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Can You Fit a Stroller in a Tesla Model 3?

Can You Fit a Stroller in a Tesla Model 3?

It is easy to place a stroller in your Tesla Model 3 for the outdoor activity of your kids. I have explained a detailed guide for its adjustment in the front compartment. 

Can You Fit a Stroller in a Tesla Model 3? You can fit a stroller in the rear trunk of the Tesla Model 3 by opening the cargo, checking the dimensions, sliding its head towards the separator, removing the lid of section cargo, pushing the wheels in a deep area, and locking the lid. Fit umbrella strollers in the frunk of the Model 3 by opening it with a touchscreen, folding it, and adjusting horizontally on the floor. 

A few people remove their removable wheels for better adjustment. With folding, you can adjust them without modifying their design. 

How do you fit a stroller in a Tesla Model 3?

You can place it on the front and rear storage compartments without their frame damage. The following are the guidelines for their adjustment in both storage sections.

Placement in the trunk

Its adjustment in the trunk is slightly challenging and requires a few modifications. However, it can fit all the foldable strollers without damaging their frames. 

With a 15 cubic feet space, it can adjust two small options. However, you can only fit one big stroller with multiple wheels. 

For this purpose, access the touchscreen, push the open button, and unlock the storage unit. Also, use the key fob, click the button twice and open the trunk. 

To unlock it, use the application and switch under the back handle. Then, place the stroller horizontally inside the cargo. 

Keep its head on the front and wheels on the backside. During the adjustment, its head strikes the door, and you cannot lock the lid. Instead, remove it outside the vehicle and keep it aside for a few minutes. 

In such circumstances, access the sectional box. Hold its strap and lift the lid to approach the deep area. Then, slide its head towards the separator of the back compartment and cabin. 

Adjust the wheels in the deep sectional compartment. Slightly push them down and close the lid of the trunk. 

Placement in the frunk

It has a front cargo due to the design advancement and less engine-occupied space. It is known as a frunk and is smaller than the rear trunk. Therefore, it is a less time-consuming method and takes around 3 to 5 minutes. 

You can adjust the umbrella strollers in these compartments without modifications. They are small, compact, foldable, and lightweight. 

They are less-challenging adjustment procedures. In addition, they are foldable, which reduces their size. For their adjustment, approach the front side of your electric car and open the front storage unit.

For this purpose, you can push the option on your display screen. Also, you can install the application on your smartphone, select the option and open it. 

The front storage compartment has a width of around 2.7 to 2.8 feet. Also, it has an average length of about 1.7 to 1.8 feet. 

It is deep enough to adjust the foldable options with a foldable umbrella. First, fold the cap portion of the stroller, hold it horizontally, and put it in the front section. Then, close the lid of the front compartment with a single push. 

Why would you fit a stroller in a Tesla Model 3?

People prefer these adjustment procedures to keep the seats clean and protect them from environmental effects. Due to the following reasons, people fit them in the front and rear cargo of electric cars. 

Better accommodation

They have several options due to variable designs and manufacturing brands. Also, specific options are available for traveling. 

They are adjustable in the rear and front trunks without a significant modification. As a result, they stabilize over the floor of cargo compartments.

In the front cargo, they settle on the floor and stay in one position without crossover straps. Speed does not affect their placement because they fix in one spot.

Sometimes, they touch the sidewalls of the cargo. But, it does not result in surface damage. Their wheels remain safe at the end of the trunk in the Tesla Model 3. During long-distance driving conditions, the lid does not break their tires. 

No environmental effect

They have three different parts to protect the child from environmental effects. Nylon, fabric, or woven material makes a shade to protect the kid from sunlight and rain. 

The molded plastic and steel tubing makes its frame. The wheels have metallic discs with rubber coverings.

You cannot mount them outside the vehicle because the environmental conditions affect their surface. For example, constant exposure to rain corrodes their tires, and they lock in one position.

Sunlight fades the color of nylon and fabric shades. To protect against these damages, people fit them in their cargos with enclosed lids. As a result, they remain safe from UV rays, dust, and moisture. 

Their fabric remains intact throughout the trip. Also, they provide shade and comfort to toddlers.

Storage of muddy strollers

People use them on muddy roads and cannot place them on their clean seats. In such conditions, the trunks play a vital role in their fitting. 

The cargos are washable, and you can clean them with commercial cleaners. The wet mud causes permanent stains on the fabric of the seats. 

In such circumstances, people avoid placement on their clean rear or front seats. Also, they cannot carry them on their laps because their wheels can stain their clothes. 

With muddy strollers, people prefer these storage units. Sometimes, they place newspapers over the surface of the front or rear storage compartment.

The mud dries and falls over the protection papers. In emergencies, a few mothers store them in the rear section and clean them after the trip. 

Protection from theft

Thieves can approach the externally mounted strollers outside the car. They access them in the parking spots and steal them.

They remove their protection straps with sharp tools. These are expensive and valuable due to their protective properties. However, people store them in their locked cargos due to fear of loss. 

Moreover, they remain in the hidden areas, which make them invisible and keep the parent tension free.

The thieves cannot unlock these storage units because they have electrically controlled locks. In addition, they are not accessible due to enclosed lids and safety features. 

Fitting without wheel removal

Its fitting takes less than 5 minutes in the front section and around 10 minutes in the rear compartment. 

They are adjustable without removing their wheels from the front and rear sides. It appeals to travelers because it saves time and energy.

Due to instant adjustment, the parents remove and re-adjust them multiple times during the traveling conditions. Also, they slide them inside the rear section without external help. 

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