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Can You Powder Coat Headers?

Can You Powder Coat Headers?

You can powder coat the headers of the truck to protect it from the excessive heat from the engine. However, many people prefer to select the painted exhaust from the company.

Can You Powder Coat Headers? You can powder coat headers of the truck because it improves engine performance and horsepower. In addition, it is also environment friendly and prevents the metallic body from rusting. However, powder coating has some disadvantages as it has a short life, and its melting starts when you drive the truck at high speed. The cost of a powder coat ranges from $200 to $300.

You can also select the unpainted header and get it to coat according to your choice. It is better to paint before installing it in the vehicle.

What are truck headers?

Headers remove the gases from the engine compartment. Moreover, the company used high-quality metal to make its proper shape.

Its metallic body is resistant to extreme heat and damage. It also works as an exhaust to remove the heat and lower the temperature near the engine.

In addition, its size depends on the size of the vehicle. This is because it has multiple pipes connected to separate cylinders and drains the gases in one large pipe.

The gases will move more quickly in the longer pipe than in the shorter one. Therefore, it is better to choose the high-performance header for your truck and apply a coat to protect it.

Why would you powder coat the headers?

Here are the few benefits of powder coat on headers. Sometimes it is not easy to decide the type of coating for it. Many people rely on the company, but some people go with their choice. 

Increase the horsepower of the engine

Some people do it as it increases the horsepower of the engine.

When the excessive heat and gases go out of the compartment, the internal temperatures lowers and allow the engine to work more efficiently.

The powder coat bears the heat to some extent and provides approximately 8 to 10 horsepower to the engine. It also reduces fuel consumption and has a positive effect on mileage.

The engine will cover more mileage with less fuel consumption and reduce costs. 

Improve performance of the vehicle

You can powder coat the header to improve the performance of the pickup trucks. When the fuel in the cylinder burns, it expands and generates power.

As a result, it drains the gases that pass from its pipes. When it has a powder coat all over the surface, it protects from heat damage.

It is necessary to remove the heat continuously; otherwise, the excessive heat will affect the nearby parts and reduces its performance.

Prevent corrosion

You know that the manufacturer used metal to design the header for trucks. In addition, moisture and humidity can cause rust on the metal surface.

You can protect the vehicle’s parts by applying the powder coat correctly. However, it does not allow the moisture to cross the layer to each metallic header body.

It remains corrosion when there are no scratches on the surface. Otherwise, the rust can damage the metal, create holes, and the gasses will stay inside.

Environment friendly

The powder coat does not impact the environment because it does not creates harmful substances. Furthermore, it also does not cause pollution.

You can apply it to the exhaust header without any hesitation. It is also free from volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants.

Avoid discoloration

Metal starts losing its original color when exposed to heat for a long duration.

It makes its appearance dull and allows the foreign substance to sit on the surface.

Applying the powder coat on the header is better to protect its surface from discoloration. This is because it absorbs the temperature and does not pass it to the surface of the metallic body.

You can also apply it after the damage to the original layer. Moreover, it also hides the scratches and protects it from further damage.

What are the disadvantages to powder coat headers?

Sometimes the powder coat is not suitable for the headers because it is challenging to maintain its thin film. Many professionals do not recommend it due to the following reasons.

Melting of powder coat

It can bear temperatures ranging from 380 Fahrenheit to 430 Fahrenheit.

However, when the engine works, it emits excessive heat, and sometimes the temperature reaches 1500 Fahrenheit, which is too high for the powder coat to bear.

The melting of the powder coat film starts due to high temperatures. When the material melts, it drips from the surface of the headers and sometimes makes patches.

It will damage the part, affect the engine’s performance, and reduce its horsepower. Asa result, it can quickly get rust when exposed to moisture and humid air.

Not long lasting

Although many professional recommends the powder coat for the exhaust headers, but it is not long-lasting.

It gets scratched when it comes in contact with foreign particles and other pickup truck parts.

In addition, its life is less than the other paints. When you drive the vehicle at maximum speed, the chances of damage increase.

Similarly, the risk of its damage reduces when you drive the pickup truck at an average speed. Sometimes it puts a burden on your budget because you need to repair it after a longs drive.

Rough appearance

Its appearance looks rough and dull, so many people do not like it. In addition, it is challenging to maintain the thin texture of the powder coat.

Moreover, it loses its attraction to the surface of the metal and forms peels. You will find the paint peels when you open the truck’s hood.

The exposure of the powder-coated parts to ultraviolet radiation makes it dull. It can also release substances that are not environmentally pleasant when exposed to UV radiation for a longer time.

Limited colors

The one disadvantage of using the powder coat is that you cannot use a mixture of colors. Many people want to make each part of their pickup truck to make it attractive.

It does not make your vehicle colorful, so many people do not recommend it to their friends. If you try to use other colors, you will see unattractive patches.

It also reduces the attraction of charges with metals. The company recommends using only one color for this purpose so that it can last for a specific time.


The powder coat is more expensive than others, so many people do not choose it for their trucks. Instead, the professionals do it electrostatically, and it requires baking in a large oven.

You cannot do it without heating the layer, so you spend money on this process. Moreover, it has a short life so you will spend more money on repair and application.

It takes a lot of time which is why the professionals demand the charges according to work. In addition, some people do not have the facility nearby, so they do not like to paint the header.

Which coating is best for the headers?

Many people like to do powder coats on the parts of the trucks, but other best options are available. You can choose the ceramic coat because it has many benefits over other paint.

It is more heat resistant and can withstand high temperatures due to the engine’s working. Moreover, it also improves horsepower and maintains the efficiency of the truck.

Many professionals highly recommend ceramic coats for the heating parts of vehicles. It is best for the exhaust headers as it cools the engine compartment.

In addition, it also increases the life of the header by providing a protective layer around it.

The one important thing about it is that it is environmentally pleasant and does not pollute the air.

It provides a fine appearance than the powder coat. You can apply the thin film that will look neat and flat. It does not get scratches and does not allow the moisture to cross the layer.

It is resistant to water, and as a result, it keeps the metal corrosion-free. Furthermore, you can apply different colors and mixes of colors to make it attractive.

Many people prefer this coating over the powder coat that lives near the ocean and pass through rocky surfaces.

However, it puts a burden on the engine and needs more work when you take your truck from the uneven roads.

How much does it cost to powder coat headers?

The average cost of a powder coat ranges from $200 to $300. Its cost depends on many factors such as size, company, and service center.

If you go to the famous service center, its charges will be high than the other. Furthermore, it also depends on the quality of the paint.

Many people take paint from the market themselves and take it to the workshop. You will only pay the labor costs ranging from $60 to $90 per hour.

The professional demands the charges according to the time. It takes 1 to 2 hours to complete the process. Moreover, you can choose the quality of paint and pay according to it.

The other thing is the size of the header. If your vehicle has a large header, you will pay additional charges.

It will require more paint and effort. Many people take their trucks to the workshop when the powder color peels off or is damaged. It takes more time and demands more charges to repair the old one.

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