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Can Two Cars Have the Same License Plate?

Can Two Cars Have the Same License Plate?

Many people try to switch the license plates on their cars without knowing whether it is legal to do so, and ultimately they have to pay the penalty.

Moreover, the number and color of plates vary according to the requirement of a particular state, as some require only front or back tags, but a few make it compulsory to add them on both sides.

Can Two Cars Have the Same License Plate? Two cars cannot have the same license plate as it is illegal to have the same registered number on two cars, even if it belongs to the same person. Moreover, it can pose a problem in identifying the vehicle and the owner when the vehicles are involved in crime.

There is a legal way to swap the license plates on different vehicles, as you have to register your vehicle with the new tag.

However, you are only allowed to submit a request for swapping when you want to put the license plate on the same type of vehicle, which means both have to be either old or new.

Furthermore, you can only get a transfer of tags from DVLA when it does not hide the original age of the car and both of them belong to the same owner.

What information does a car license plate give?

All vehicles have two license plates on their front and back end that are essential to use as they provide information about the vehicle.

It provides a detailed description of the cars as it can help identify the model of the vehicle and determine whether it is registered with the state.

Moreover, it can also provide information about the current owner who has bought it from the showroom, whether used or new.

You can also get the owner’s address to reach the person who disobeyed the traffic rules and ran away from the situation.

Furthermore, police officers can get an idea about the status and history by looking at its license plate and whether it is stolen or has updated insurance.

So, you can get a lot of related information about the car, its owner, and the registration details through the number provided on it, in addition to the history and identity number.

Why do two cars not have the same license plate?

The Department of Motor Vehicles allows a specific identification number for each vehicle displayed on the license plates, making it legal to move on the road.

It is essential for two cars to have different VIN as it helps identify a particular vehicle that can provide information about it when involved in an accident.

It can help identify the car, and the current owner can be easily traced using the information provided on these plates.

Accordingly, police officers can easily access the thieves and murderers if they are provided with the VIN mentioned on the license plates of their vehicles.

Furthermore, it can help to know the history and status when the owner wants to sell a car, and buyers can know about its previous record to confirm whether it is involved in an accident or crime.

It ensures the automobile’s security and makes its recovery easier after being stolen from the roadside. In addition, you can trace its location from VIN when no other clues are available.

Therefore, these are created to help motorists and higher authorities to identify the automobiles involved in collisions, accidents, and crimes.

Is it illegal for two cars to have the same license plate?

It is considered illegal to use the same license plate on two different cars because every vehicle requires a unique registration number according to governmental rules and regulations.

The laws about their number and color variation in different countries and even states, but the legal concerns for swapping them are the same everywhere.

Moreover, it works like a fingerprint and helps in the correct identification of automobiles; that’s why it has to be unique.

Furthermore, the identity number is based on a few digits and alphabets that are assigned according to the owner’s name and address.

A four-digit number is present at the end that is specific to every car and makes it different from others.

Traffic police officers can punish you for an illegal act when you are found to be displaying a fake license plate.

You have to pay a fine of $100 to $500 which can increase to $1000, or police officers can seize the vehicle if you do it repetitively.

Can two cars have license plates in the same color?

License plates have varying shapes, colors, and slogans, in addition to alphabets and numbers that make them different from each other.

The two cars can have plates in the same colors and graphics as they are assigned based on their usage and state, but their VIN is different.

The standard color of the tags is white, with different number schemes, but you can also see them with red backgrounds on vehicles that are specifically used by municipal authorities.

In addition, the automobiles used by government employees or police officers have green tags and are also commonly seen in the US.

The private and commercial vehicles have plates with black letters, but their backgrounds are white and yellow in color.

Furthermore, demonstration license plates or those present at car dealerships are blue, which makes them legal for showcasing and promotional purposes.

Can you swap license plates on your cars? 

Some people do not bother about the legal issues and swap the license plates on their cars by considering that these belong to the same owner, but it is also illegal.

It is not considered legal because such tags can be used to deceive others when you put the license plate of a new vehicle on the older one to hide its age.

In addition, you have to get permission from legal authorities for this swapping.

You have to register your car with a new registration number even if it is already registered with the legal authorities.

Accordingly, you have to revert to its original number before swapping with the next.

Moreover, you have to submit an application to DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) for the transfer or swapping of license plates for the already registered vehicle.

You can only switch tags in a situation when your request gets approved by them.

It means the old number will be reverted, and the new registration number of the respective automobile will be added to the record of vehicle authorities.

So, you have to make it legal before swapping them between vehicles, as it can help avoid the penalties and punishments imposed by the traffic authorities.

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