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Can You Put LINE-X Over Rust?

Can You Put LINE-X Over Rust?

LINE-X is a bed line spray used to develop a protective coating on your vehicle to prevent it from cracking and rusting. It is made up of polyurea and polyurethane, which are tough and durable materials and long-lasting. 

Can You Put LINE-X Over Rust? You can put LINE-X bed liner over rust by cleaning the surface with phosphoric acid either in the form of gel or solvent. You can also use methanol or acetone to dissolve the corrosion completely. After this, remove dust and debris from your vehicle’s bed to ensure a smooth coating of the bed liner. Next, sandblast the repair area using non-oily material to make strong cohesion between the surface and the spray. Now, paint that area with the right type of paint and primer to ensure regular coating and blend the color with the original surface. In the end, apply the LINE-X spray at high pressure to make work longer.

This spray is preferable in many ways that it makes water-tight seals and prevents damage from water and corrosion. In addition, it ensures a lifetime warranty for your pickup truck and not contain toxic elements, and is easy to use.

How to apply LINE-X over rust?

You can LINE-X over rusty surfaces in your vehicle, and there are some steps to applying this bed liner to your vehicle.

Remove rust

The first step to applying a liner bed on your truck’s rusty surface includes the removal of rust that goes deep in the surfaces from those specific parts.

You can remove the rust with methanol, which is most effective in inhibiting the damage from corrosion.

A large quantity of methanol is beneficial to remove corrosion from the carbon steel of your vehicle’s truck.

You can also use acetone to remove rust because it is one of the most commonly used solvents in industries to remove stubborn rust.

Apply phosphoric acid

Phosphoric acid is one of the most widely used agents to clean rusty metals.

You can use a phosphoric wash of 80% phosphoric acid diluted in water.

Phosphoric acid will give better results when you use it in the form of a gel than phosphoric wash.

You should prefer phosphoric acid over another acid because it can dissolve the corrosion in less than a minute while others take more time to make the area rust-free.

Clean dust and debris

After removing rust, clean dust and debris from the vehicle surface.

Cleaning the area is essential because dust and the debris-free surface will allow smooth spray coating.

You can use a degreasing agent and thoroughly remove the dust and grime from your truck with water and soap. But, you will have to wait for its drying after you proceed to the next step.

LINE-X spray on the area that is not dust free will give a rough appearance, and it will disturb the smooth finishing.

Sandblast the area

Sandblasting removes abrasive materials with high speed to clean the area from rust and other particles.

For applying LINE-X spray, you can use non-oily blasting material to achieve a strong mechanical bond with the surface. Some people use a sand pad, but sandblasting is the best alternative.

Sandblasting is a procedure used to clean the surface and make it ready before applying paint on that surface. After this, you can blow clean the area with the air.

Paint the surface

It is one of the complicated steps to paint the bed of your pickup after removing rust from it because it requires the blending of new paint with the original.

It is the best way to paint the entire bed of your vehicle to match the rusty area with the whole vehicle to give it an elegant look.

Applying a suitable primer before painting is better to give it a smooth and regular finish.

Every pickup truck has different paints, and it is essential to select the right type of paint for your repair area. The manufacturers can help you choose the best paint and primer for your vehicle.

Apply LINE-X bed liner

The final step is to coat the bed with the LINE-X bed liner to cover the repair area. It is better to apply it under high heat and high pressure.

The high heat reduces the viscosity of the material and allows it to better penetrate through the repair surface to make strong adhesion.

The high pressure forces the material to stick on the surface to give the area a more uniform look. It takes almost 4 to 6 seconds to dry the spray.

Now, you can apply a second coating of bed liner to the surface, and it can take nearly 50 seconds to dry.

In conclusion, you can say that it is better to apply bed liner over the rusty area to maintain the stability of your truck.

Time required

It takes around 3 to 5 hours to completely apply the LINE-X Bedliner to the vehicle. But, it can also take somehow more duration than the suggested time if you do not have practice in this procedure.

Why would you choose LINE-X Bed Liner?

There are several reasons to choose LINE-X  for your pickup truck to ensure its safety. Here are the details:

Prevention from rust

One of the advantages of using a LINE-X bed liner is that it prevents your vehicle from rusting. Water is dangerous for your vehicle if you do not take precautions to prevent it from being damaged.

It will start to eat away the bed of your unprotected vehicle, and it becomes essential to prevent it from corrosion. Rust most commonly occurs on metal surfaces due to the oxidation process.

Road salts speed up this rusting process if you do not pay attention to your truck. Corrosion can be seen in your vehicle’s bed, and therefore, it is essential to apply a protective coating.

Bed liner spray creates a water-tight seal to prevent the water from making its way through the pickup bed.

Adds value to your truck

One of the significant advantages of using LINE-X spray is that it adds value to your truck because protection is key to sustaining the value of your pickup.

In addition, it is the most rigid spray and can add up to 65 to 90 to your vehicle’s original price.

The simple act of adding some preventive and protective measures means increasing the value of your vehicle more than you can imagine.

Using it on your truck is advantageous because it will increase its worth when you intend to sell it.

In addition, it will increase its worth even if your vehicle is old because applying this spray will give your vehicle a new look and increase its life span.

Lifetime warranty

These bed liners are designed to meet the demands of the truck owner to make them valuable.

It is a protective coating that makes your pickup durable and prevents it from harsh materials.

Warranty is essential to proof from the company that ensures the safety of your vehicles. It is a confirmed statement that the vehicle will not ruin before its suggested life span.

But, you can also prolong its warranty for a long duration using high-quality protective materials.

This is because a high-grade LINE-X spray is long-lasting and can stick to the surface for the time as long as possible.

Environmental friendly

Although bed liner sprays are made up of chemicals, they are still environmentally friendly and do not produce pollution in the environment.

It does not have volatile organic compounds and chlorofluorocarbons, which help them protections against the ozone layer in the environment.

Instead, LINE-X sprays are made up of chemicals that are non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-biodegradable.

You can spray them quickly on your vehicle’s bed without fear of air pollution.

Therefore, it is beneficial to use high-quality products compared to other chemicals. They also play an essential role because they do not produce any noise.

Disadvantages of LINE-X Bed Liner

There are also some disadvantages of LINE-X spray, and one of them is its cost. They are more expensive as compared to other materials.

It is essential to clean these bed liners on your vehicle to remove dust and stains from coating to prevent damage.

They are hard to clean but still, you can wash them with soap, water, and a stiff bristle brush to remove any damaging material.

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