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Can You Fit a Mountain Bike in a Tesla Model 3?

Can You Fit a Mountain Bike in a Tesla Model 3?

Several people fit their mountain bikes in the rear trunks of their Tesla cars due to spacious cargo and foldable seats. 

Can You Fit a Mountain Bike in a Tesla Model 3? You can place a mountain bike in a Tesla Model 3 by adjusting it on a stand, accessing axles, removing the bolts, detaching the tire, fitting cardboard in cargo, sliding it, and putting the wheel on it. Fit it without removing the front tire, sit on the rear seat, push the switch, lower the seats and adjust it horizontally. 

With large treaded tires, it has maximum traction on off-roads. However, people carry them in their cars for long-distance trips. 

What size mountain bike can you fit in a Tesla Model 3?

It is a bicycle with wide and treaded tires, suitable for off-roading with multiple gears and a better grip on mountains. The tires stabilize on the roads, which ha e gravel and dust on the surface.

Moreover, they have a fork rake which is different from the usual road bikes. A specific angled head tube provides stability by balancing the center of gravity on sloppy surfaces. 

They have a sturdy layout, specifically designed for mountains and rough terrains. As a result, they offer maximum traction on uneven surfaces and protect from injuries. 

With 26 inches wheels, it can fit horizontally in the cargo. But, you have to remove the front tire to adjust this lengthy item. XL-size mountain bikes have a specific seat tube. 

It has dimensions of around 21 to 22 inches. However, it has a height of 6.2 to 6.4 feet. Drop the back seats and access the wheel well to adjust it in the car.

You can raise the seats back to their original position after their removal procedure.

What is the trunk size of the Tesla Model 3?

It is a high-performance vehicle with a cargo of about 15.1 cubic feet. The front trunk has dimensions of around 3 to 3.2 cubic feet. 

The space present behind the second row of seats is nearly 19.7 to 19.9 cubic feet. With an accommodation space of five people, the total cargo volume is about 23 cubic feet. 

The rear cargo has a top width of around 30 to 32 inches. However, the bottom has a width of nearly 36 to 38.1 inches.

With the lifted seats, the maximum depth is about 41 to 43 inches, and the height is about 17 to 19 inches.

How do you fit a mountain bike in a Tesla Model 3?

You can adjust a mountain bike by removing its front wheel and storing it without surface damage. I have explained a step-wise guide to fit it in the storage compartment of your electric car. 

Clear the trunk

Remove the stored material from the rear trunk. Clean the surface with a soft brush or fiber-free fabric. Then, remove the helmet, boxes, and food items from the storage compartment.

Also, make enough space to adjust them without its front tire. Remove the front wheel of the mountain bike.

The rear storage compartment is spacious and can accommodate a mountain bike without damaging its surface. However, you should remove its front wheel to fit it without a challenge. 

Its removal shortens the length and allows better adjustment. For this purpose, settle the bike on a higher stand, stabilize its frame and access the front tire. 

Approach its axles on either side of the frame. Use a 5mm ratchet, adjust it over the bolt of the axle, rotate it counterclockwise, and remove it.

Hold the tire manually and protect it from sudden falling. Now, you can fit the bike in the rear trunk of your electric car. For re-installation, align the fork with the end caps. 

Also, consider the alignment of brake calipers with the rotors. Next, engage the axle, push it towards the other end and adjust the wheel with the axle. Then, re-bolt it with the frame and use it on uneven roads and rough terrains. 

Fit a piece of cardboard 

Measure the dimensions of your storage compartment. Use piece of cardboard that is a few inches short from both sides. 

Slide it under the trunk for the stable adjustment of the bike. Fit it over the floor, adjust the mountain bike, and slightly push it inward.

Adjust the mountain bike

The mountain bike slides over the cardboard without an interfering obstacle and touches the end of the cargo. Then, place the removed wheels on its top. 

You can adjust the helmet, straps, ropes, and small boxes on the side of the top of this bike. 

Place a mountain bike without removing the front wheel 

You can fit it without removing the front tire and luggage with the foldable and flat rear seats. The trunk door opens wide and makes enough space for this accommodation. 

Open the door of your electric car, sit on the rear seat near the door and find the switches. These are electronically controlled and empowered seats with comfortable material.

Lower the rear seats of your car to make more space in the storage section. Access the switch on the top side of the rear seats and lower them.

You can push the electric switch, which can mechanically lower the seats towards the forward. The trunk becomes spacious to fit the lengthy items. However, it is an optional step when the cargo has excessive luggage. You can also add a stroller to your car with this method.

Why do you fit a mountain bike in a Tesla Model 3?

Several people fit them in their electric cars for dent-free transportation and less-expensive carriage. The following are a few reasons for this loading procedure.

Inexpensive carriage

Due to trunk fitting, the people would not install a separate rack to adjust it. The racks are expensive due to their reliability and control properties.

With the cargo adjustment, the procedure becomes cost-free. 

No damage to the surface

The adjustment consumes around 10 to 20 minutes and keeps the bike intact. Also, it protects the surfaces from damage because the cargo has no sharp edges. 

Cardboard has a smooth surface without sharp nails and bolts. The wood piece protects its surface from scratches. In addition, the storage unit protects it from penetration of moisture and tire damage.

Quick adjustment

Its adjustment takes less than 25 minutes with or without tire removal. 

The fitting procedure is suitable for an instant placement. In addition, it does not require additional aftermarket equipment.

Use at a distant place

Several people carry them in their vehicles for long-distance trips to mountains and off-road areas. With them, they get maximum traction and protect themselves from life-threatening injuries. 

During driving, they remain stable in their adjustment position without straps and ropes. 

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