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Best Way to Fly a Flag on a Truck: Facts: You Should Know

Best Way to Fly a Flag on a Truck: Facts: You Should Know

You can fly a flag on your truck in various ways, which are suitable, affordable by easy access. While doing this process, you have to follow the proper instruction, guidance, rules, and regulation. It is disrespectful for you if you cannot fulfill the criteria. The flagpole is available in different forms like steel, wood, and PVC pipe.

Best Way to Fly a Flag on a Truck?

Flying a flag on your truck is a patriotic emotion and not a rule violation of your state. You take precautions while hanging makes your truck front view clear.

Most people hang many flags on the front fender resulting in the windshield covering during turning. It is legal to display it, but you should follow the flag etiquette.

It implements by the American Legion and military. It can a sign of pride for you so the job in a proper way. If you cannot properly do this, then you can face several hurdles while driving. 

This article will discuss various methods and steps of its hanging and a few other aspects.

CDL provides tips for flying a flag on a truck

As Independence Day comes, many people want to display the flag on their trucks.

If you fly the flag on one of your sides, then the right one is best. There is no restriction for two but with the same height and proper method.

According to the federal flag code, the flag cannot hang over the roof, sides, or truck back fix or clamp to the right fender.

When flags fly from the nearby poles, first hoist it and then make it low.

Another kind of flag cannot position to the above or right to your state flag.

For the roof mounting, you have to center it or on the truck passenger side.

You have to avoid dirt and any damage.

When you hang your flag with others, then position your state flag in the center and at the high and correct position than the other.

If the two different nations mount it, then fly it at the same height from various points. 

You have to protect it from ground touch mounting, casket, or the half-staff position.

If it displays for a prolonged period and becomes griming, then retire with honor.

Types of flagpoles for trucks

There are three different types of flagpoles, such as steel, wood, and PVC flagpole.


The metal type flagpole is thick and design that resists or tolerate the wind load during weather conditions.

Galvanized pipes are the best for them because of rust-resistant.

The steel pipe should change with time due to its corrosion. In this case, you have to select the proper size of it then make a drill hole for the bolt.


In this case, you have to trim the tree branch and make it solid by proper cutting. For this type of flagpole, you make the base that balances the pivot point.

The foam core idea is best for the upper part. You can make it with proper dimensions and ratios.

Several flagpole manufacturers use several heights to follow different parameters. In history, the first flagpole introduces made-up wood material.

These have sufficient strength and durability and paint it with suitable varnish so avoid crack or blistering.


For the PVC flagpole construction, you need essential items like the pipe of this material, the connector of different sizes, eye screws, and the climbing clip.

In this case, connect the various lines and then top cover with the connector.

Drill the hole with a screw and attach the climbing clip to it. In the end, connect or fit the cap on both ends of the pipe.

How do you fly a flag on a truck?

There are several methods, which help to mount the flag to the flagpole.

Mount through the PVC pipe

In this case, you have to require some items like a 2-pipe around 1-4 inches, two clamps, and rivets.

Through the driller, make the 2-holes in your pickup bedsides or front portion.

Take the clips and pipe clamp, insert the short PVC pipe around two or four inches, and tighten it.

After, install the small line less than 4 inches into that large one and screw it with a bolt in the drill hole. In the end, fix the flag to that pipe and go wherever you want.

If you want to attach two flags, then take two of these material-type pipes connected to the board in your truck middle.

Take two metal rode where you mount your flag and insert it into that pipe. You can also use the safety pin in some cases.

Screw the flag on the wood piece

You can also use the wood piece or block for flag mounting. In this case, you have to fix the flagpole panel to the wood piece and adjust it into the stake pocket.

If you face difficulty in its holding, then do some preventive measures like provide some support.

You also make a hole through the drilling machine and screw it. If the corrosion chance occurs, then paint that area so the rusting cannot happen.

Use cinder block

You have to gather up some cinder blocks or bricks with suitable holes and mount these or stakes in this case.

You have to protect them from sliding, so arrange two boards and squeeze them on all sides. In the end, use the strap ties and bind to the flagpole tight.  

Hose clamp

Another way to fly a flag on your pickup is to use the hose clamp. You can buy some amount from any store and buy the flag around $8-$10.

It is most durable, and its kit contains nuts, washers, one bracket with the screw set. If you do not want to drill a hole, this is the best option for flag mounting.

