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Can You Track a Lost Tesla Key Card?

Can You Track a Lost Tesla Key Card?

Many people lose their Tesla Key Cards at different spots because these are small-sized keys to unlock and lock car doors.

Can You Track a Lost Tesla Key Card? You cannot track a lost Tesla Key Card because they do not have Bluetooth availability, code response at a specific distance, have no GPS for standard models, and thieves hide Key Cards.

My friend tracked his Key Card to a Tesla Model 3 because it has radio frequencies and GPS.

Why you cannot track a lost Tesla Key Card?

Finding the Bluetooth or GPS on the Key Cards of Model Y and Model X is challenging because they lack it. In addition, you cannot track them for the following reasons.

No Bluetooth available

You cannot find the Bluetooth properties on the Tesla Key Cards of Model X, Model S, and Model Y. Therefore, you cannot pair the Android phone with them because they do not have Bluetooth characteristics.

Also, the lack of pairing and stable connection leads to several problems. You cannot track them because they do not have Bluetooth.

Bluetooth has a specific range, and Android phones cannot track it at a long distance. They have compatibility with the Tesla models and lack internal batteries for power flow.

Also, they have a specific response to different frequencies and pulses of power or energy. There is no specific method to identify their location after you lose them.

You can enable Bluetooth on your Android phone, but it does not track its frequencies in near or distant places.

Code response at a specific distance

These Key Cards have specific codes that work with drive connections and have various technologies. Furthermore, these codes work with the B-pillar reader of your card because of its scanning properties.

They have different technologies to make them compatible with the door locking and unlocking system. However, these codes work from a distance because of their specific performance, frequencies, and designs.

You can track them on the premises or in nearby places. It is easy to find their location while they fall under the table or in the premises of your current spot.

In such circumstances, their code delivers different frequencies, and tracking becomes less challenging through a call.

You can make a call with your Android, which enhances the compatibility of various frequencies when the Key Cards are in the nearest location.

But, the thieves steal them and leave your current spots immediately. They take them away from you, and the code frequencies stop working.

As a result, you cannot identify the code frequencies through the frequency of a phone call. The relationship between the receiver and sender breaks when the thieves take them at a distance from your location.

The thieves do not keep them near you when they know their codes.

No GPS for standard models

You cannot find the GPS properties on the Tesla Key Card of Model Y, Model X, and Model S because they have specific design characteristics.

The standard models of this car have basic Key Cards with codes. In addition, you cannot track them after losing them in offices and restaurants.

Android mobiles cannot connect with the frequencies of their codes because they do not have GPS properties. For example, you cannot track the Key Card of a Tesla Model Y because it lacks the GPS.

It does not have internal frequencies, and you cannot find its location once you lose them. You cannot take the help of a professional individual to identify its location once you lose it. 

The unavailability of GPS makes it challenging to find its location after you lose it anywhere.

Hidden Key Card

The Tesla Key Card has codes that can match the frequency of a call when you set up the phone with it. However, the code only works when it is exposed to the frequency without a barrier.

In addition, the thieves can steal and put them in plastic bags and their pockets. As a result, the pockets become the barrier between the frequencies of Android calls and Key Cards.

You can try to make the frequencies compatible to identify their location when you lose them. However, the frequencies do not match even when these cards are near you because the pockets and plastic bags become barriers.

These barriers cover the codes and reduce their performance capabilities. In such circumstances, tracing their location in the premises or building is challenging when you lose them.

How do some people track a lost Tesla Key Card?

Generally, you cannot track the lost Tesla Key Card of the standard models. However, a few individuals track the Key Cards of the Tesla Model 3 because it has radio frequencies.

You can identify it through the Bluetooth of your Android phone because its frequencies show a response to mobile signals. The Model 3 has GPS properties with radio frequencies because of the layout properties.

The radio frequencies make its tracking less complicated. You can identify them in any spot when it belongs to Model 3.

Its radio and Android phone signals match because of their compatibility. In such circumstances, its tracking becomes less challenging, and identifying its location is only possible when it has compatibility with Model 3.

However, tracking and radio frequencies are advanced features because Model 3 has various upgrades and comprises several technologies.

It is less challenging to find them because Model 3 has distinguished characteristics. Also, you cannot identify their location when they have compatibility with the Model S, Model Y, and Model X.

They have different properties than the options that have compatibility with the Model 3.

What happens if you lose a Tesla Key Card?

Many people lose their Tesla Key Cards because they are small and easy to steal. You should not panic after losing them because there is no specific way to track their location.

Losing them can frustrate the vehicle owner, but patience makes the search less challenging.

Finding their location is possible for the Model 3 because of the radio frequencies on them, which have compatibility with the Android call signals.

You should use the spare Key Card once you lose one and make it compatible with the B-pillar reader of your car. In such circumstances, you can lock and unlock the vehicle doors through the spare option.

Sometimes, people lose the standard and spare keys, and the car doors remain locked. You cannot unlock the door lock for entering or exiting the vehicle.

In such circumstances, you should avoid panic and stress and search for the lost Key Cards. You can book an appointment with the relevant dealership through the Android app and get the replaced Key Cards.

It is essential to make them compatible with the signals and lock system of the Tesla cars and their models. The replacement options have specific properties and comprise codes, and Model 3 versions have radio frequencies.

These frequencies help in their tracking in different locations, and the barriers cannot cover them. The barriers cannot stop the radio frequencies, and you should track them through the phone call and their signals.

Using the extra key option is the best option once you lose the standard Key Card of your vehicle. You should deactivate it after losing it because the deactivation makes it useless for the thief.

Also, it is better to enter your vehicle and turn on the car settings. Select the key, deactivate it through the settings, and make it useless.

It increases vehicle protection because the thieves cannot use the Key Card when you delete it through the car settings.

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