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Can a 70 Inch TV Fit in a Nissan Altima?

Can a 70 Inch TV Fit in a Nissan Altima?

It is challenging to transport a 70-inch TV in all cars. However, Nissan Altima provides a secure transfer of these attractive and sleek televisions from one spot to another.

Can a 70 Inch TV Fit in a Nissan Altima? You can fit a 70 inch TV in a Nissan Altima by wrapping it in a secure box, making space in the car’s rear section, and selecting a spot between the center console and bench seat. Then, adjust it on the rear seats from the cargo area, adjust it vertically, settle foam boxes on both sides, secure the TV, and fix it in one position. You can transport it through this car due to its maximum rear-seat space and higher safety. 

In addition, its adjustment in a car is a challenging procedure and requires appropriate knowledge and skills. The process takes around 20 to 30 minutes for the damage-free fitting activity. 

But, it can prolong up to one hour for a non-skilled person due to its challenging size and fitting ability.

The stable car seats provide maximum support to these fragile items. 

How to fit a 70-inch TV fit in a Nissan Altima?

You can adjust a 70-inch TV in your mid-size car, but it requires extra protection for damages.

It is better to consider the packaging and adjustment procedure before adding it inside the side. 

Moreover, take the help of an assistant to perform this procedure because these objects have heavy frames and fragile glass screens. 

Wrap and secure in a box

You should wrap it in a secure box with sidewalls with dual protection. Wrapping of the TV is essential because it has a plastic body with a glass flat screen.

In addition, road bumps and uneven surfaces can damage the composition material.

Moreover, the glass can break due to a sudden stroke of the front seat on the screen. In such circumstances, the box protects the front and backside of the television. 

You can put it through its door, and it requires extra care with appropriate handling. Finally, the box corners wrap the television and protect its edges from several damages. 

Make space on the car’s backside

You can adjust this product on the backside of your car. You should prepare the backseat to stabilize such a large object. 

Fold the rear seat and make space on the backside. Finally, open the cargo section of the vehicle and put the television horizontally.

Push it towards the backseat and keep it vertical during these movements. 

In addition, keep the TV upright and save it from ceiling and wall damage.

Never adjust it flat on the backseats because it can damage the front or backside of the device.

It is better to remove excessive items, luggage, and food material from the car’s rear seats.

As a result, you obtain extra space for the settlement of this large TV without any problem. 

Select a spot

The 70-inch TV has a width of around 61 inches with a height of 34 inches. Moreover, you cannot fit the television on either side of the rear seat.

The road bumps affect its windows and sidewalls more than the central portion. 

You can adjust the wrapped product in the center of the back seat in a vertical position. 

Also, it must fit between the center console and its bench seats. 

In this way, it can get maximum adjustment space and fits appropriately. It remains more stable on the rear seat.

However, you can adjust it horizontally in the car’s cargo because it has a low height and cannot accommodate an object of around sixty-one inches. 

It has more cargo space in the backseats than many other vehicles and provides safe transportation of this product.

Adjust foam pieces

The backseat can support the television and protects it from free falling. Keep it up for maximum support and prevent irreversible losses. You can use foam boxes of appropriate size. 

They stabilize the object and secure its box from road bumps. Also, these foam boxes do not allow the free movement of the TV inside the box. 

Fix its position

Fix the backseat up and adjust it in the middle point on the console. Both front seats provide support and mitigate the dangers of sudden damages.

The object remains safe due to external protection covering.

Why would you fit a 70-inch TV fit in a Nissan Altima?

The fitting of a 70-inch TV in a mid-size Nissan provides several facilities, but I have explained three prominent advantages. 


The sleek and slim design of a large television attracts several people across the USA. Moreover, the trend for larger TV screens has increased in the past 8 to 10 years. 

Many people purchase them from distant places according to the location of shops. 

They require safe vehicles for this fragile equipment transportation.

The screen remains safe and moves without damage.

Maximum cargo space

It has a separate cargo space of around 15 cubic feet that provides storage space for different items. But, you cannot fit a huge TV in the trunk due to its limited height.

However, you can pass this large screen from the trunk to the rear seat.

The backseats provide maximum cargo space to adjust this equipment in a vertical position. 

Screen safety

Nissan Altima is one of the safest vehicles to carry a large television with an LED screen.

It resists the road jerks and dangers of uneven surfaces. The display section remains safe inside the packaging box. 

There is enough space to add extra security items on both sides.

The security level is higher than many other vehicles due to the adjustment between the console and rear middle seat. The ceiling protects the frame and keeps the plastic safe. 

Things to consider when transporting a 70-inch TV in a Nissan Altima

A few factors affect the adjustment of a seventy inches large television in a mid-size car. Consider the following things while adjusting the object on the seats of a Nissan Altima. 

Dimensions of interior

Consider the interior dimensions of your vehicle to place the television with its box.

However, the front and rear headroom of the car is enough to adjust it vertically without any significant damage. 

Composition of TV

It comprises plastic bodies and glass screens with a specific structure.

Therefore, consider the layout and dimensions to protect the object from any danger. 

You should check the stability of the composition material according to the transportation passage. 

Weight of the TV

The average weight of a 70-inch screen is around 57 pounds to 70 pounds.

So consider its weight before fitting it on its seat. 

The stable, high-quality, and smooth seats can adjust a television box, but a broken one cannot tolerate these heavyweights.

As a result, you can lose the object, and damages happen to its surface.

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