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Ford F150 Keyless Entry Remote Not Working

Ford F150 Keyless Entry Remote Not Working

Ford F150’s keyless entry remote is one of the security features which prevents theft. It sends the coded signal by radio waves from the key to your vehicle’s receiver.

Ford F150 keyless entry remote does not work due to a dead battery, a fault in soldered joints inside the remote, and a damaged controller circuit. It also happens due to radio frequency interference and reprogramming of keyless entry remote. 

These are common issues faced by every keyless entry remote owner, and their solution is simple. You only have to be familiar with the features of your vehicle because it will make it easy for you to diagnose the problem.

Dead Battery of Keyless Entry Remote

You can face the functioning issue of the keyless entry remote of your Ford F150 because of the dead battery.

You can detect the problem when the signals from your key fob to the receiver become weak, which makes the response slower.

Check the remote’s battery before going too deep into investigating the problem. Open it apart, and you can find a silver coin-shaped battery. 

You can replace its battery with the new one, which costs around $12 or less.

There is another solution in case you face a sudden failure in working the remote, and you have no time to replace it with the new one.

Close the key back after removing the battery and put it in the slot present in a cup holder.

Remove the lid covering the cup holder, and there you can see a slot, which is the size of the remote. This is a useful hack whenever you face such a situation.

Faulty Keyless Entry Remote

Sometimes, the keyless entry remote does not work even after changing the battery because the issue can be in its circuit board. Further, open it, and you can find a chip-like board with soldered joints.

These joints can become loose, causing total failure in the functioning of a remote. This can happen due to careless handling of it, and as a result, connections become loose. 

You can check the frequency of your Ford F150’s keyless entry remote with the help of a frequency tester. This tester is like a square board with a led screen where you can see the frequency measurement. 

Place the remote where the picture is drawn for it and turn on the button of the tester. You can see the readings, and if it shows zero frequency, you need to open it and solder the loose joints. 

Damaged Controller Circuit

There is a control circuit or module for a keyless entry remote in your Ford F150 truck, which includes relay switches. These relays can stop working, causing trouble in locking and unlocking the doors of your vehicle.

Take out the module to pull out the circuit, which is like a chip, and test the relays with the help of a 12-volt power supply unit. Put the wires in the unit, and test the relay switches for the lock and unlocking door. 

You can hear a ticking sound when you touch the pins of the wires to the relay if it is working. You will not hear the sound if it is damaged, and you can replace it. 

You need to desolder the joints with the help of flux solder and then use solder sucking vacuum to remove the damaged relays. Pull the damaged relay out with a little force but do not damage the circuit.

Put the new relay in the place of the damaged one and solder it back with the help of a solder gun. Test it again to check if the voltage is available, and put the chip back in the module. 

Radio Frequency Interference

Radio frequency interference can happen when your Ford F150 has other electrical components which can interfere with signals transmitted from its remote.

The electrical components which can interfere with the signals are; your cellphone charges, electronic advertisement signs, laptops, GPS devices, and any other vehicle with access to transmitters.

Consider these possibilities before going towards any other diagnosis. Put your laptop and chargers in a bag so that the chances of interference become less. 

The distance between your truck and your keyless remote can also be the reason for the delay in response. Use the enter key when you are in the closed perimeter of your vehicle. 

You can use the key hidden in your keyless remote by opening it from the center. This key helps in emergencies when you are unable to detect and fix the issue.

Worn Out Ford F150 Battery

The keyless entry system relies on the battery to work properly. The battery provides energy to this system because it depends highly on the battery.

However, it is unlikely for the battery to drain out completely, but it’s still possible. The keyless remote requires less energy from the battery.

You can jump-charge your Ford’s dead battery with the help of another truck. Make sure the vehicle is not in starting position, as it can damage the battery of your vehicle.

Fuse can be another reason for draining the battery, which can affect the functioning of the components of your Ford F150.

Look out for any bad fuse in the fuse box and visually inspect it for any signs of burnt and broken wire filament.

You can also test the fuse with the help of a test light by attaching its clips to the power supply on the negative and positive terminals.

The fuse is damaged if you cannot see the light on the test light and replace it with an equal amperage fuse.

Reprogramming Keyless Entry Remote 

You can face reprogramming issues when you replace the battery of the remote. You have to pair it again to your Ford F150 in order for it to start working again.

You better pair it again because another person with the same make as yours can unlock your truck.

You can reprogram it yourself and don’t have to go to a dealer. Sit in your vehicle and insert the key in the ignition.

Turn the key to the lock and unlock position and repeat it several times without turning on the engine.

You can hear a chime-like sound after doing the above and testing it with a remote. Your remote is successfully reprogrammed and repaired if you hear the same sound using it. 

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