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BMW X5 Door Won’t Open From Inside Or Outside

BMW X5 Door Won’t Open From Inside Or Outside

BMW X5 is a famous SUV because of its smooth driving experience. However, many people complain that they face issues while opening their driver and passenger side doors. They get stuck in the closed position, making it challenging for them to come out.

BMW X5 door won’t open from inside or outside because of key fob issues, warping of doors, worn-out weather-stripping material, dirty and faulty sensors, stuck door latch, damaged locking mechanism, faulty relay, bad actuator, environmental factors, and a broken handle.

I faced the same issue in my X5 last week when I returned from my job. I tried to open the door from the inside to come out, but it was not working. I parked my SUV in a garage and called my wife to open it from outside. She tried from the outside, but the issue remained the same. I realized that it occurred because of the stuck latch and called the expert mechanic to resolve the problem.

Causes Solutions
Key fob issue Check key fob batteries
Warping of door Use SUV covers for outdoor parking
Worn-out weather-stripping material Replace cracked seals
Dirty and faulty sensor Keep door handle sensors clean
Stuck door latch Spray lubricant and anti-corrosive liquid
Damaged locking mechanism Lubricate locking mechanism
Faulty relay Remove damaged relay
Actuator issue Replace faulty actuator
Environmental factors Use deicer solution
Dead SUV battery Maintain charge of batteries
Broken door handle Use coat hanger wire to lift the latch

Key fob issue

BMW X5 contains the comfort access feature, and you can open the door locks by touching the sensors located on their handles.

You should have a functional key fob in your pocket while using this feature. You cannot unlock the doors because of malfunctioning key fobs and dead batteries.

The problem also comes because of damaged antennas that cannot receive signals from the key fobs. It is better to inspect the door antenna and replace it with a new one.

Check the working of key fobs and replace their batteries if they become dead.

Warping of door

Vehicle parts are vulnerable to contraction and expansion because of varying weather conditions in different areas. The expansion and contraction cause warping of doors, and they can get stuck in closed positions.

In addition, the warping issue comes because of sunlight, wind, snow, and water exposure for an extended period. You can face problems when you do not park your SUVs indoors during stormy weather and extremely hot and cold temperatures.

You can decrease the risk of door warping by using car covers when parking it outside to decrease exposure to environmental factors.

Worn-out weather-stripping material

Driver and passenger side doors of your vehicles contain plastic weather-stripping material to maintain the internal temperature and decrease the risk of condensation in the passenger cabin.

Plastic weather-stripping material can come out from the door panels and crack because of their age and exposure to environmental elements.

Worn-out strips come in contact with hinges and cause the doors to get stuck. Replace the cracked or damaged weather-stripping material with a new one.

Dirty and faulty sensor

The door handles of the BMW X5 contain horizontal bars that are basically the touch sensors. You can touch your finger on these sensors to open it while keeping key fobs near you.

Sometimes, these sensors become bad and cannot detect the presence of hands. Sensor recognition issue comes because of dust accumulation on their surface.

In addition, they cannot recognize the touch response when you touch them with greasy and dirty hands. Keep the sensors clean and remove dust by using a dry and soft cloth.

Clean your hands with tissues while touching these for unlocking.

Stuck door latch

Door latches are the mechanical components that are located on their upper side. These are connected with the locking mechanism and allow you to open and close the SUV doors.

These are capable of holding the door weight and maintaining its position. Latches are also beneficial to reduce the swaying issues during driving.

Sometimes, these latches can get stuck inside the striker plate and do not allow you to open the doors. These can get stuck because of their poor alignment and corroded parts.

In addition, the issue comes because of poor alignment of latches and striker plates. I also experienced the same issue and called my friend for suggestions.

He advised me to apply high-quality lubricant on it for its smooth movement with a locking mechanism. He also said you should spray it with anti-corrosive sprays to reduce its sticking risk.

Damaged locking mechanism

Driver and passenger side doors in your vehicles contain the locking mechanism for your safety during driving. You can engage these locks by pressing the button for your child’s safety so they cannot accidentally open locks while driving.

Sometimes, the locking mechanism becomes faulty and does not allow you to open the door from inside and outside. The locking mechanism works with an actuator and a rod for engagement and disengagement of latches.

The issue with locking mechanisms comes because of their age and continuous use. Moreover, the problem also comes because of side collisions that can directly impact the locking mechanism.

In addition, moisture and debris exposure also increase the risk of their damage. It is better to call an expert mechanic for an inspection of the locking mechanism.

Expert mechanics can lubricate the locking mechanism or replace the damaged lock with new ones to ensure your safety.

Faulty relay

Relays are the electromagnetic switches located on the sides of the door panels for unlocking purposes. These switches use low-power current to engage the actuator for unlocking purposes.

It uses the electric current to send the signal to the actuator. Sometimes, these relays become faulty, and you cannot open the driver or passenger side door while pressing these from inside.

Electric relays cannot operate the locking mechanism because of broken magnetic wires, blown-out fuse, and broken switches.

It is better to inspect the relays by removing them with sharp pliers. Replace the damaged electric switch with a new one, and replacement costs can vary according to the model and type of your vehicle.

Actuator issue

The actuator is the main car door assembly responsible for locking and unlocking. These are located inside the door panels and contain cables, gears, and electric motors.

The electric switch activates the actuator that engages and disengages the cables for their opening and closing. The issue comes when actuator motors overheat and fail to perform their function.

It also happens due to broken wires and the burnt motor of the actuator assembly. Moreover, moisture, dirt, and debris accumulation increase the risk of damage because of the breaking of mechanical linkages.

These are designed to last with your vehicles, but sometimes, you have to replace these after 10,000 miles because of the regular use and wear and tear. You require $100 to $250 for their replacement.

Environmental factors

BMW doors can also get stuck during cold weather, and it’s challenging for you to open these from outside. The issue comes because of the freezing of latches and seals.

Latches can get stuck inside the striker plate because of freezing temperatures. Snow can accumulate on the sides, not allowing the seals and latches to disengage.

You can use a deicer solution for snow melting. Avoid pouring warm water because it can damage the paint and electric linkages. Moreover, you can also use a hair dryer to give mild heat treatment for snow melting.

Dead SUV battery

Batteries in your BMW X5 provide the power to the actuator motors and relays. It provides sufficient current to these components for their locking and unlocking.

You cannot disengage the latch and open the SUV door because of dead batteries. Relays cannot transmit the signals to the actuator, allowing the cables to retract.

It is necessary to inspect the batteries regularly so they do not cause interruptions in the functioning of electric components.

Broken door handle

The door handles of your BMW X5 are connected with the locking mechanism. You can operate these handles to open them from inside and outside.

You cannot engage and disengage the locking mechanism to unlock because of the broken handles. These can break because of their regular use and age.

In addition, the chances of breaking handles increase when you pull these with great force. Operate these carefully from the inside while opening the doors.

My friend experienced the same issue, and he told me that he used the old coat hanger wire to lift the latch and unlock the SUV.

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