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What Does the S Mean on the Ford Escape Gear Shift?

What Does the S Mean on the Ford Escape Gear Shift?

Many people do not know the ways to use S mode on the Ford Escape. It is thrilling to drive in the sport mode, which makes your journey awesome.

What Does the S Mean on the Ford Escape Gear Shift? An alphabet ‘S’ on the Ford Escape gear shift means the ‘sport mode’ that allows the vehicle to accelerate at high speed and quickly shift the SUV from lower to higher RPMs. Moreover, it brings firmness to the suspension and makes steering tighter. Furthermore, it improves throttle response, horsepower, and torque, but it negatively impacts gas mileage and engine. 

Different modes on modern vehicles allow drivers to customize their driving experiences depending on the road terrain.

Every vehicle has a different mechanism for shifting the modes, as some have knobs, while few have stalks, and this S mode is not present in all automobiles.

Many automotive companies are introducing the sport mode in their vehicles to survive in the competitive environment, making their models stand out.

What does S stand for on the Ford Escape gear shift?

Ford Escape has many alphabets on the gear shift or lever to modulate the transmission system, denoting different driving modes.

Many automatic automobiles, including SUVs, have a sport mode that allows them to increase speed. You can bring your vehicle to this sport mode setting by pressing the S button.

Moreover, some automobiles have a knob that needs to be rotated to activate the S mode depending on the model and its type.

Ford Escape has a transmission selector on the center console that allows you to quickly change the modes if you understand the meanings of alphabets on the lever.

You will find five types of alphabets, including the P that denotes parking, R for reverse, and N for neutral. In addition, there are D and S on the gear shifts for drive and sports modes.

Furthermore, you can see variations in the performance of the SUV after activating the S mode, which makes your ride more responsive on the twisty track.

It is better to engage your Ford Escape in this mode when driving on a highway, as it can improve power production.

Why would you use S mode on the Ford Escape?

There are many advantages of S mode as it gives you a completely different riding experience from the driving mode. In addition, it allows you to move smoothly, even on uneven roads.

Quick shifting to higher RPMs

When you change the gears from drive to sport mode, the electronic control units understand the signal and change the amount of fuel fed into the chamber for combustion.

The fuel injectors allow more fuel to enter the chamber to get burnt. Accordingly, the engine begins to run at high speed to produce more power for quick movement.

Furthermore, an extension in the automatic shift points will increase the engine’s revving capacity to reach the redline.

So, you can observe the quick shifting of RPMs from low to high, which can stress the engine in the long term and affect its functioning.

Better steering and handling

It allows you to enjoy sportier steering while driving an SUV, as these need more power for better performance.

Moreover, you can handle SUVs in a better manner by activating S mode when you have proper tires, as worn-out tires cannot support fast driving.

It is better to get compatible tires with a better tread pattern that provides better traction and grip on the road when you are driving at a fast speed.

Increase power horsepower and torque

The engine produces more horsepower in the S mode as it involves programming internal components to work at high speed and increase the production of power that can help drive the vehicle.

Moreover, this mode is gentle on the engine and does not squeeze out extra power from it, which can negatively affect its functioning if activated for a short time.

Increased torque allows the engine to revolve at high speed and produce more power, allowing SUVs to move at high speed.

Furthermore, the torque and horsepower are directly related to acceleration, making the vehicle fast when increased. As a result, it can jump off the line compared to others engaged in traditional drive mode.

Firmness in suspension

The vehicle suspension plays a crucial role in improving the riding experience and making it smooth. The Ford Escape has an adjustable suspension that allows changes in height and clearance.

The height of the suspension decreases, and it becomes tight or firm when you activate the sport mode. It helps avoid rollovers and makes it close to the center of gravity.

Accordingly, the vehicle can move through corners at a fast speed without any risk of being rolled over on the roadside. However, it can compromise comfort as you have to remain attentive.

Furthermore, the suspension tightens up and makes drive ideal for drivers moving on paved or smooth surfaces.

How to use the S mode on the Ford Escape?

You can quickly shift the gears from drive to sport mode when driving. It allows quick shifting from the lower to higher RPMs when you move from first to a higher gear.

It does not affect the vehicle’s functioning when you shift to S mode while driving in traditional drive mode.

You have to move the gear shift to the S position and select the shift by buttons on its side, as the plus button allows upshift while the minus button is for downshifting.

Moreover, you have to press the button twice when there is a lever on the vehicle and an illuminating alphabet S becomes visible on the screen, confirming its activation.

Furthermore, you have to press the button one time when you want to deactivate this mode.

Therefore, it is not considered ideal for keeping the vehicle in sport mode for longer as it affects the engine badly.

It is better to keep a few things in mind when S mode is engaged, like upgrading from the drive mode and using breaks to slow down instead of using the minus button to downshift.

What are the disadvantages of using S mode on the Ford Escape?

There are many benefits of engaging ‘S mode’ on the Ford Escape, but it can also lead to problems like increased gas consumption.

When the vehicle is moving fast it burns more fuel to generate power that will be transferred to wheels through transmission and make them rotate quickly.

In addition, increased power and torque production can also stress the engine components as they are functioning at a higher speed than usual.

The sport-mode-equipped automobiles can accelerate fast but consume more fuel than the average, making you visit the gas stations frequently.

You can enjoy the exciting performance of the vehicle, but it consumes more engine power having a negative impact on gas mileage.

In addition, it can increase the risk of wear and tear on tires that work well in normal drive mode.

Therefore, it is better to avoid frequent shifting of gears to S mode to protect transmissions; otherwise, you have to pay for repairing tires, engine components, and frequent gas fillings.

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