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Can You Put 35 Inch Tires on a Tundra TRD Pro?

Can You Put 35 Inch Tires on a Tundra TRD Pro?

The Tundra TRD Pro is an advanced trim level with a 10-speed automatic transmission, upgraded suspension, and an efficient engine with a dual exhaust system.

It is available with 32.1 inches tall tires with a wheel diameter of around 18 inches. TRD stands for Toyota Racing Development, and it is a workshop for the turning and repairing of Toyota variants. 

Can You Put 35 Inch Tires on a Tundra TRD Pro? You can put 35-inch tires on a Tundra TRD Pro by selecting 17-inch rims, a 3-inch suspension lift kit with control arms, leaf springs, shocks, and struts to achieve 1 to 2 inches of ground clearance. Now, jack up the truck’s frame, remove tires, compress the coil spring, and separate the factory suspension by removing the sway bar and shocks. Finally, install new struts and shocks, tighten the fasteners, adjust the ball joint and reinstall the sway bar. Add new torsion keys, clean the wheel well, and install the 35s tires.

It offers high ground clearance, an attractive truck look, and improved off-road driving.

These are effective for rough terrains with an average lifespan of around 52000 miles to 72000 miles. Moreover, a suspension lift kit can last for 8 to 11 years.

What size does tire come on Tundra TRD Pro?

The Toyota Tundra TRD Pro comes with a factory tire size of 275/65R18.

Also, the 275/70/R17 and 265/70R16 are adjustable on the TRD Pro variants of a Tundra.

However, a 295/70R18 is one of the tall wheels for this truck.

You can install them on your truck with a lift kit, and it requires modifications to the suspension system. 

Its latest versions from 2019 to 2021 have 275/65R18 tire sizes. 

How do you put 35-inch tires on a Tundra TRD Pro?

Install 35 inches tires on your Tundra with a lift kit.

These kits are gadgets that provide maximum ground clearance and increase the height of the front and rear ends.

I have mentioned the following steps and requirements for this installation process. 

Select rims

Its factory rims are not suitable for 35s tires. These are large wheels and require rims of identical size for appropriate fitting. 

The factory wheels of the Tundra TRD Pro are around 31.1 inches tall and have a rim of 17 inches wide. 

However, these are slightly taller and wider than the built-in wheels. 

You may require a 15 to 17 inches wide rim to adjust the bigger wheels.

The width of 17 inches is excellent for the fitment of these large wheels.

They are compatible with such heavy wheels and adjust without any sharp edges. 

Add lift to your truck

The lift kit improves the height of a pickup truck from the front and rear end simultaneously.

They require around 1 to 1.5 inches of ground clearance because they have this size difference from the factory components.

As a result, the selection of lift kits becomes convenient without any money loss. 

The 3-inch lifting kit is popular among drivers, and you can get a ground clearance of around one inch. Therefore, the offset of the pickup truck works efficiently with this kit. 

Install aftermarket suspension

A suspension lift kit is available for the latest Tundra models.

Moreover, the 3 inches life revolves around 2.5 inches to 3 inches, but the ground clearance remains the same. 

The suspension lift kits are different than a truck body lift for your pickup truck.

The suspension lifter increases the entire frame of the vehicle and provides ground clearance and protection. 

However, it does not lift the low side control arms, and the axle remains in one position. 

Step by step guide

The suspension kits provide immediate ground clearance and extra space to adjust taller tires.

A commercially available kit includes replacement control arms, leaf springs, and shocks.

The package includes struts and trail arms. Also, replace them on your truck to adjust a suspension kit. 

In addition, lock and stabilize the truck frame to remove and replace different parts. 

You can use hydraulic block jacks, lift the front wheels and remove the factory wheels by losing nuts and bolts. Then, compress the coil spring on the axle and remove the built-in suspension. 

Now, remove the holding clips, sway bar, and shocks from your pickup truck.

Clean and grease the open areas for the appropriate adjustment of new suspension gadgets. 

Then, install the coil spacer and adjust the springs with a clip. Now, fix the new shocks and sway bar.

Finally, collect the six extension studs from the lift kit, lose the bolts from old struts and remove them.

Now adjust a jack under the lower arm of the frame, and remove the assembly of built-in struts.

Finally, install the new components from your lift kit and tighten the fasteners. 

Then, reinstall the removed ball joint, adjust the tie rod, secure the fasteners, and install the sway bar.

You can replace the torsion bar keys by following the manual instructions.

Also, you can remove the clamp from these parts and install the new equipment.

In this way, you can replace the components of the truck suspension. 

Now access the space of the wheel well, and adjust these tires in the 17 inches wide rims.

Tighten the fasteners and bolts and secure the wheels in the well.

Check the offset of your truck and test the wheels stability through a test drive.

Time required

A standard lift kit installation on your pickup truck consumes less time.

But, suspension lift kits include several replacements, and the process is complex. 

The average time to install a three inches suspension lift kit on a Toyota TRD pro is around 4 to 7 hours.

The professional expertise can complete the task in 4 to 6 hours. But, the complexity of the lift kits can prolong the activities by up to 8 hours. 

Why would you add 35-inch tires on a Tundra TRD Pro?

The taller tires have several advantages for a pickup truck, and a 35 inches tire appeals to the Toyota Tundra user.

Moreover, its TRD Pro trim can adjust these heavy wheels with a few modifications. The following are some prominent advantages of these high wheels.

Maximum ground clearance

They increase the height of the truck frame from the road. As a result, these wheels improve several inches, which is beneficial for safe driving conditions.

The lowermost part of the truck remains safe from dirt, mud, and water accumulation. 

Moreover, the mudflaps and fender flares can repel road dirt more effectively. 

Improved off-road driving

The large tires are wider and have more weight than the factory parts. As a result, they require more control, professional driving, and stabilized handling. 

However, they provide better off-road driving conditions due to thick insulation. 

There is minimum tearing inside the tire frame due to their weight and stability on uneven surfaces. Also, they improve the speed levels on challenging roads. 

Attractive appearance

They provide a monstrous and appealing appearance to your truck.

The Tundra stands out among the similar trim variants due to the addition of 35 inches tires.

As a result, it attracts the other drivers on the roads and increases the demand for sales.

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