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9 Common Problems With Roller Team Motorhomes

9 Common Problems With Roller Team Motorhomes

Roller team motorhomes and campervans are luxurious and have automatic and manual transmissions. Moreover, their interior is manufactured with Italian design and perfect finishing material. Interior side walls and roofs are manufactured with EVO technology to provide extra protection and insulation and maintain structural integrity.

Common problems with Roller Team motorhomes are faulty toilet cassettes, poorly sealed external skirts, stuck kitchen cupboards, damaged habitation door seals, thin dinette seat foam, poor installation of bike racks, condensation formation, faulty control panels, and absence of an oven.

I used the Pegaso 590 last year and was completely satisfied with its performance and interior cabin ventilation. The interior cabin was equipped with ventilation panels, which reduced the dampness issue and condensation formation. Moreover, their beds were comfortable because of the breathable fabric to provide a home-like feeling.

Problems Solutions
Faulty toilet cassette Remove toilet tissues from the blades
Poorly sealed external skirts Seal the external skirts properly
Stuck kitchen cupboard Inspect locking mechanism
Damaged habitation door seal Replace cracked habitation door seals
Thin dinette seat foam Replace cushions
Poor installation of bike rack Reseal the mounts
Condensation formation Replace damaged vents
Faulty control panels Check electric wires, switches, and buttons
Absence of oven Use portable stovetop

Faulty toilet cassette

The toilet cassette is the black water tank located underneath the toilet to hold toilet water. Toilet cassettes in Roller Team motorhomes do not have smell issues, but you can see their sticky blades, which make their dumping challenging.

Blades are controlled by the blade openers, which control the opening and closing between the toilet bowl and waste tank.

Many people complain that sometimes these blades get stuck and do not open to drain liquid and solid material to the waste tank from the toilet bowl.

Sticky blades can make your motorhome terrible because of the foul smell of toilet waste. Blades become sticky when toilet paper gets stuck on their sides.

Dislodged blades become sticky, which affects their opening mechanism. Furthermore, this problem can be due to the poor alignment of the blade knobs.

The alignment of blade knobs becomes incorrect because of heavy shaking during cleaning, flushing, and dumping of waste tanks. Use the torch light and a long screwdriver to realign the blades correctly. You can also remove the stuck toilet paper by removing the blades.

Poorly sealed external skirts

External skirts surround the bottom of the motorhome to provide insulation in hot and cold weather. These act as the barrier against extreme weather conditions.

It allows heat retention in cold weather to keep the interior warm. Moreover, it prevents the heat from coming inside during the summer.

It also reduces the risk of freezing plumbing lines when the temperature drops. Many complain that external skirts in Auto Roller 200 and 500 are not sealed properly, affecting the interior temperature and water ingress.

Poor sealing of external skirts affects the interior temperature in different weather conditions. You cannot maintain the living area temperature in hot and cold weather.

It is the manufacturing fault that happens because of the negligence of the Roller Team employees. Seals can also get damaged because of accidental impacts and loose installation.

Sealing material can also get damaged because of its age and exposure to environmental elements. It is better to apply the sealants in the affected area and leave it for some time to dry.

Scrape off the old sealing material and clean the surface before applying the new sealant.

Stuck kitchen cupboard

The kitchen in the Roller Team motorhome is equipped with cupboards to store kitchen accessories. One of my friends who has the T-line 590 complained that one of the kitchen cupboards on the lower side gets stuck in the closed position.

Stuck cupboards had the essential accessories inside, and he could not take them out. It got stuck because of the failure of the locking system.

He told me he removed the drawer and used the mirror to deal with the screws. He removed the screws that were holding the lock and inspected it.

He replaced the failed locking mechanism with a new one. The cupboard can also get stuck because of the expansion and warping of wooden material.

Damaged habitation door seal

It is the entry door in the Roller Team motorhome, and its inner edges are equipped with rubber seals to reduce the water and air entry inside the interior cabin.

Sometimes, the habitation door seals get damaged and cause water to ingress directly into the living area. Moreover, water also seeps inside the locking mechanism of the habitation door, which increases the risk of their failure, and you cannot close them properly.

You can see water puddles in the footwell area because of the broken seal of the habitation door. This problem is due to the age-related deterioration of the rubber material because of environmental factors.

High-quality door seals can easily last more than ten years with proper maintenance. You can decrease the risk of shrinkage and deformation by applying lubricants to the door seals.

Replace the broken or cracked seals with new ones for air and water-tight connections.

Thin dinette seat foam

My neighbor used the Roller Team motorhome and told me dinette seats are not comfortable for road trips. Their cushions are thin, which can make you tired when you sit on them for longer.

He sat on the dinette chairs for about 3 hours to watch the movie and got tired. He replaced the factory-installed cushions and replaced them with new ones.

He installed the thick foamed cushions to make the sitting area comfortable and cozy during winter.

Poor installation of bike rack

The bike rack on the rear side of the Roller Team motorhome is not installed correctly. Its rubber seals are not mounted with the exterior panels, which leads to snow accumulation in winter because of the moisture.

You can see the snow near their rubber mounts. Poor installation of bike rack mounts causes the water to get inside the living area and damage the floor, walls, and roof.

It is better to reseal their mounts to reduce the water infiltration through drilled holes.

Condensation formation

Roller Team motorhome is equipped with ventilation panels to reduce the overall moisture and remove the cold and damp air outside.

Sometimes, these ventilation panels stop functioning and lead to condensation formation. Condensation inside the interior cabin is not good because it affects the structural integrity.

Moisture exposure can damage the walls, roof, and floor. You should inspect the ventilation panels to ensure their efficient functioning. Replace the damaged vents with new ones to reduce moisture in the area.

Faulty control panels

The control panel is the central information system in the motorhomes. It is located in the center and gives information about the correct functioning of the various systems.

Control panel units in Roller Team motorhomes become faulty because of blown-out fuse, broken wires, loose connections, and tripped circuit breakers.

You cannot monitor several systems, which increases the risk of significant damages and costly repairs. It is necessary to routinely maintain and clean the control panels to reduce the risk of damage.

You should also ensure the tight connections of their electric wires. Check the buttons and switches for their correct functionality.

Absence of oven

People use ovens in their motorhomes for cooking, a basic necessity for road trips.

My brother used the Roller Team motorhome last year, but he told me he did not like it because of the absence of the oven. He loves to cook food during road trips to enjoy his vacations.

He sold it because cooking food in a portable propane oven was not convenient for him. Many people like their Italian-styled interior and use the portable stovetop as an alternative to the oven.

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