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What is Snow Mode on Jeep Cherokee?

What is Snow Mode on Jeep Cherokee?

Snow mode is beneficial when you are driving your Jeep on slippery roads. It can protect you and your vehicle from damage by doing quick optimizations.

What is Snow Mode on Jeep Cherokee? Snow mode on a Jeep Cherokee helps you drive on the snowy roads to prevent slipping of your vehicle tires. It has a “terrain response” button to change the mode from normal to snow. Wheels can spin aggressively due to snow, decreasing friction between the tire and the wet pavement. Therefore, this mode helps avoid excessive spinning of the tires and provides better traction. In addition, it improves the vehicle’s performance and delivers more engine power by optimizing the system according to the terrain but increases the fuel consumption.

All parts of the automatic vehicles, like the transmission, engine, wheels, etc., are controlled by their computer system.

It manages all the tasks according to its instructions during the manufacturing process.

You can enjoy driving off roads, wet and sandy pavements, and rocky areas by turning on this mode to tackle the changes in terrain.

What is snow mode? 

It helps manage the traction and controls the movement of wheels.

This mode allows your vehicle to accelerate at maximum RPMs resulting in the aggressive spinning of the wheels.

You can turn this mode “ON” when you want to move your vehicle on the wet road.

Moreover, the high spinning of the wheels allows accumulation of the snow in front of the automobile providing efficient braking.

You can not only get the benefit of this safety feature, but there are some other options to change the mode according to terrains like sand, mud, or rocky surface.

What happens when you put your Jeep Cherokee in snow mode?

There is a system for traction management on the Jeep Cherokee, which operates on five different modes to ensure the vehicle’s stability.

These five modes include; sport, auto, snow, and these first three modes are followed by the sand/mud or the rock mode.

When you put the SUV on this mode, it distributes the power to the wheels.

As a result, the torque divides between a ratio of 40:60 between the rear and front wheels.

Moreover, the ECO feature turns off when you switch on this safety mode because you have to move quickly to get out of this way.

Moreover, it reduces the output of power when the SUV tries to move at high speed on roads.

It does not allow you to bring changes in the all-wheel-drive feature because the computer system deals with all such modifications.

Additionally, it controls the increase and decreases in acceleration according to the depth of snow through a traction control system.

The anti-braking system (ABS) gets active quickly and allows the wheels to spin more.

It brings adjustment in the engine throttle by allowing the appropriate quantity of fuel for producing power to move.

Similarly, the transmission system produces torque and power.

When should I use snow mode on Jeep Cherokee?

You should use a snow mode on your SUV when driving on rough and uneven roads.

You cannot drive down this type of road without managing the wheels’ traction.

Moreover, switching off the ECO mode is essential because these two operate under different conditions.

It helps change gear directly to the 2nd gear when you ignite and start to move the SUV.

You can easily engage your vehicle in this mode with the help of the button present on the center console.

How fast can you drive in snow mode in a Jeep Cherokee?

The snow mode does not limit the speed and restricts drivers from driving within limits. In contrast, it allows the drivers to move at any speed.

No restriction means that you can go as much faster as you want.

However, drive at a speed below 25 to 30 mph for better traction of the wheels on the wet pavement.

Increase the speed to the extent that you can easily manage because safety should be your primary concern.

Assess the condition of the road and the weight of your jeep before reaching maximum speed.

Maneuvering the Jeep without any previous experience can lead to problematic outcomes.

How can you turn on/off the snow mode on Jeep Cherokee?

Many people do not know the location of the snow mode button and its operating mechanism.

I can help them with my experience as I know about the features of this SUV in detail. I have been using this amazing vehicle for the last 3 years and it is just awesome. 

The button for this particular feature is present close to the drive-select buttons.

In addition, you can also see a button named “Terrain Response” on your Jeep Cherokee. Press the button to switch to the mode from the normal one after pulling the shifting lever.

The vehicle responds according to the terrain accordingly, like snow or mud terrain.

Moreover, it is not difficult to get back to the normal state.

You can choose a normal condition to manipulate the power delivery on all wheels by tapping the drive select button.

What are the benefits of using the snow mode?

It provides improved traction and a better driving experience on wet roads.

However, the vehicle consumes fuel due to increased friction between engine and transmission in cold weather, which reduces fuel cost.

Better traction

When you turn on this feature, there are lesser chances of slipping. I used to shift from the normal state to get better traction on the wet road.

It helps maintain the improved grip of tires on the wet pavement and reduces friction.

In addition, the transfer of equal torque on the wheels keeps your drive safe.

Furthermore, there is no difference in torque distribution on the front and rear wheels.

It has the feature of selecting a drive type that helps change the tires’ speed and grip on the surfaces. As a result, you can run the vehicle without fear of stability concerns.

Avoids spinning of wheels

The vehicle’s computer system controls the spinning of wheels. It manages the delivery of power according to the instructions.

The tires can lose friction when the driver tries to accelerate the vehicle.

It results in fast rotation of the tires or the wheel spinning, leading to slipping on the wet roads.

The vehicle’s front end can jump upward, leading to serious damage.

Therefore, it prevents the wheel from spinning by maintaining control of the wheel’s movement.

Reduces throttle response

The sport mode of the vehicle increases the throttle response, which makes it faster than the normal one.

In contrast, it reduces the throttle response and provides lesser power to the wheels.

Moreover, it prevents your SUV from going on the first gear and directly shifts it to the second one.

Better performance

You can move smoothly on the roads when your Jeep can tackle these problems.

In addition, it ensures the better performance of the vehicle by activating the anti-braking system.

You can drive smoothly on the winter roads because the computer system optimizes the performance according to temperature.

Increases fuel consumption

The engine produces more torque and power when using this feature in your SUV. However, it gets more air and consumes more fuel.

Despite more fuel requirements, many people prefer this feature as it is safe and helps you drive smoothly.

Can you put the Jeep Cherokee in snow mode while driving? 

It is better to understand the right time to benefit from the luxury features in vehicles.

An incorrect time of switching on any feature can be problematic.

You can turn on the mode to deal with rough terrain while driving because there is no restriction on engaging a vehicle when it is not in motion.

Turn on this mode before you get into deep snow, as it allows time for the computer system to prepare itself. So, there is no problem in turning on this safety feature while driving.

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