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Can You Have a Fish Tank in an RV?

Can You Have a Fish Tank in an RV?

Many people want to keep a fish tank in their RV. Here are easy methods to travel with an aquarium in your RV.

Can You Have a Fish Tank in an RV? Yes, you can place a fish tank in RV. You can keep it if you follow the guidelines and maintain the proper condition that fits your fish tank. The suitable condition includes water protection from sloshing, favorable tank covering, RV temperature, size, and many others.

Can You Have a Fish Tank in an RV?

 You have a pet in your home and make the planning of traveling for a long distance, then make some observations. It is not human nature to leave behind the pet you shower love for them.

You can keep your pets in the RV with favorable tricks, conditions, and guidelines. You can move with your pet like dog, cat, and aquarium fish in an RV, which helps change the environment. You can observe that the changing habitat gives a pleasant effect on their health and for you also. 

Most of the fish tanks does not set according to the live roads with regular traveling. In this case, water sloshing from the lid after the covering through it.

You can face this problem when you do not have a solution or proper guidelines to maintain the situation. If you have an accident, it not suitable for your pet like fish and has chances of dying out.

Prevent water from sloshing

Water becomes slosh while moving on the road because water movement of back and forth. If you neglect that issue, then a mess for you occurs.

Water falls out on your seat and vehicle floor and faces difficulty to wipe out. Sometimes, your aquarium fish comes out from the tank and dies due to water absence.

You can prevent this condition in various ways, like seal the aquarium portion with a fitted lid or keep the water level down.

You can put more decorative rocks which protect from it. You can connect the airline tubing in which small valve set because it helps block the water from backing up.

Keep your RV speed slow

It is best for your aquarium fish if the RV stops or its speed slows down. In this case, the water sloshing problem resolves with ease.

It cannot provide a hospitable environment if moving at high speed, especially on a rough surface.

If you park the vehicle somewhere or stop the moving, it favorable for you. You can overcome this by draining a small amount of water so that RV movement cannot affect. 

Place fish tank on a wooden rack

 You have the best and well-built tank with almost 15-20 gallon capacity and ¼ inches. You have to arrange a wooden rack according to the corresponding size of your aquarium that fits.

Cover with the suitable lid, properly level up the water, and clamp so tight that water has no chance of sloshing against the tank. 

Proper gas exchange

Aquarium fish need proper gas exchange for their survival. If a suitable environment does not provide for them can cause suffocation and stress, which affect their life cycle.

These problems usually arise when you have a closed system and no proper crossing or ventilation. The sealant system, like lid covers, stops the airways.

You can overcome this by making small holes on the aquarium top surface, and covering for a period does not affect airways crossing. 

Cover the aquarium with a lid

Plexiglass cover is preferable for your RV fish tank, and these can seal the aquarium properly. When it is moving, the water level increase reaches the Plexi top and clamps it tight.

If these are not fixing, then chances of sloshing high, so make it tight no air below left. You have to take such an amount of aquarium pet that can easy to handle if some adverse situation appears. You can move them into the sink when you try to secure them in your bathtub. 

What size fish tank is suitable for an RV?

Tank size is the first choice for your RV setup to avoid some causes like water turbulence, temperature, lid, and some others.

The most suitable aquarium for you is small, properly sealed, and with a minimum water level sufficient for your aquatic pet.

It can fit into the kitchen sink so that when temperature high in your vehicle or water, then place in it. For the small fish and tank, the 5-6 gallon capacity is sufficient. 

If you have a tank with an 8-10 gallon capacity that fills with half of its original level, so prevents disturbing movement.

There are types of tanks sufficient for a maximum of 3-fish species. For 1-fish like betta, buy a small tank with 5-gallon capacity and fill the 2.5 with water.

The purpose of half-filling behind is that to protect from overflow during movement. You can make the aquarium watertight and contain a canister filter along with the air pump. 

You must change the aquarium water after 1-2 weeks, provide the food twice a day. You can set the new plants after a time which makes the environment fresh for an aquatic pet.

During hot weather, place ice cubes in water or places the tank inside the area and make them cool. You can hang or hold the aquarium and mount around 20-30lb with hooks.

You can hang down it with the carabiner and bike lock rope. In this case, chances of water sloshing high, so place underneath container which prevents from the mess.

 You keep your RV fish tank, then make some assumptions, like the aquarium weight according to its floor.

Second, you arrange the well-fitted cover or lid, which seals the top portion. Then, fix the filter system, heater, DC air pumps.

