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9 Reasons Why Remote start system not working on Ford F150

9 Reasons Why Remote start system not working on Ford F150

A remote start system in Ford F150 trucks allows you to start the engine from outside. It is beneficial in winter to warm up the engine while going outside.

Remote start system not working on Ford F150 due to battery problems with key fobs, out-of-range, opened truck hood, dead batteries, ignition on, activated anti-theft system, and hazard lights. In addition, it can happen when the parking gear is not engaged, FordPass is not activated, low coolant or oil levels, the check engine light is on, and the truck is in valet mode.

The curved arrow represents the remote start button on the key fob. Many people complain that they see the blinking red light on the fob after pressing the button, representing the system’s failure.

Problems Solutions
Dead batteries of key fobs and trucks Replace batteries and check the operating distance
Opened truck hood Replace the hood sensor or pin
Ignition on Review ignition laws in your state
Activated anti-theft system and hazard light Deactivate the anti-theft system and hazard light
Parking gear not engaged Engage parking gear
Non activated FordPass Activate the app with the authorized name
Low oil and coolant Refill oil and coolant
Check engine light is on Inspect engine parts to turn off light
Valet mode Disable the valet model by pressing the brake pedal

Dead batteries of key fobs and trucks

The remote start button is present on the Ford F150 key fob, and it cannot function when its batteries are dead and weak. The weak and dead batteries do not transmit low-frequency radio signals to the control module.

The dead and weak batteries of the pickups also cause an interruption in signaling. Replace the batteries of the key fob having the same specifications as the previous ones and reprogram it in the computer system.

Add the batteries correctly so they can function, and you can also try different brands to check their effectiveness.

In addition, you can also face a problem when you are operating them from a larger distance. The feature only works when you are approximately 200 to 300 feet from them.

Opened truck hood

It is dangerous for mechanics to turn on the ignition with remote starts while the hood is open. In addition, the hood pin or sensors on the truck hood prevent engine functioning when these are open.

You cannot use the keyless ignition feature from your key fob when the hood is open. Sometimes, the hood sensors become faulty and give the wrong signal, preventing the engine from starting.

The issue in these components comes from their old age, corrosion, and breaking. Replacing the hood sensor is the only solution to getting the correct information to operate the remote start.

You can also clean them and remove their corrosion for their correct functioning.

Ignition on

People often leave their Ford F150 trucks in the parking area with the ignition turned on. The remote start does not work when the ignition is turned on, and you hear the red light blinking and a beep sound when you press the activation button.

The primary function of this feature is to turn on the ignition and warm up the engine before you step into the driving seat so you do not have to wait.

These cannot work when the ignition is already on in your pickups. Therefore, it is necessary to check the laws of the specific American states while leaving trucks with the ignition turned on.

In some states of America, it is strictly prohibited to turn on the ignition without drivers and passengers sitting inside. However, some states also restrict the ignition time to make the environment safe and free from exhaust gasses.

Activated anti-theft system and hazard light

The anti-theft system is present in these automobiles and contains anti-theft devices. These devices restrict the access of keyless entry and remote start in your trucks.

These safety features negotiate the unauthorized systems so thieves cannot steal them. For example, you cannot turn on the ignition with the arrow button on your key fob when anti-theft systems and alarms are turned on.

Many people turn on the hazard light while parking on the road and do not know about it. It represents an issue with your pickups and their components, and you cannot turn on the engine for further driving.

Ensure that hazard lights, anti-theft system, and alarms are turned off when you use the keyless system to turn on the ignition in your Ford F150.

Parking gear not engaged

Parking or neutral gear in the transmission system represents that your truck is not moving and is resting. The remote start system only works when Ford F150 is in parking mode.

These do not perform their functions when you forget to engage the parking gears while parking. The disengagement of parking gears shows that the ignition is on and you are driving.

It is better to engage the parking gear and shift towards neutral transmission when you want to park your vehicles for a long time so you can turn them on with key fobs.

Non activated FordPass

FordPass is the app that needs to be activated to enjoy various features of your pickup trucks. You can also install the application on your mobile phone to control different features.

In addition, it is free to use, and you do not have to pay the company for its use. These also allow the remote start feature to start and stop.

Sometimes people do not activate the app on their mobile phones or computerized systems. It accesses the information about your automobiles and recalls you about the servicing schedules.

It is better to activate the FordPass application with an authorized username to lock, unlock, and turn on the ignition properly.

Ensure that the feature is turned on by opening the setting menu. Proceed to remote start, and you can see the system option hear. Click on the system option and press the toggle to the ON position.

Low oil and coolant

The remote start system turns on the engine of your Ford F150 a few minutes before you proceed with driving. Many people complain that the feature does not work when coolant and motor oil levels are low.

It inhibits the engine from starting to prevent damage from low coolant and motor oil levels. The friction between metal parts increases with no engine oil for sufficient lubrication.

Moreover, the engine overheats when coolant cannot flow between its parts to make them cool.

Refilling the motor oil by opening the oil filler cap at its maximum level is better. Refill the coolant in the radiator hose and tighten the cap properly.

Check engine light is on

Check engine light comes on in your dashboard screen when you park you park your vehicles and drive them. The light represents the errors in the engine and the components associated with them.

The remote start system does not turn on the engine and stop function when the check light is on.

The check engine light comes on due to low fluid levels, loose oil filler caps, low coolant and motor oil, damaged sensors, loose head gaskets, and overheating.

Inspecting the engine components and restarting the trucks to turn off the check engine light is necessary.

Valet mode

Valet mode is the safety and security feature of various Ford truck models. The mode deactivates the remote start and safety alarm features.

It is beneficial when taking your vehicle for servicing, and someone is going on your vehicle without your permission. It disables the various feature so no one can access them without your permission.

Only the keyless system can open and close the door locks. The valet mode is activated when children press the key fob button multiple times.

Moreover, the pressing button issues come when the fob is in your pocket, and you sit on them. Turn on the ignition using a key or button and start the engine to disable valet mode.

Press the brake pedal several times, and you can see the parking light turns on, along with clicking or beep sounds.

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