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Can You Plow Snow with a Ford F-150?

Can You Plow Snow with a Ford F-150?

Ford F150 is the only light-duty truck with the plowing option available in its different variants. I have added 9 easy steps to plow with your F150 truck.

Can You Plow Snow with a Ford F-150? In general, you can plow snow with the Ford F-150. It comes with a snow plow prep optional package available in XL, XLT, and Lariat trim levels in all cab configurations. Other requirements for installing a plow with the truck are a 5.0 liter V8 engine, 4-wheel drive, and all-terrain tires. Avoid using plows heavier than 470 pounds with Ford F150 because of its lesser payload capacity.

Plowing snow in the winter requires heavy-duty trucks with high payload capacity, engine, and robust chassis with rugged transmission and large alternator.

Can You Plow Snow with a Ford F-150?

Snow Plow prep package consists of all the components necessary for installing a lightweight plow of recommended companies with Ford F150.

It consists of a software update, wiring, joystick control to operate the blade, two heavy-duty springs, and electrical connections to take power from the truck’s alternator.

Therefore, as a safety measure, use the plow prep package and blade size and weight within maximum allowable limits to prevent overstress and damage to the truck.  

Attach the Plow

The first step to attach a plow with your truck is to drive it into the plow. Next, turn the control joystick ON by pressing the button on its top.

The next step is to set it to the float position by double-tapping the center button. You can operate the control joystick only when your truck is in an ON state.

Next, attach the plow with a front-mounted receiver hitch using locking pins or latches and a metal kickstand.

Next, plug the 2 electrical connectors in their dedicated slots by removing the dust covers. Then raise the light tower on the plow to the up position. Finally, switch the front truck lights to the plow lights position.    

Make Adjustments

Installation of plow equipment requires re-adjustments of front wheel alignment, headlight, and blade height. Adjust them to prevent stresses on blades and tires as it causes them to wear down quickly due to uneven load distribution.

You should also consult the mechanic regarding ballast weight requirements according to the weight of the blade.

If he recommends it, you should also place it in the truck bed to balance the load on the front axle. 

However, the total weight, including plow components on the truck, should be less than its payload capacity.

Finally, relocate the sensor to measure outside engine temperature to somewhere with unblocked airflow by the plow to avoid any errors. 

Activate the Plow Mode ON

There is a snowplow mode button on the instrument panel of the Ford F-150 with a plow sign. The driver needs to press it to activate the plow.

It disables the power supply to nonessential features like a heater, 110V external outlets, and multi-contour seats with active motion. It also starts providing power to the plow controls.  

Operate the Plow

After activating the plow mode ON, the driver can operate the plow up, down, left, or right by pressing controls on the joystick.

It can also work in float mode for auto sway motion according to the road contours. You can activate it by double-tapping the center button on the control joystick.

It also has a safety feature to release the snow or material accumulated in the blade if it hits any hard surface or rock.

It prevents the truck and the plow from damage due to the hitting impact of the solid objects.

My experience of plowing snow in my driveway was fantastic, and my 2017 Ford F150 with Lariat trim levels did its job very well.

I cleared about 2 feet of snow with ease at a slower speed of 15 mph, and there was no handling problem.

However, I would not recommend it for commercial purposes as it can give rise to transmission heating problems and rusting of few components with wear and tear in the front axle and tires of the truck. 

Detach the Plow

Detaching the plow is as simple as its installation. First, deactivate the plow mode on the dashboard and change the position of the lights to switch to the truck option.

Next, remove the locking pins and disconnect the electrical and hydraulic connections. 

Recommended Trim level and the package of Ford F150 for snow plowing

Ford built the 2015 model of F150 using high-strength steel and other lighter materials to make its frame strong and more lightweight.

Therefore it is suitable for plowing with the plow prep package to purchase and retrofit with the truck.

Moreover, the Company recommends its installation with XL, XLT, and Lariat trim levels in all three cab configurations, including the Regular, Supercab, and Supercrew. 

In addition, your truck should have all-terrain tires suitable for snowy surfaces to prevent its skidding or poor handling.

A robust chassis and suspension system of your pickup truck will also be required to withstand the stresses during plowing operation.

Moreover, the weight of the plow and other mechanical installations should not exceed the payload capacity of the front axle.

Recommended plow weight by Ford is up to 470 lbs. Therefore you should choose lighter plows of recommended brands having straight blades made of stainless steel or aluminum. 

How Ford F150 fulfill the electrical requirements of a plow?

Adding a plow with your truck requires extra electrical energy for its hydraulic system.

Moreover, hydraulics involved in moving the blade up, down, left, and right requires a lot of power.

Due to electric steering, it won’t be possible for the available alternator on the truck to fulfill the energy requirements of all components.

Therefore, trucks with plow prep packages shut off the power supply to nonessential features like heated steering wheel, heated seats, and fog lights when plow mode is ON.

It is easy for the driver to activate this mode by pressing a button with a plow sign on the dashboard, and it kills the electrical connection of the heater.

This feature gives the steering wheel’s better electrical performance and plows without any extra load on the alternator. 

What size of the plow Can I use with the Ford F150?

Usually, truck manufacturers and experts recommend plowing with ¾-1 ton pickup trucks because of their sturdier bodies and high payload capacities.

However, Ford F150 is the only light-duty, ½ ton truck with this feature. However, the manufacturer defines certain limitations regarding the size and weight of the blade.

Its maximum recommended plow size is 6 ½ to 7 ½ feet. Other requirements are lightweight blades made of aluminum.

The maximum allowable weight for plow used with the F150 is less than 450 lbs as approved by experts. Blades heavier than that can result in extra stress on transmission, front parts of the truck, and lack of driving control. 

Ford has offered this package at an affordable price, making it an ideal choice for truck drivers to clear their driveways, lawns, and parking lots.

It costs only $50-$60 with additional installation costs of $200-$300. However, you will need to spend $5000-$6000 to purchase a plow with recommended specifications and installation. 

Can snow plowing damage my Ford F150?

Using a light-duty truck like Ford F150 for plowing has no harmful effect on its drivetrain and other mechanical parts if you use the recommended plow prep package on recommended trim levels.

However, overloading the truck by installing heavier blades and using them for commercial purposes negatively impacts the truck’s transmission, alternator, and tires. 

You cannot use the plow with a 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine as the blade blocks the airflow to the turbocharger intercooler.

Another drawback of using the Ford F150 will be the unavailability of few features like heated steering, external inverter outlets, heated and massaging seats.   

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