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Are Chinese Mini Trucks Street Legal?

Are Chinese Mini Trucks Street Legal?

Chinese mini trucks are popular in the US because they are economical and easy to drive. Therefore, there is a massive demand amongst small businesses or farm owners for cargo transportation. However, federal and state laws restrict their use under certain conditions.

Are Chinese Mini Trucks Street Legal? Chinese mini trucks are not street legal, but you can drive these on off-road routes in all 50 states. However, they are allowed as low-speed vehicles in a few states with speed limits. For example, in Illinois, you can use a mini truck on public roads with speed limits of less than 30 mph. In Missouri, you can operate on highways with speed limits of less than 45 mph, and this limit is 35 mph for Ohio state.

I will explain the steps to import mini trucks in USA and methods to register them and make them street-legal. 

Can you drive Chinese mini trucks on US highways?

Chinese mini trucks are the smallest 4-wheel vehicles used for cargo transportation, with an engine size of 660cc or lesser.

Moreover, they have other criteria like a maximum length of 130 inches, a height from the ground of 78 inches, and a maximum width of 60 inches.

People also call them Kei trucks as they have to meet the requirements of the Kei Jidosha category of vehicles in the country of their origin.

You can drive these trucks on some portions of highways with some limitations and modifications to meet the safety and environmental protection requirements. 

People import Chinese mini trucks in the US as off-road vehicles as they do not meet the country’s Federal Motor Vehicles Safety Standards (FMVSS).

Therefore, you cannot drive them on public highways without modifications to meet the road safety standards in the US.

However, general rules differ from state to state. 21 US states have allowed mini trucks on some highways with specific speed limits varying according to that state.     

How to make Chinese mini trucks street legal?

People import Chinese mini trucks to the US because of their low operating costs and fewer repair and maintenance issues.

However, their manufacturers don’t certify them to meet the emission standards or other US road safety requirements.

Therefore, you can use them off-road on private property and cannot bring them to public highways without doing certain modifications.

Meet US safety standards

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issues road safety standards that all vehicles have to follow for driving on public roads or highways.

All vehicles older than 25 years have an exemption from meeting these standards. Other than that, you cannot bring it on the highways.

Therefore, you should carefully go through the FMVSS according to the category of your vehicle and modify it accordingly.

It has specific requirements regarding parts related to safety, including headlights, tail lights, brakes, airbags, and windows. Changing all these parts according to the standards allows you to register your truck for on-road use.

Comply with the EPA emission standards

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has emission standards for all public road vehicles.

Automobile manufacturers comply with those requirements regarding fuel economy and certify that their vehicles will meet the criteria.

These must be authorized to meet the EPA emission standards. Otherwise, you cannot drive them on highways as they will not fulfill the on-road emission requirements.

Moreover, they also have to pass the annual emission examination by the EPA. However, you can get an exemption from this standard or inspection if the imported mini truck is 21 years or older.

Modify the mini truck to meet the DMV requirements

Despite the strict restrictions regarding the on-road use of Chinese mini trucks without complying with FMVSS and emission standards, some states have allowed them with certain limits.

Although these rules change from state to state, there is one common trait for all.

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in these states allow the mini trucks on specific public roads after owners permanently modify them to lower speed limits of 25 miles per hour (mph).

They consider them in the category of low-speed vehicles, and they must also follow off-road emission standards. There are devices available in the market to get this speed limit.

What are the conditions for importing or registering a Chinese mini truck in the US?

Rules for registration of mini trucks vary according to the DMV of different states. However, you can legally import or use them by adopting four ways.

The 1st method is to register them as off-road vehicles for use on your farmhouse or property for cargo transportation.

Moreover, it will get an exemption from annual inspections regarding safety or emissions. After that, however, you cannot bring these vehicles on public roads or highways.

The 2nd method allows you to register it as a farm vehicle for its use on any farm owned or operated by you.

In this way, it gets an exemption from annual safety or emission inspection due to use for agricultural purposes.

Vehicles older than 25 years or more are considered antiques in the US. Therefore, you can import and register it by paying a registration fee under this category.

In addition, you will get a waiver from annual safety inspection and emission requirements. However, you cannot use the vehicle for frequent transportation or cargo services.

As a 4th way, you can register it under the category of low-speed vehicles. However, it requires you to permanently modify it according to the speed limit of your resident state and related safety requirements. 

Laws regarding the use of Chinese mini trucks in various US states

The federal government has different regulations regarding using mini trucks on public roads.

But few states have allowed their use through local ordinances with certain restrictions. Therefore, you will get different rules for operating them on public roads.

You can register mini trucks in Illinois State and drive them on roads with 30 mph or less speed limits.

However, you can only go with a speed range of 20-25 mph. Moreover, they should also comply with the federal safety regulations for low-speed vehicles.

In Missouri, they have allowed the use of mini trucks on public roads with posted speed limits of 45 mph. Moreover, you can go on-road if you follow federal government regulations and emission standards.

In Ohio State, these trucks are legal for off-road use or on a farm for agricultural purposes only. You can also operate them on public roads, highways, and streets with speed limits of less than 35 mph.

There are no specific laws regarding these in New York State. However, you can use them as off-road vehicles on private property, and they are not street-legal to drive on public roads.

In Texas, Chinese mini trucks are not street legal, and you cannot register them until they are 25 years older or for off-road use only on a farm.

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