones compatible with the electric system. Speakers in motorhomes can blow out because of excessive vibrations from the road during driving.

In addition, the issue can also come because of the faulty electric connections that cause the power surges towards the stereo system. A blown-out fuse also causes the malfunctioning of speakers, and they do not produce sound.

Speakers become faulty because of poor maintenance and dust accumulation. It is better to install power surges in your motorhomes to reduce the power surge problems during charging.

Tiny hole in panoramic sunroof

You can see small and invisible holes in the panoramic roof of your Swift motorhome. You cannot see the gaps in the panoramic roof because these are smaller, and you can only identify them because of water leakages.

Incorrect installation of panoramic roofs leaves small holes on their sides, which cause water leakage in the interior cabin.

Water can also come inside when it is not correctly leveled with the exterior panels of the motorhomes. It also has a seal around its edges for water and air-tight connections.

Damaged seals leave small holes on their sides, leading to water seeping and mold growth. It is necessary to check the panoramic roof seals when you see water leakage from there.

Moreover, regular habitation checks are also necessary for motorhome maintenance and increase the longevity of its components.

Gas leakage

Because of the loose connections, gas leakage issues can be seen in Voyager motorhomes. Propane is a flammable gas that causes explosion when it comes in contact with sparks.

You can identify the gas leakages in the interior cabin because of the strong and pungent smell of propane gas. Sometimes the screws that connect the pipes with the stove or propane tanks become loose and cause gas leakages.

Propane gas comes outside because of the loose pipe connections. Screws become loose because of their faulty installation, high-gas pressure, and corrosion. It is necessary to tighten them regularly to reduce the fire-related hazards.

Frequent breaking of fridge shelves

My friend faced the broken fridge shelves issue in his Swift motorhomes. He placed the bottles and cans on them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

He checked the manufacturer’s guidelines, and they allow you to put the cans and bottles on refrigerator doors and shelves. However, he told me he put the milk cartons and jam bottles on the fridge shelves, which got broken.

The problem was due to the low-quality manufacturing materials on shelves. Moreover, you can also face problems when shelves in the fridge are not mounted properly. He got the free fridge shelf replacement because they come under warranty.

Floor rotting

Swift motorhome floors are made of wood material and are vulnerable to rotting. You can see rotten floors near the bathroom and broiler.

However, floor rotting is common in them because they use the wrong type of adhesives. The adhesive used for their construction is insufficient to hold the wood pieces.

Using the wrong adhesive affects the proper sealing of the wooden floor, and water can penetrate inside their different layers, leading to the rotting issue.

You have to re-install the floor using the correct adhesive type to seal the wooden parts. Resealing is the only permanent solution to fix the floor rotting.

Bowing of aluminum roof

The upper layer of a Swift motorhome is made up of pure aluminum. However, the inner layer comprises plywood to provide added insulation against extreme weather conditions.

My neighbor has the Voyager, and he told me he usually saw the upward bowing of the roof in summer weather because of the expansion of aluminum material.

Aluminum expands during hot weather because of the increased kinetic energy of the molecule. Hot weather causes the expansion of aluminum material and its bowing in an upward direction.

Upward bowing of the roof affects the installation of several fixtures, and you can see the gap between them. My neighbor told me he saw the gap above the cupboard in hot weather.

He used plastic panels to seal the gap and reduce water leakage. Moreover, you can also use water-proof foaming material to fill the gap between various fixtures.

Corroded drawer runners

Swift motorhomes are equipped with under-floor drawers mounted on their external side. The drawer runners that secure these drawers are not covered with protective material.

The non-protected drawers are exposed to road debris. These runners are made of steel material and are more vulnerable to rusting.

Rust can come on the steel runners because of the road salts, mud, and dust exposure. Moreover, exposure to these elements also causes jamming and binding of the drawer runners, which causes problem in their opening and closing.

It is better to spray the drawer runner with anti-rust spray to provide a protective coating against road debris.

Cracked walls

Swift motorhome home walls are made of polystyrene, which is moisture-resistant and provides better insulation. However, you can see the cracking of polystyrene walls near the shower area.

Polystyrene is a material that is made up of the polymerization of plastic material. It is rigid and brittle and lasts longer to maintain structural integrity.

You can see cracking of the wall because of the damaged paint of the sealant coat. Poor installation also causes cracking of polystyrene walls in the bathroom.

The paint or sealant layer can get damaged by the moist environment and condensation buildup from warm water. Maintaining the wall and applying the sealant and paint are necessary to reduce cracking problems.

Poor steering wheel stability

Swift motorhome has poor steering wheel stability, which causes problems in driving. You cannot control the steering wheel efficiently to move the tires in different directions.

It becomes difficult for you to turn the steering because of the poor lubrication of the steering column components. Warped rotors, misaligned wheels, incorrect tire pressure, damaged control arm bushings, worn-out steering rack, and low levels of steering fluid affect the overall stability and control of the steering.

It is necessary to check the steering wheel fluid level because it makes the steering wheel hard to steer in different directions. You should ensure the power steering fluid is thin enough to move between its various parts.

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