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Can You Use Tire Shine on Tonneau Cover?

Can You Use Tire Shine on Tonneau Cover?

Many people are using tire shines on their truck covers to prevent them from early damage and maintain a brand new look.

Can You Use Tire Shine on Tonneau Cover? You can tire shine on tonneau covers by cleaning the surface to remove all dirt and stains, shake the spray bottle before use to apply the smooth coating. Now, apply a thin layer of tire shine and wait for 50 to 60 minutes to let it dry completely. Always keep the spray bottle in a dry and cold place to make it effective for a longer time. In addition, it makes the tonneau cover more water-resistant and maintains its attractive look. 

Some people also think that they cannot use tire shine on truck bed covers because of their disadvantages.

Therefore, you should avoid applying its multiple coatings because they peel off easily before time and cause damage to the covers.

What is tire shine?

They are designed with high gloss products to make your tires look cool. Some sprays come in sprays bottles, and some come with aerosol bottles with compressed air for faster application.

They are revolutionary in cleaning your tires, preventing them from damage, and giving them a new look.

Tire shine comprises the category of tire dressing and is made up of solvent-based, water-based, and silicone-based materials.

Why would you use tire shine on the tonneau cover?

Most people worry about the use of tire shine products on tonneau covers because they consider it not effective. 

Protection to the Tonneau cover 

They are the most important and widely used accessories that people add to their truck bed. They protect your cargo from harsh weather conditions.

It is essential to take care of these covers to prevent them from any damage. Although, most of the Tonneau covers are designed to protect your truck’s bed from rainwater.

But, the application of tire shine on them will increase their capacity to resist water because they are water-resistant and keep your cover protected.

It is better to use solvent-based tire shine because it is highly water-resistant compared to water-based tire shine.

They also protect from sun damage because they act as superior UV blockers.

Nowadays, there are multiple categories of tire shine products, and one of them is sealants. They will help to seal tiny holes, cracks, and damages produced by the sunlight.

New look to the Tonneau cover

People prefer to use them to give their vehicles an attractive look. But, you come across various types of elements no matter in what climate you drive.

These elements include dirt, mud, bird poop, and harsh sunlight. Moreover, they also become prone to wear and tear because of regular use. All these factors make them dull and tired-looking.

It becomes essential to prevent them from these harmful elements to main their fresh and shiny look. Tire shines come into play in maintaining the integrity of these covers.

These liquids are clear in appearance, and the petroleum solvents make the covers shiny.

People prefer to use solvent-based products made of hydrocarbon silicone and give your cover a glossy finish. They are easier to apply and give your covers a new and shiny look.

How do you use tire shine on the tonneau cover?

It is easy to apply tire shine on your Tonneau cover, and you can follow some steps for its application.

Clean the surface

Its surface can be dirty due to constant exposure to harsh elements, and the surface becomes rough, which will not be suitable to apply tire shine.

Therefore, you should clean the cover to use the spray to give them a regular and smooth finish.

It is better to wash it with soap and water any stain and dust from the cover. Then, you can clean it with a soft brush or wipe it down with a soft cloth.

Truck owners sometimes do not regularly pay attention to its cleaning, but you cannot neglect it before tire shine. Dust particles will be visible under the spray giving it a rough look.

You can also carry out the process of its cleaning while removing it from the truck bed because it is easy to install and remove.

Shake well bottle spray

It is an essential step for all kinds of sprays before their application.

Shaking ensures that the solution is mixed correctly to give a fine look.

Sometimes, solvents and solutes form two separate layers inside the bottle, and it is essential to shake them before use to create a homogenous mixture.

Apply tire shine

You can apply both water-based and oil-based tire shines spray directly on the cover and use a cloth to rub against it.

Another method involves using clean foam and applying it on the surface.

You should be careful in applying the tire shine in an even and thin layer because a thick coating will become prone to cracking over time.

The fine coating is effective for a long time compared to the thick coating that leaves residues on the surface of the Tonneau cover.

It is better to spray at a distance of 14 to 19″. Also, do not forget to wipe up the excess spray from the truck bed.

Let it dry

Now, you have to wait for some time and let it dry well to settle it properly. Their drying time depends on their quality. High-quality products take less time than low-quality tire shines.

You should wait for 50 to 60 minutes for your Tonneau cover until you cannot see streaks on the surface. Then, you can place the cover back in the truck bed once it dries.

Some people prefer coating another layer after it’s drying to give a glossier look, but it also puts them at the risk of cracking.

Store the spray in a cool place

Keeping the spray bottle in a dry and cool environment is suggested to maintain its long-lasting effects. Therefore, you should avoid keeping the bottle at a high temperature.

30 degrees Celsius is considered a high temperature, and prolonged exposure to high temperatures will break down its formula.

These will no longer remain effective if you store them at high temperatures and humidity.

How often to use tire shine on a tonneau cover?

They are made up of a variety of elements, and these also include rubber and vinyl products. With time, these become dry and brittle due to constant exposure to the sun.

This ultimately leads to their cracking, and their protective function is lost.

It is better to spray them once every 5 to 7 months to keep their look new.

What are the disadvantages of using tire shine on your tonneau cover?

There are several advantages of a tire shine on Tonneau cover, but also we cannot ignore its drawbacks.

Many people complain that they feel an irritating odor after applying them on their vinyl surface, and this is because of the presence of a solvent.

Most people also complain about clear streaks when using them on their truck covers. The application of thick layers also causes their damage before time.

There will also be a disadvantage of using them on wet bed covers because tire shine will not get dry, and therefore, you need to dry the surface before use.

How long does a tire shine last on Tonneau Cover?

A tire shine lasts for about 3 to 5 weeks if applied correctly. It also depends on their quality, and high quality will last longer than expected.

Solvent-based tire dressings are more efficient and last longer as compared to any other dressing. But, they will not last up to the expected time when you use low-quality products.

Hot weather also affects them because the solvent evaporates more quickly, resulting in the abrasion of this product. Therefore, constant exposure to hot temperatures will damage its quality.

I surveyed 876 people to know their views about using tire shine on their tonneau covers, whether it is useful or not.

633 people out of 876 (72%) said that is they are satisfied with the use of tire shine on their covers.

167 people (19.1%) said they are not satisfied because they have many disadvantages.

76 people (8.7 %) did not show any concern about their use.

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