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How To Deactivate a Lost Tesla Key Card?

How To Deactivate a Lost Tesla Key Card?

The lost Tesla Key Cards are dangerous for car owners because thieves can use them to open the vehicles.

How To Deactivate a Lost Tesla Key Card? You can deactivate the lost Tesla Key Card by pushing the controls on the touchscreen, pressing the option locks, selecting the lost key, and putting it in the trash option. Similarly, you can use an extra key, scan it through the card reader, or use the Android phone with the Tesla app, unlock the door, use settings, and deactivate it.

My friend lost the Key Card of Model X and deactivated it through settings and confirmed the deactivation with a spare key. I only deactivate the lost key after losing it because I lack the extra key.

How do you deactivate the lost Tesla Key Card?

Many people lose their Tesla Key Cards in various spots, which reduces the safety of these cars. The thieves can use them to steal the cars because they are compatible with the card reader of the car B-pillar.

In such circumstances, it is essential to deactivate them through different techniques. Deactivating makes them useless for thieves and improves the safety of your car.

You should use the built-in settings of your vehicle for their deactivation. Utilizing the car settings is beneficial for deactivating the Key Card.

You should turn on the touchscreen of your vehicle and open the settings. Then, it is better to push the option of locks and identify the specific key.

Selecting the delete option is beneficial for its deactivation. You should click on the key and put it in the digital trash of your car. 

It is essential to scan another Key Card with the reader and ensure the deactivation of the old option. Also, deactivating it is possible through the extra key.

You should keep it in your wallet, pocket, or bag to avoid emergencies. Opening the touchscreen of your car is better for this procedure.

Then, you can push on the controls and ores the locks icon. Selecting the key for deactivation is essential from the list, and you can push the trash option for its deactivation.

Scanning your extra Key Card to the reader is better, which makes it compatible with the system. The scanning is the final confirmation of deactivating the lost option.

Sometimes, a few people do not have a spare key to deactivate it, which makes the procedure challenging. In such circumstances, you should borrow the Android phone of a person that is compatible with the locking and unlocking system. 

The phone should have a Tesla app, which has compatibility with the door lock system.

Many people share the compatibility of the lock system with their spouses and siblings, which protects them from emergencies. You should open the app on your Android phone and open the doors of your car through it.

Then, it is less challenging to turn on the car touchscreen and follow the steps of its deactivation. 

Why would you deactivate the lost Tesla Key Card?

You should deactivate the lost Key Cards of your Model Y, Model X, and Model S because you cannot track them.

Protection of car

Tesla models are expensive because of their upgraded models, advanced cabin features, improved designs, and stylish look. Many people lose their Key Cards at workplaces and public places.

As a result, it decreases the safety of your vehicle because thieves can steal it from the parking areas.

Furthermore, thieves can use the stolen options because of their compatibility with the reader and B-pillar of your car.

You can lose the car from your garage or any parking spot, which reduces its protection. Therefore, you should immediately deactivate.

Prevention of Key Card misuse

Several thieves steal the Tesla Key Cards and get their replacements. Also, the thieves get their compatible copies and use them to unlock the doors of your car.

As a result, these individuals can use them to steal your car from the residential garages. The thieves can misuse them to steal the vehicles from the parking spots.

In addition, these individuals put them back in their original position, and the car owner does not know it. Therefore, you should never use them after losing in public spots and restaurants.

These are dangerous and reduce the safety of your vehicles. Their misuse leads to the sudden stealing of your expensive car when you lock the doors.

Their replacement options have similar codes and technologies, increasing their compatibility with your vehicle’s door lock system.

Thieves steal valuables

You can lose the Tesla key card in offices and public parks. Losing them is possible in the parking lots and near your building. 

In such circumstances, thieves can find and use them to steal valuable things from your cars. You should deactivate them when you do not find them in your pocket or wallet.

The thieves can put them on the B-pillar of your Tesla Model Y, Model Y, and Model S because it mounts on the exterior of your car.

As a result, the thieves can unlock the doors of your car and steal valuable things like money, laptops, and Android phones from the seats.

These thieves lock the vehicle door with similar cards because of their compatibility with the reader of B-pillar.

How do I know which Key Card should I deactivate?

The touchscreen and settings of your Tesla car show all the keys when you push the controls on it. Therefore, you should know the difference between the standard and extra Key Cards for your car.

It makes the deactivation procedure easy for vehicle owners. Also, you cannot confuse them because Tesla has a specific arrangement for them in the built-in settings of the car. 

You should select the correct and lost Key Card during the deactivation procedure. It is better to check the list and identify the lost option on the touchscreen of your automobile. 

Deactivating the extra key is dangerous because it can lock the doors of your car until you get a replacement from the dealership, which takes 2 to 3 days. 

You should only delete the missing option by checking the list.

A few people use the extra key before losing the standard option. The list shows the used key on the top, and deactivating lost Key Cards requires inspection and expertise. 

Sometimes, the used key shows at the bottom of the list when you do not use them. In such circumstances, deleting the standard key is less complicated to can improve vehicle safety. 

You should activate the extra Key Card by tapping it on the reader, which mounts on the central console of the car cabin. A flashing light shows its activation and confirms the compatibility with the lock system.

How can you lose your Tesla Key Card?

Tesla Key Cards are plastic-based small objects that can fall from your pocket while removing your wallet or money. They can fall on the floor without making a sound, and the car owner loses it. 

Moreover, the thieves can remove it from your pockets while stealing the wallets. A few individuals keep these outside their wallets, and thieves can remove them from their pockets within a few seconds. 

You can remove them from the wallet to park the automobiles in the parking lots of hotels, workplaces, and restaurants. In such circumstances, a few people put them on the tables and forget to secure them in their wallets. 

They lose them in such places, and their tracking is challenging when they have compatibility with Model S, Model Y, and Model X.

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