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How to Turn Off Chime on Ford F150?

How to Turn Off Chime on Ford F150?

Here are easy steps to disable and turn off chime on Ford F150. It is an excellent defensive mechanism to prevent accidents or damage while driving the truck. But at the same time, these produce noises that make a person uncomfortable.

How to Turn Off Chime on Ford F150? You can turn off the chime on Ford F150by changing the configuration in Forscan settings. To manually disable it turn off the warning lights. Then buckle and unbuckle the seatbelt three times. When the warning light is on, again buckle and unbuckle the seatbelts. Finally, the warning light will flash to confirm that chime is disabled.

How to Turn Off Chime on Ford F150?

Chimes are audible sensors present in the Ford F-150 truck to warn the driver and passenger. These sensors produce a sound when we keep the door open while driving.

The seat belt chimes also alert us when we forget to buckle up the belt while driving the vehicle. The door and seat belt chime continuously produce sound until we lock the door. The chimes are sometimes present only for seatbelt or doors.

They start working even when you stop on a drive-through or a signal stop. That’s why people turn it off to avoid an irritating sound after every few minutes.

You can disable the chime on the truck without the need for any assistance. The whole process takes only 2 to 3 minutes. Follow all the steps in sequence to disable such irritating sounds.

Locate the position of the chime

The first thing to do is to locate the position of the chime. You can read the vehicle manual to get information about its parts. These sensors are usually present hidden inside some part of the truck.

In Ford F150, both chimes have different positions. In most cases, it is present in the dashboard on the back of a fuse block. It is present in combination with the GEM(Generic electronic module) module. GEM is the body control that controls all the system and data processing in a vehicle.

Turn off the engine of the Ford F150

You need to turn off all the electric devices in the Ford truck. Then park the vehicle at a safe place in a less crowded area.

Turn off the engine and ignition of the vehicle. Keep the vehicle parking brake on until you turn off the chime. Unfasten seat belts on driver and passenger side. Make sure the doors are closed.

Turn on ignition

Turn on the ignition by putting the key in the ignition switch of the Ford F150. The ignition switch has 4 positions. The first is the lock position in which we insert the key. You can not insert the key in any other position. 

The second is the accessory position. Rotate the key clockwise to turn on this position. You can use some of the lights and devices in the truck in this position. 

The third is on or ignition position. In this, the ignition is on but not the engine. To disable the chime, keep the ignition at this position. Do not turn on the engine; it will disturb your performance.

Buckle and unbuckle the seatbelt

When you turn on the ignition light, the current flow turns on the seat belt’s warning lights; wait until these lights get off.

It takes one to 2 minutes for these lights to turn off. When these lights are off, wait for 10 more seconds before starting the next step.

After this, buckle and unbuckle the seatbelt thrice at a moderate speed. Repeat buckling and unbuckling until it stops at unbuckle position.

It will turn on the flashlight of the seatbelt. Complete this step within 30 to 40 seconds.

Turn on the headlights

To turn on the headlights, press the button present on the lighting control switch. It will turn both left and right headlights, Keep them on for some time and then turn it off.

Again Buckle and unbuckle the seatbelt

Again buckle and unbuckle seat belts three times and stop at unbuckle position. The seatbelt warning light will turn on.

It will remain on for about 0 sec to 1 minute. Within a minute, buckle and unbuckle the belts and stop at the unbuckle position.

The flashlight of the belts of the Ford truck will turn on momentarily. It is for a confirmation that both door and seatbelt chime are off now. You can do the same steps to turn it off. You have to repeat the steps on both sides of the seats to disabling the alarms.

Use Forscan on F150 to disable the chime

It is third-party software that serves as an OBD2 scanner. It helps to make modifications in the vehicle settings by changing the computer module. It diagnoses various code errors in the system.

To change the chime setting, open the Forscan software on your laptop. Then connect the laptop to the OBD2 port using a suitable connector. 

This port is present beneath the ignition switch of the vehicle. After connecting, all the configuration settings will appear on the left side of the screen.

Then press play to open all the modules on the laptop. Among these modules, select the chime modules.

Change the module setting code in the respective area. It will change the configuration to disable the alarms. Then turn off the software ad unplug the device from the Ford F150. You can turn it on using the same module on Forscan.

Why Ford chime is not working?

Sometimes the chimes stop working even when we turn them on. There are many reasons for that.

Sometimes the fuse of the alarm is blown or faulty. The second is the wiring of the fuse is wrong. When we connect both wires to the wrong position, the chime stops working.

In such a situation, check the fuse wiring and replace the wires. When we want to permanently disable the chime, remove the fuse with wires from its respective place.

Take a screwdriver and open all the nuts and bolts to remove the door chime on Ford F150, then close the dashboard and place the bolts in their site.

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