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BMW X5 E53 Diesel Problems and Solutions

BMW X5 E53 Diesel Problems and Solutions

BMW X5 E53 diesel has a powerful engine and is a highly efficient vehicle that is best for off-roading. It is reliable, but people face several issues related to diesel engines and interior parts with these vehicles.

BMW X5 E53 diesel problems include faulty interior light fuses, glow plug failure, fuel system faults, coolant leakages, chipping of steering wheel plastic, issues in folding rearview-side mirrors, and water leakage from the sunroof.

I also bought the X5 because I like to drive off-road. I faced issues with this vehicle and spent most of my time and cost while fixing it.

Problems Solutions
Faulty interior light fuses Remove factory-installed fuses and add new
Glow plug failure Replace glow plug
Fuel system faults Use high-quality fuel
Coolant leaking Replace the damaged radiator hose cap
Chipping of steering wheel plastic Avoid parking in open areas
Issue in the folding of rearview side mirrors Check relay
Engine issues Replace oil-separators
Low quality automatic transmission Add transmission fluid and inspect leakages
Water leakage from the sunroof Clear blockage of drain tubes

Faulty interior light fuses

BMW X5 E53 has interior lights for a sporty appearance. People turn these on for comfortable journeys because they provide a soothing effect.

In addition, you can also turn these on to see things in your surroundings. The interior lights suddenly came off during the night, and I became worried because I thought it could occur because of the undercharged batteries of my SUV.

I checked the batteries, but these had sufficient charge. Interior lights can also turn off because of broken wires and damaged relays. I checked both of these parts, but they were fine.

I checked the fuse box to ensure the fuse was working. I saw a blown-out fuse in the compartment box. It showed that the issue came because of the incorrect installation of interior light fuses.

Moreover, you can also face issues because of the use of non-compatible fuses. I removed the factory-installed fuses and checked the amperage to buy a new one of the same amperes.

I bought and installed the new fuses carefully to decrease the blown-out risk. I pressed the relay to turn on the interior lights, and they started working fine.

You can solve the faulty interior light fuse issue by replacing factory-installed fuses with new ones of good quality but with the same amperage.

Glow plug failure

BMW X5 E53 is equipped with a six-cylinder diesel engine for ignition.

Glow plugs are basically the heating element that allows the efficient burning of air and fuel mixture for efficient combustion. My friend told me he faced engine stalling issues during winter while driving his SUV on snowy roads.

He tried hard to start the engine and checked the spark plug, but it was fine. He inspected the glow plug, and it was not working correctly.

Many people complain that these vehicles are susceptible to glow plug failure because of carbon build-up and faulty control modules.

Moreover, the risk of heating element failure increases because of fluctuated voltage and overheating. You can decrease the risk of glow plug failure by allowing it to heat for only 2 to 5 minutes for combustion.

Avoid overheating it because it can also reduce the risk of soot build-up.

Fuel system faults

Some of its models have a faulty fuel system, which can affect the overall fuel economy. You can see faults in the fuel injection system that increase the fuel consumption.

Moreover, the issue also comes because of faulty MAF or oxygen sensors that control airflow in the combustion chamber for air and fuel mixture burning.

You can face fuel system problems from using low-quality and contaminated fuels that can affect the oxygen sensors and fuel injectors.

Use high-quality and high-octane fuel to decrease the risk of contamination. Keep the fuel tanks clean so contaminants that build on their lower side do not cause any damage.

Coolant leaking

Many people experienced the issue of coolant leakages in old models of BMW X5 E53 diesel. Coolant leakage reduces the overall coolant levels, which increases the engine overheating.

Overheating issues affect the overall functioning of engine parts and cause stalling. Coolant leakage can occur because of broken gaskets, cracks in the radiator hose, damaged hose caps, and loose connection of attachment hoses.

It is necessary to check the attachment points and tighten their connections. Moreover, replace the damaged radiator hose cap with a new one.

Chipping of steering wheel plastic

Its steering wheel is made of plastic. Plastic material is susceptible to chipping because of age-related deterioration.

In addition, you can see chipping of plastic material because of poor maintenance. The issue comes because of exposure to high temperatures.

You can face this when you park your vehicle outside. Direct sunlight exposure from windshields increases their chipping chances. Avoid parking your SUVs in open areas to protect against UV radiation.

Issue in the folding of rearview side mirrors

Rearview side mirrors on the left and right sides make driving easy and also reduce the risk of collisions. You can see the vehicles that are coming behind while merging in lanes.

Sometimes, these side mirrors get stuck in one position, and you can face issues while closing and opening. One of my friends experienced the same problem, and he told me that he had to fold the mirrors because of parking in a crowded area.

He pressed the relay and tried to fold down the mirror several times. The issue came because of the failure of buttons or motors.

Engine issues

People face several problems with the diesel engines of the BMW X5 E53. You can see stalling issues because of a faulty engine control unit.

In addition, the check engine light also comes off from the cluster screen because of the failure of the ECU. Moreover, my friend faced the issue of excessive oil burning while driving.

He loves off-roading trips and complained that he has to add motor oil because of its higher frequent consumption. I told him that oil consumption increases because of an oil separator near the crankcase ventilation system.

These separating devices remove the excessive oil from the sides so it cannot get inside the combustion chamber. Sometimes, these separators fail to perform their function and increase oil consumption.

My friend told me he also saw white smoke from the exhaust pipe because of oil mixing in the combustion chamber. Moreover, you can also face oil leaking issues because of broken and cracked gaskets.

It is better to replace the factory-installed oil separators with new ones to decrease oil consumption. Inspecting the valve stem seals is necessary because these also allow the oil to enter the combustion chamber.

Low quality automatic transmission

You can also face transmission issues in these SUVs. It becomes difficult for drivers to change gears quickly according to road conditions.

Transmission components require more time for gear shifting. In addition, gear shifting also becomes rough, and you can hear grinding noise while engaging different gears.

You can see a transmission warning light on the screen because of the low transmission fluid levels. Transmission fluid levels decrease because of the leaking issues.

Leakage is common from the sleeve connectors connected to the transmission unit. You do not have to replace the whole transmission system because it is costly and time-consuming.

You should add the transmission oil when their levels become low for smooth shifting and inspect the leakages to fix the affected parts.

Water leaking from the sunroof

You can face sunroof leaking issues in BMW X5 E53 diesel during the rainy season and washing services. Water comes inside because of blocked drain tubes and leakages.

Water leakage can also come because of broken seals around the sunroof. Water leakage is damaging to the electric components of vehicles.

It is necessary to check the drain tubes originating from sunroofs and clear these to avoid blockage.

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