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How Long Does HERCULINER Last?

How Long Does HERCULINER Last?

Many people use HERCULINER bed liner to protect the truck bed from damage like rust, scratches, and UV rays by using bed liners that improve its durability ultimately.

How Long Does HERCULINER Last? HERCULINER bed liner lasts for about 9 to 11 years, but you can improve its durability by understanding the application process. You can store its cans for a long- time if they are unopened, or seal the opened cans with plastic covers to extend their lifespan. Avoid using solvents and lacquer thinners containing alcohol to decrease the consistency of the bed liner. HERCULINER can last longer if you clean the surface properly and give an appropriate time for drying. Carefully remove the rust and apply uniform coats of the liner. Temperature maintenance is essential during the drying process as humid conditions can reduce the drying time from 13 hours to about 9 hours. 

You can apply bed liners by yourself by using the brush-on bed liner kit which contains all the essential equipment. The kit provides you with a can that contains liner material, brushes, rollers, and sandpaper so that you can easily do it.

Moreover, you can apply it on multiple surfaces like plastic, rubber, and fiberglass. 

How to make HERCULINER last longer?

It is effortless to apply HERCULINER bed liner to protect the pickup’s bed, and you can do it by yourself without hiring an expert. It can last for almost 9 to 11 years if you have not opened cans or sealed them properly after using a quarter of it.

It protects your truck’s bed for many years, but peeling and cracking can occur if you do not adequately care for the truck.

In addition, negligence and incomplete information about the application methods and the care can lead to its early damage. 

Drying time 

When you do not show patience and try to apply a second coat on it, it affects the fine quality of the coating. It is better to wait until the first coat dries completely and proceed to the next one.

Similarly, you have to wait for almost 25 to 30 hours after applying both coats.

Do not hurry to load your pickup truck and get back to work. It can remove and re-coating the bed liner, which even sounds exhausting.

Proper Surface cleaning and roughing

It is essential to clean the surface properly before applying HERCULINER on it.

First, use a scraper to remove the dirt, hard stains, and rust on the bed. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove water droplets and moisture and dry it.

After that, surface roughening by using sand is a time-taking process, no doubt, but you have to do it correctly so that it sticks to the bed properly. Moreover, you have to clean the bed liner regularly to improve its durability.

Avoid lacquer thinners 

You can improve its lifespan by avoiding the use of lacquer thinners.

In addition, the solvents containing alcohol in them are not a good option to decrease the consistency of the product. 

Moreover, you can use Xylene as a cleaning agent for cleaning the surface.

You can also use some alternatives like acetone or methyl ethyl ketones as cleaning agents when Xylene is unavailable or not easily accessible.

Removal of rust and dust

The presence of rust and dust on the truck’s surface can affect the durability of HERCULINER.

So, make sure that you have cleaned all the debris and rust stains from the bed. Use Xylene for removing stains as it is a good cleaning agent.

Uniform coating

A uniform coat of bed liner on the truck bed is essential to keep it intact for an extended time.

It is better to use a good-quality brush with thin or soft fibers.

A roller brush is present in the kit for applying it on the uneven surface of the truck, and it gives a rough texture.

In addition, a sprayer or spray gun is a better alternative to a roller brush because it gives a smooth texture and uniform coating.

Thick coatings are not desirable for the surface, so it is better to apply minimum coats.

Temperature maintenance 

It is essential to maintain a temperature between 35 to 94 degrees Fahrenheit. It is not resistant to heat and builds heat up due to high temperatures.

So, it is essential to maintain the temperature in the mentioned range during its drying especially.

How many coats of HERCULINER should I put on?

You can apply about 2 to 3 coats of HERCULINER on your truck bed, but ideally, 2 coats are sufficient for its proper lining.

It is better to use a thin lining on the surface to prevent chipping and peeling of the bed surface.

Moreover, you should apply both the paint coats at a right angle for better surface area coverage.

It avoids the formation of flakes and makes it ideal to use for a longer time. A soft brush with microfibers is better to use for its smooth application.

Is HERCULINER slip-resistant?

A coating of HERCULINER on the bed of your vehicle protects you by preventing slipping. It provides an anti-slipping surface containing rubbery material, which provides a bouncy effect.

This bed liner contains anti-slip particles that make the lining tough and rough and resist skidding during the loading and unloading of heavy objects.

Furthermore, it has good flexibility, and a rough surface reduces friction between surfaces.

Therefore, you can load heavyweight products without any fear of slipping on the ground.

Can HERCULINER be painted over?

You can apply a coat of paint over the surface of HERCULINER. It depends on your choice that you want to add some color to the bed surface to match the entire truck’s color.

Moreover, polyurethane paint adheres firmly to the vehicle’s bed surface coated with this product. As a result, it gives a shiny appearance to the matte surface.

Adding paint is an excellent option to enhance their look, but you cannot apply tints over the bed liner. However, one of my friends has applied a coat of paint over this product, giving a shiny look to the truck bed.

Can I touch up HERCULINER? 

You can touch up HERCULINER to make it look good and fix small issues. Flakes or cracks can appear in the bed liner after some time, which shows that it needs a touch-up.

So, you can clean the lining surface by removing the uneven edges and then making the surface rough using sandpaper.

However, the presence of stains, oils, dust, and debris can generate cracks in the new layer.

After sanding, use Xylene to clean the stains and wash the bed surface. Next, apply a coat of bed liner on the damaged area by using a roller brush.

Does HERCULINER come in different colors?

A range of colors is available for you to choose the one according to your taste.

This bed liner comes in 4 shades, including red, black, grey, and white.

All colors look elegant on the bed surface, but many people prefer black color. Moreover, my favorite color is grey, so I selected a grey color for my truck, and my vehicle looked extraordinary.

Is HERCULINER waterproof?

This bed liner is resistant to water and moisture and forms a waterproof layer on the bed. In addition, the sealing avoids the entry of unwanted particles like dust and protects it from damage.

Furthermore, it does not allow water droplets to reach the bed surface, which is highly dense. This watertight and airtight seal prevents the bed’s exposure to oxygen in the air and avoids the formation of rust.

In addition, it is resistant to gasoline and oil and does not allow them to penetrate the dense layer.

Can you use HERCULINER on plastic?

You can use this bed liner on a plastic surface easily. It is not time-consuming, and you can complete the task in three easy steps. First is the scrubbing of the surface to remove dirt and then to wash with the xylene solution.

After that, you can swiftly roll your brush over the plastic to give it a fine finishing. Finally, remove it from the plastic surface is also quick and effortless.

You can peel it off or use chemicals like thinners and spirits to remove it efficiently. It is suitable for plastic surfaces, but you can apply it on multiple surfaces like aluminum, rubber, and wood.

How long does HERCULINER take to dry?

Drying of HERCULINER takes time, and it is essential to give it a proper time to get a good look.

Therefore, it is better to dry the paint after a first coat which takes almost 5 to 6 hours to get fixed.

Then, after it dries completely, you can apply a second coat of paint over the surface.

It is better to give an extended time to drying after applying the second coat, and it needs a lot of patience. It takes about 13 to 16 hours for the drying of the paint.

While you can load the products after complete curing, that takes about 30 to 40 hours.

Therefore, avoid heavy loading objects that weigh above 45 Pounds before 30 hours.

The curing time starts when you expose the truck to moisture, and the time depends on environmental conditions also.

For example, the time can reduce to only 9 to 11 hours if the atmosphere is damp and dry, while it can extend further to 40 hours when there is low humidity, like in winters.

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