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What is Slip Seating Trucking?

What is Slip Seating Trucking?

The trucking companies in America adopt new policies like slip seating trucking to become productive in the industry. 

What is Slip Seating Trucking? The slip seating trucking system means the drivers do not have specific trucks. The drivers have to share the truck and multiple drivers use the same fleet. This system is beneficial for the trucking company because vehicles remain in use. In addition, their parts also remain working and are less vulnerable to damage. When one driver is on leave, others can deliver the shipment to customers on time. However, some companies do not adopt this system because they think that the maintenance cost of the truck will increase.

What is the term slip seating trucking means?

 Slip seating trucking is a broad term in which multiple drivers use one vehicle in different shifts. 

They have to choose from the available ones at that time in the company’s yards. Moreover, the assignment of vehicles is also done randomly.

It is the famous term in different trucking industries in which the company persons make a special rostrum of duties.

The duties of drivers also change from day to day and from week to week. The slip seating means you have to share the truck with other drivers, and it is not specific for your driving only.

Why slip seating trucking is beneficial for the trucking company?

The shifting of driver’s duties in different trucks is essential in companies. They are using this slip seating trucking for the following benefits to their organization.

Use of more fleets

The company is changing the duties of drivers in several trucks so their fleets will use more.

As the rate of medical leaves increases in the trucking industry, the specific vehicle allotted to the person on leave remains in parking.

The company wisely resolved this issue and added a new plan that every person can share the truck.

When one or two employees are on leave, their fleets remain in use. Moreover, fleets use also increases because of different duty hours for more than one person.

Only one person cannot use the vehicle for maximum time because they become hectic and tired after some time.

When there is more than one person, then the use of fleets will ultimately increase.

Productive for company

The trucking company uses this scheme in their industry because it can also help to increase their business and market value.

The trucking company also sees that duty change positively affects their business because of on-time deliveries.

The drivers do not have to wait for 3 to 4 hours for their specific trucks. In this way, the industry successfully delivers more orders per day.

The delivery of more orders makes the company productive and expands their business in the market.

Vehicles remain functional

The other benefit of assigning a random vehicle to different drivers is that the fleets remain in the running.

When someone cannot come for 2 to 3 days, their trucks do not remain bound for that person. The other drivers can use them for the transportation of different materials.

When these remain in running position, then the company also remains productive. They don’t have to cancel the orders due to the leave of the specific truck owners.

No damage to any parts

Truck parts can be damaged if you park the vehicle for a long time.

Some of its parts often become jammed, especially during the winter season.

When trucks are not in use for a long time in the winter season, their parts can freeze, and you feel difficult to start them.

The engine becomes out of function if vehicles are not used for 3 to 4 weeks. These are unable to provide proper ignition to spark plug for acceleration.

The company resolves this issue by assigning the exact vehicle to different drivers.

In this way, the fleets remain in running position, and there is less chance of damage to their various parts.

Need less space for parking

Most trucking companies have less space for parking. So when they park their fleets in different areas, it will become costly for the company.

When all trucks remain in running position, you don’t need more space for their parking.

However, due to multiple drivers for one truck and their different duty hours keep, all vehicles are in use all day.

They remain in use 24/7 because some drivers use them during nighttime and others use them in the daytime.

Reduces fuel cost

The slip seating trucking system also becomes economical for trucking companies and decreases their fuel costs.

When multiple drivers use the same truck, it takes less time to deliver different items. Moreover, the transportation turns per day also decreased, providing better fuel cost.

The improvement of fuel costs will also become productive and beneficial for the economy of the company and fleet managers.

Faster shipment

This system also increases the ranking and reputation of the trucking company in the market and among the customer.

The primary demand of every customer is faster and on-time shipments of their dispatched orders. When fleets are available all the time, multiple drivers can use them.

It becomes easy to deliver the orders on time because of the presence of trucks in the yards. Sometimes the customers demand a too faster shipment of their orders.

The company acquired the slip seating trucking system to tackle this emergency and on-time delivery of products to their valuable customers.

Achieve maximum mileage

This system is also beneficial for companies because of the tax incentives that can help increase the industry’s productivity.

The law states that you have to increase the mileage target that every vehicle must complete within almost 2 to 3 years.

The maximum driving in 3 years and achieving a high mileage will reduce the taxes and revenue.

The problem is that a single person cannot reach a maximum mileage in 3 years.

The company resolved this issue by adopting the slip seating trucking system in their industry.

As a result, multiple drivers can operate one truck, and automatically their mileage will increase.

Why slip seating trucking is not good?

Some companies do not prefer this rule because they think it is not suitable. Moreover, it can also increase their maintenance cost.

Irritating for driver

Sometimes the changing of fleets all day becomes irritating for drivers. Sometimes the drivers are only satisfied with the specific vehicle.

They feel it difficult to drive the other one because of their mental dissatisfaction. Drivers also have to take their small accessories to the next truck, which can cause a problem.

Moreover, it will also cause stress to the driver that they do not have the proper fleet for driving.

Increase maintenance of a truck

In a slip seating trucking system, when two or more people drive the same truck, it is also necessary to maintain them regularly.

The continuous use will ultimately decrease their maintenance during the whole day. However, it can also reduce the interior and exterior cleanliness status.

In addition, when multiple drivers use it, there is also a greater chance of wear and tear.

When one person has a specific fleet, then it becomes his duty to keep them clean and maintain all parts to decrease the risk of damage.

The multiple persons cannot do this because they all think it’s not their fleet.

Affect the health status of drivers

Some companies are also not adopting this system because they think it can increase their investment in health status.

The need to sanitize the fleets becomes the company owners’ duty to provide a safe environment for their employees.

The sanitization of 5 to 6 times per day will increase the health cost of the respective industry.

In addition, sanitization is necessary because different people have allergic diseases, which can also infect other people using the same truck.

Hectic for drivers

The changing of trucks repeatedly for transportation of different materials also becomes hectic for drivers all day.

It becomes hectic when they are not restricted to a specific vehicle and move from one truck to another.

The company can also call them at the weekend or during their off day because they have to transport the material to their customers.

Is slip seating trucking implemented in all fleets of the company?

Some companies use slip seating systems for only particular fleets because some drivers do not like this pattern.

Keeping drivers happy is essential for the company’s growth because they cannot do anything without their proper participation.

In addition, there are several drawbacks to using this system; that’s why the company only uses some fleets for sharing.

There are specific trucks for their permanent and experienced drivers which they cannot share with other employees.

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