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How To Use Aux in 2006 Ford Explorer?

How To Use Aux in 2006 Ford Explorer?

A 2006 Ford Explorer is a 4WD, tetra door, efficient, mid-size SUV with a 4.6-liter V8 engine and a horsepower of around 294hp, with an accommodation space for 4 to 5 people.

The manufacturers did not include the auxiliary or USB ports in these variants, but you can install these sockets with a few modifications.

How To Use Aux in 2006 Ford Explorer? You can use AUX in the 2006 Ford Explorer by installing a 3.5mm auxiliary jack through a radio control head unit and a wiring harness adaptor to establish an electric connection between an external sound source and its audio system. Follow the built-in electric wire passage, connect the electric wires to the jack terminal, solder and attach them to the battery. Then, put one end of the AUX cord in the socket, the other end into the headphone section of the audio device, select music, adjust the volume, and receive audio from SUV’s speakers. In addition, this SUV has a built-in AUX button under the center console to change CD. 

This SUV does not have any optional Bluetooth and lacks the input ports for mp3 players.

You can purchase them for around $81 to $84. A skilled mechanic can cost you around $210 to $230 for these procedures.

What is the location of AUX on a Ford Explorer?

The auxiliary port is a communication jack that can transfer the audio signals of a separate sound source to your automobile speakers. 

In these circumstances, it makes portable music handy, and you can enjoy it anywhere. 

However, it is available on a few higher trim levels. You can find it in the center control or on the wall nearest to the front of your automobile. 

You can lift the top unit of the console and find the jack.

Also, it is a quick upgrade with electric wiring and the development of a circuit that takes a few minutes.

You can adjust it without drilling holes with an efficient head unit and wire harness. 

How to install an AUX to a 2006 Ford Explorer?

The auxiliary port is not a built-in specification on a Ford Explorer. The overall procedure may cost you around $65 to $75.

Turn off the battery of the vehicle, and disconnect the radio. 

In addition, shut off the electric system for around 4 to 7 minutes and allow it to cool down.

Access the head unit and pull the navigation box outward with slow movements.

It is a specific system inside the vehicle that controls the audio signals and handles the Climate control system. 

You can install a new head unit while the SUV lacks built-in equipment. However, it is present inside the central control of your SUV under the armrest.

You can adjust a new wiring harness adaptor that develops a quick connection between the external sound source and your automobile audio system. 

In this way, you would not drill holes, and you can develop an electric passage with the existing wires.

The procedure is complex, and you can take the help of a professional mechanic who can cost you a few dollars for a fault-free installation. 

Now, approach the fixation unit near the radio system and solder the jumper wires.

It is better to connect the built-in wires or the wiring harness with the jack and combine them with soldering. 

You can connect the wires with the AUX port and make a stable circuit between them and the vehicle’s battery. 

Connect the port with the stereo system of your SUV and get audio signals from all speakers at once. 

What is the method to use AUX in the 2006 Ford Explorer?

You can use the auxiliary input port by following the below guide. You can connect smartphones, music players, and other sound devices to your automobile’s speakers.

You can connect the sound gadgets with the stereo system in less than 2 to 5 minutes. Moreover, the connection is stable with no signal loss.

Access its jack in the center control under your armrest.

It is usually beneath the built-in AUX push button.

You can purchase an electric cord with dual ends with a straight wire.

It has a round or flat end that can be inside the jack. Now, connect the other end of the extension to the headphone section of your external sound source. 

In this condition, you can adjust an iPhone, android, cassette player, and other gadgets with its port. 

The radio of the vehicle has a push-button with a sign AUX. In addition, switch on the radio device and leaves it for a few seconds.

Then, press the button and make a wired connection between the sound device and the speakers of your SUV. 

It is better to read the information that appears on the radio.

Now, select the option of an external sound connection and turn off the turn station. 

You can adjust the volumes on your vehicle and the portable sound gadget.

In addition, switch on the audio device, select the desired track and adjust its volume level.

Then, access your vehicle’s display, press its sign, and get the line-in signal. 

The connection provides electric current to the portable gadget and charges it. 

In addition, match the volume range of the external sound equipment and your vehicle radio. Use the volume buttons on the automobile and other sound sources. 

What is an AUX button in a 2006 Ford Explorer?

The 2006 Ford explorer may lack an AUX inlet, but it has an auxiliary push button.

The manufacturers mount it under the center console to prevent external heat damage.

Moreover, the 2006 explorer has this button to change the CD in your vehicle that has optional six to 10 discs. It has been a part of all variants until the design changes. 

Also, it is a built-in standard feature that can only change compact discs.

It is part of the stereos system on your SUV but distinguishes between the radio and other sound systems.

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