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Does My BMW Have Gesture Control?

Does My BMW Have Gesture Control?

Gesture control allows you to manage the iDrive system on a touch screen with your hand. You do not have to use buttons to use several entertainment features and accept or reject phone calls while driving your BMW.

Does My BMW Have Gesture Control? Gesture Control was introduced in several BMW models in 2015. However, it was discontinued in 2023 because of several modifications and upgrades. It contains cameras on the roof that control many features. With this technology, you can operate its touch screen with your hand movement.

It is an advanced feature and is only present in some of the luxurious cars. I also use this feature in my SUV and always keep my hand in front of the center console unit.

How do I know if my BMW has gesture control?

With this technology can accept and reject phone calls by swiping your hand in front of a touch screen.

In addition, you can also control the infotainment feature and rear-view mirror angle with hand movement. These contain cameras mounted on their roof that emit infrared radiation to detect moving objects.

If your BMW has gesture control, you can see cameras mounted on the roof and near the rear-view mirror. These cameras are connected to the touch screen to control several functions.

Sensors and cameras mounted inside your SUV identify the body’s movement and allow you to use the computer system.

You can also check if this option is present in the settings of the iDrive menu.

What are the advantages of gesture control in BMW?

I felt that it was relaxing to drive the SUV with gesture control. I used this feature, and my mind remained relaxed during the driving because sometimes I got confused between the several buttons. It is also difficult for me to maintain eye contact on the road and operating switches.

Reduce distractions

You do not have to focus on the operating switches to use infotainment and iDrive features.

You can maintain eye contact on the road to ensure safety and decrease collision chances with forward vehicles. You can accept and reject the phone calls of your loved ones while driving to deal with emergencies.

You can adjust the volume according to traffic noise in your surroundings. It is an amazing technology for drivers’ convenience because they do not have to remove their hand from the steering wheel and their eye off the road for operating button usage.

Better interior

The company introduced the gesture control feature in their vehicles to grab people’s attention and increase the vehicle’s demand in the market.

It also gives your vehicle a luxurious appearance. BMW always focuses on their SUV’s interior and exterior design to gain customer attention.

Compete with other brands

BMW added this in several G series to compete with other brands and increase their demand in the market.

It is beneficial from a selling point of view because customers always demand something new and distinct from others that can grab their attention.

How do you enable and disable gesture control in BMW?

You can activate and deactivate the gesture control feature in your vehicle according to your use. I also wanted to enable this system for smooth driving on highways.

I turned on the touch screen and selected the car option in the iDrive menu. You can see several options there, but you have to click on the settings.

Open the general setting by clicking on the option. Click on the gesture control toggle to turn it on and off. It has different settings, including operating tips display, audio confirmation, and function assignment gesture.

My friend called me last week because he had to turn off the gesture control. He lives in areas where the temperature drops incredibly low in winter. He has to wear gloves while driving to keep his hands warm. It does not work with gloves because of poor recognition. 

How do you use gesture control in BMW?

You can use the gesture control with the movement of your hand. It allows you to accept and reject phone calls from your loved ones and friends.

You can accept the phone calls by moving your hands to the screen and then in the backward direction. You can attend emergency calls while driving without any distractions.

Moreover, you can reject the phone call by swiping your hand toward the front side passenger seat. In addition, you can adjust the volume while taking phone calls according to your convenience and the presence of sounds in your surroundings.

Use your index finger and move it in a circular motion to increase or decrease the volume. Move it clockwise to increase the volume and anticlockwise to reduce the volume.

You can also adjust the camera angle for better visibility. Make the pinching movement near the screen with your thumb and finger.

You can also play the previous audio by directing your thumb backward and toward the driver’s seat. You can also play the next audio by pointing your thumb forward and towards the passenger seat.

Is Gesture Control a standard feature in BMW?

Gesture control comes as a standard feature in some models. However, you can install this system as an aftermarket addition by purchasing its kit.

You cannot install these in all BMW vehicles because of the absence of an operating system. Some models of BMW vehicles support its installation.

You can add this in 4 series G22, 3 Series G20, 5 series G31, 5 series F90 M5, X3 G01, X3 M F97, X4 G02, X5 G05, and X6 G06 as a standard feature.

The installation process is reversible; you can remove it according to your choice. My friend purchased the installation kit for his X6 G06. He installed the camera on the roof and connected his wirings with the overhead console to the module located in the passenger footwall area.

He told me that he completed the procedure in 40 to 50 minutes.

What year BMW models have gesture control?

It was launched in BMW vehicles in 2015. It is present in models that support the iDrive system. You can see this feature in the G series of BMW SUVs.

You can find this in several G series with a 7.0 iDrive operating system. you can find it in BMW 3 series (G20), 4 series, BMW 5 series (G30), BMW X5 (G05), BMW X6 (G06).

In addition, it is also present in BMW 7 series, BMW 8 series (G15), BMW 6 series (G32) and BMW 4 series (G21). However, the gesture control feature will be discontinued in 2023.

The 2023 BMW X5 does not have this because of the revised package and modifications.

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