You can prefer the sponge filter for your RV aquarium when shifting pets into another system like Rubbermaid containers. You select the water tank, which makes up of fiberglass. These are flex resistant along curved sides, which better for sloshing control.

Spherical tank

The spherical aquarium is most suitable for your pet in an RV like Biorb. It can minimize the tank sloshing problem.

It also helps to reduce the stress in fish and other aquatic inhabitants. The spherical tank prevents the water from falling out on the floor in the rightward direction.

Biorb aquarium makes up of acrylic and has an excellent 5-filtration system. It is large as compared to the other tank system with a high carrying capacity. The exchange of air through this system is more efficient, and the air limitation problem resolve.

Reef saltwater tank

Reef saltwater tank in which fish can live along the live rock and require high-quality lighting. It requires the best water quality with movement and suitable fish species that cannot damage the coral reef.

The safe pet that maintains its environment includes reef sea fish, safe invertebrates, and many others.

You have a 10-gallon tank with 20 lengths because aquatic pets need proper space for themselves.

You can add some ice cubes, which are cool and convenient for a small space. You avoid bioload the aquarium because it can cause a mess for you.

A Fluval HOB is the best for your aquarium upgrading, and 25 or 50 are great for tank working. These are available at the most affordable price, around $30-$38. You Arrange some LED light and heater for your fish tank like Al Prime HD. 

Acrylic aquarium globe

Acrylic aquarium globe best for your RV fish because its projectile motion protects through it and water back and forth movement.

These are cost-effective, almost $8-$9. Terrarium ball globe available in a reasonable range. 

Use the pyramid-shaped jar

Pyramid-shaped jars are preferable for RVs because they cover less space and easy to carry. The problem which appears while vehicle moving can prevent through this.

These are available at a reasonable price in various varieties with affordable range. It is useful for the beginner who loves to carry and keep them alongside.

These design and arrange in such a way that goldfish and other aquarium species can live inside it.

Fish Species that are suitable for RV fish tank

Figure 8 puffer, pea puffer, Axolotl, catfish, Mollies, Bumblebee, and Gobies are most suitable for your RV tank. In this case, pufferfish species are easy to handle, and you can meet their nutritional criteria with ease.

Their growth rate is slow, half the GSP size. The tank with 8-10 gallon water capacity sufficient for them. 

The axolotl is not a fish but an aquatic amphibian and cannot have complete growth from their larval stage, but they require a large aquarium for living.

They are available in various color varieties like red, grey, brown, and white. These can live in small gallon tanks of almost 7-8 gallon tanks.

Pea puffer is also known as dwarf fish, and it is ideal for aquarists. These are small in size, like inches, so they live in a small fish tank capacity of almost 5-8 gallon.

These get bore from the same habitat and surroundings, so you have to give them the best environment.

Most lovers can love to keep them as an aquatic pet, and it is suitable for the dwarf fish environment. Triop fish species also small in size and favorable for a small capacity gallon of approximately 5-7. 

It is hard to maintain the RV temperature due to some energy requirements. If you cannot optimize the desire criteria, then cold water fish are most suitable for you.

You can keep these types of fish as a pet, like crappies and some sunnies. In this case, you have to maintain the humidity at the desired level that favorable for them.

Maintain RV temperature

If the water parameter change with RV condition, then take some measures to optimize the tank condition.

You can place the fish tank under the RV shower floor, half full, and no spillage occurs. You can maintain the aquarium temperature by saran wrap and put it in the kitchen sink with a sufficient amount of bubble wrapping, which holds it in place. 

Sometimes in cold weather conditions, the temperature increasing due to the heater, it goes like 50 degrees at night and 70 during the daytime.

You have to make focus on the water parameter as well as the RV temperature inside. The internal environment will change with the outer atmosphere and heat. 

The temperature goes high in the hot weather like summer conditions. You have to overcome this situation by different measurements. When you decide to stay, then stay in the shady area, which prevents you from the heat.

 Another technique that overcomes the hot weather is air crossing. You can set your its direction in that way air crossing do efficiently and in proper manner.

When you start traveling, then take some observation before it. You check weather updates and try to position your vehicle in such a way that takes advantage of the cool breezing or wind like from west to east.

You can also purchase 1-2 portable fans because these help for air exchange. You set in such a way like one has direction inward and another toward the outside that removes the RV hot air. 


It concludes from this article that you can place the fish tank in your RV. You have to follow the proper guidelines and maintain the parameter inside the aquarium and its outer surroundings.

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