Tough box

You can attach your flagpole to your tough or toolbox.

In this case, you need two bolts that tighten it and mount your flag at the end.

Suction cup flag mount

If you are sick with the flag proper mounting or do not want to drill and have no sufficient time for hanging, find an alternative way.

The suction cup flag mount is the best source in that condition. It is not a time-consuming process and does not need any tools or hardware to fix it.

You can attach it anywhere in your vehicle.

Moreover, it can withstand the challenging weather condition and best for off-road mounting. You can check its durability by rough terrain like 95-100MPH.

Nylon based flag hooks

The nylon-based flag hooks are also the best option for you during the festival or parade occasion.

It temporarily attaches to your truck’s second window. If you install it on both sides, then no possible restriction.

During single side mounting, then follow the regulation like on the passenger side. 

Without drilling

If you do not want to adopt a drilling method, then choose several methods.

One way in which you can use the crate milk and adjust it at the appropriate point, PVC pipe, zip ties, and ratchet strap. In this case, you have to fit the line in its large side center.

For its firmness, the best way to use the zip ties so maintains their place. 

You have to place the flag holder assembly in the center of your truck bed.

The ratchet strap can use if your PVC does not hold up your flag, so you have to strap with crate help and tighten it.

In the end, attach the flag to that pipe if the wind affects it, then do some preventive measures or fix it through a suitable method.

Flag stickers

If you cannot mount a flag on your vehicle, in this situation, a flag sticker is the best option for you.

It is suitable because it the flag shape but in a different form. It also enhances your pickup appearance and durability.

How to make a flagpole for your truck at home?

If you cannot afford any other flagpole for your truck, you can make it at home in a cheap way.

Its construction accessories include the stain and poly square, U bolts, screws, angle braces, eye screws, eye clips metal mount of proper size. 

You require a wooden board of appropriate size, purchase it and make it on its own with tool help.

Place the PVC pipe to the vice grip, which holds movement while screwing through the eye screw.

Then remove that support and bring that pipe in the truck-bed and position the flagpole. Then, check its firmness, so observe the wind effect.

In the end, insert the eye clip and ensure that the flag is in its correct position. 

How to attach the flag to the flagpole?

For the flag installation to the flagpole, you require some necessary items like cable ties, snap hooks, tabs, A-z mounting, and Velcro.

You have to make a small hole in your flag two corners and pass that cable through it and ties firmly with the pipe of what metal you want.

There are general steps to follow while mounting a flag on your truck.

You have to identify a suitable location for your flag and its pole. For proper installation, you have a strong pole and position part base. 

Arrange the pole at the front, sides, and tailgate of the truck bed. In this case, make less space between the flagpole and the cabin, which prevents the wind speed.

Make a hole or weld the mounting pole.

Insert the flag to the flagpole position.

Things to Consider When Flying a Flag on Your Truck

Several factors affect flag mounting. It includes heavy wind speed, dirt accumulation, wear, and tear issues, and flag twisting.

Heavy wind speed

Various weather conditions like heavy rain can damage your flag and make it discolor.

You have to take precautions while the worst situation occurs, like serious windy, rainy conditions, or snowfall.

In this case, you have to take off the flag from outside and bring it in, enhancing your flag life expectancy. Use UV protection like Scotchgard prevents bright weather.

Protect from dirt

You need to choose the best position and clean your flag properly with a tie because it has continuous exposure to dirt, dust, and other debris.

You can wipe it with mild detergent if I have nylon or polyester nature. You have to protect yourself from rust, so avoid using the metal flagpole. 

Wear and tear issues

There are various reasons, which cause the wear and tear issue.

If the wind speed is high and you ignore that condition resulting in a problem for you.

It is a sign of disrespect like worn out, holes, stains, or color fading. You have protected it by proper inspection and cleanliness. 

Flag twisting

Sometimes the truck owner can face the problem of twisting or wrapping.

This issue can overcome nowadays by different approaches like flagpole spinning and rotating.

In this case, you have to buy that kit that contains ball-bearing joints, which cause the whole flagpole or half of its spinning. It prevents it from is wrapping on itself. Another way in which you fix it into the bracket. 

Flag mounted at a lower position

The lower position is also a disrespectful activity for the truck owner.

In this case, the two flag positions at an unacceptable level, which is not suitable. You have to figure out the exact location and fix it correctly.

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