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BMW X5 Steering Wheel Adjustment Not Working

BMW X5 Steering Wheel Adjustment Not Working

BMW X5 contains an adjustable steering wheel that allows you to adjust the steering angle according to your height and sitting position for comfortable and safe driving. You can tilt it vertically to increase or decrease its height according to your visibility. However, the adjustment system can also stop working, and you cannot move the wheels in different directions.

BMW X5 steering wheel adjustment not working can be due to a broken switch, electric problems, ignition key faults, physical obstructions, motor failure, and the seized locking system of the steering column.

You should not adjust the steering wheel angle while driving because it can affect safety. I had to slightly set its position downward for a clear view of the cluster screen. I stopped my SUV and parked it on the side to adjust its position.

Causes Solutions
Broken switch Keep children away from switch and avoid pressing these forcefully
Electric problems Trace electric wires and replace the fuse
Ignition key faults Remove the key from the ignition during the steering wheel adjustment
Physical obstructions Clean surroundings with slime
Failure of motor Lubricate and clean motor parts
Issue with locking of the steering column Call an expert mechanic for assistance

Broken switch

You can see a lever, knob, or switch, depending on the specific model of BMW X5, under the steering wheel that allows their movement in different directions for angle adjustment.

However, their latest models contain the knob that are electric switches. These switches allow engagement and disengagement of the locking mechanism for their movement in upward and downward directions.

Sometimes, these switches can break, and you cannot move the steering at different angles to set their position according to your visibility and sitting position.

These switches can break because of their continuous use and age-related wear and tear. In addition, the risk of their breaking increases when you press these hard.

You can face problems when you push and pull these switches forcefully to engage and disengage the locking mechanism. My friend experienced the issue in his SUV because of his 4- and 5-year-old kids.

Kids love to play with the buttons of vehicles, and they always prefer to operate these frequently to see the outcomes. My friend’s kid also did the same with the steering wheel adjustment switch, which broke their springs.

You cannot use the knobs with broken springs. In addition, these electric switches become faulty because of water exposure. Accidental water spillage during driving allows the moisture to seep inside and corrode their contact points.

Corroded contact points do not provide sufficient electric current for motor activation and steering movement. I always prefer to keep children away from my vehicle’s components because some of these are delicate and require proper care during their handling.

Moreover, you should press it carefully and not exert force while moving it upward and downward. You can replace the broken switches with new ones for adjustment of steering wheel angle.

It is also better to clean their contact points to remove corrosion. Soak the liquid spillage quickly so it cannot seep inside. Avoid taking liquid drinks while driving because sudden braking increases their spillage chances.

Electric problems

Steering wheel adjustment also becomes faulty because of electric problems. Their switches take power from the SUV’s electric source for angle adjustment.

The issue comes when wires that connect the vehicle’s electric system with these switches get damaged. Electric wire can break because of a damaged insulation layer.

In addition, short circuits can also lead to frayed wiring and disturbance in regular current flow. Moreover, continuous vibrations while driving increase the chances of wear and tear of electric wires and their loose connections.

Electric issues come because of old and dead batteries. Batteries with low voltage cannot provide sufficient current to the electric system for their functioning.

You can also face problems because of the blown-out fuse. It is necessary to check the wiring connections and replace the frayed wiring with new ones.

Trace the loose connections and tighten these for efficient current flow. Moreover, you should also check the fuse box of your SUV to replace the blown-out fuse with a new one.

Ignition key faults

You have to remove the ignition key while adjusting the BMW X5 steering wheel angle. Position the seats according to your height and visibility.

Remove the ignition key and press its adjustment button to set its position according to your seats.

Many people forget to remove the key from the ignition while doing it. You cannot move it in a different position if the key is inside the ignition.

Removing the key from the ignition is necessary to avoid accidentally engaging the safety systems, including airbags and electric systems.

I also prefer to remove the key from the ignition system because of safety concerns. The key inside the ignition system allows the vehicle to start while adjusting the steering, which causes serious injury or increases the risk of an accident. You should remove the keys from the ignition switch after adjusting the position of the vehicle seats.

Physical obstructions

Sometimes, the steering wheel gets stuck in one place, and you cannot move it upward, forward, and backward.

These can get stuck because of the faulty locking mechanism. In addition, physical obstructions at their moving points also restrict their back-and-forth movement.

Chances of dust accumulation increase because of dirty floormats and driving with open windows and doors.

You can face issues because of poor routine maintenance and cleaning. It is necessary to clean and lubricate their joining points so they cannot get stuck and cause problems.

Use a clean and dry cloth for the removal of dust and debris

Failure of motor

The steering wheel in your BMW X5 contains small motors that allow their angle adjustment and movement in several directions.

Electric switches or knobs activate the motor for its proper functioning. Motor components can wear out because of their routine usage and affect their overall performance.

In addition, the chances of the motor failing also increase because of the electric problems, including damaged control modules and frayed and loosely connected electric wires.

Environmental conditions and exposure to humid weather increase the risk of corrosion on motor parts, which can lead to their failure.

It is better to pry off its cover and inspect the motor. Lubricate and clean the motor parts for their proper functioning. However, you have to replace the motor when any of its parts is damaged.

Issue with locking of the steering column

BMW X5 steering wheel column contains a locking mechanism, which helps lock the steering after adjusting the angle. The safety system secures its position and decreases the risk of accidents that occur because of loss of control.

The issue comes because of the failure of locking system components. You cannot set the steering position because of the failure of the locking mechanism.

Steering cannot move at different angles when you press the knob to disengage the locking system. It is a complex system, and you cannot inspect it.

It is better to call the expert mechanic for their inspection. You can also take your SUV to the BMW dealership to fix the lock issue.

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