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Why Do Ford Trucks Have a Bad Reputation?

Why Do Ford Trucks Have a Bad Reputation?

Ford trucks faced many challenges due to their bad reputation, and many critics place them at the bottom of the reliability scale.

Why Do Ford Trucks Have a Bad Reputation? Ford trucks have a bad reputation due to less advanced anti-theft systems, and it becomes easy to break into your pickup truck. Poor construction of head gasket and oil pan gasket leads to the dripping of oil that causes smoke and irritating odor. The latches freeze due to their faulty installation and lead to the swinging of doors. They also have a bad reputation due to faulty buckles, brakes, defective spark plugs, and airbag problems.

They are popular worldwide because they are a reliable and durable choice. But, they get a bad reputation due to some faults and the company also recalled them in the past years.

Less advanced anti-theft system

Ford F150 models have passive anti-theft system PATS, which is an alarm system. The alarm is turned on if there is unauthorized entry into your vehicle.

It is also an engine immobilization system and prevents the engine from starting when someone tries to break into your pickup truck.

But unfortunately, older models are deprived of the advanced anti-theft system. So, it is not challenging to target and steal them compared to newer pickup trucks.

It has become easy to bypass the PATS, which ultimately destroys the vehicle’s safety mechanism. Instead, you need a transponder key to start a system, and you can easily remove the chip present in the key.

Then, glue it to the ignition system and use a key that matches the original version to start the engine.

There can also be the issue with the door handles that break the glass of windows. You can repair them, but it is expensive.

Gasket leaks

A Head gasket is present between the engine block and head and seals the combustion chamber in the engine.

It plays a role in producing enough power for the vehicle to move forward. It is also beneficial in exhausting the harmful gases from your pickup.

Head gasket leak is the most common issue in Ford F250, and for this reason, Ford trucks have a bad reputation.

It can cause a problem if there is poor construction of head gasket and metal shavings have gaps between them. Then, the oil starts to spill over the starter, making it not good anymore.

There can also be the issue with oil pan gasket leaks that have a rubber composition. Constant exposure to heat causes the leakage of oil from it.

This oil dripping also starts on the exhaust manifold causing the black smoke to come from under the hood of your pickup truck. Leakage of oil and resulting smoke causes irritating odor.

It becomes essential to replace the entire head gasket and oil pan gasket. Although this replacement process is cheap but is complicated also and takes several hours to complete.

Swinging of doors

The latches are used to secure the doors correctly to prevent the swinging of doors. 

This problem arises due to their faulty installation and can also put them on exposure to damage. In addition, the water can seep through the latches, and they can get freeze.

This problem arises in the F250 and F350 models and will cause the swinging open of doors while the truck is in motion.

This problem can also occur due to chrome exterior cover kits designed to cover up the door handles of the truck.

These will cause the doors to open if there is an impact collision to the side of the vehicle. People complain of these models as they put them at a higher risk of injury.

Cooling fan problems

All trucks have a cooling system that is an electrical component driven by a battery. It is an essential component because it prevents the engine from overheating.

It is a common problem occurring in the F150 model due to damage to any of its electrical components.

These defects include a problem with the temperature switch, coolant sensor, faulty fan relay, and defective wiring. The engine thermostat remains stuck open and does not get hot enough to turn on the fan.

You also can not turn on AC until you have been running your truck for 8 to 10 minutes. It will cause a sticky start to your journey and will be irritating.

Sometimes, turning on AC is fine, but it turns off automatically at random moments. 

Faulty buckles

Ford F150 models have the problem of faulty buckles, and this can also create serious legal issues making their reputation terrible.

They are used to fasten the seat belt to measure the safety standard of you and your vehicle because it is illegal to drive without using a seat belt.

The seat belt anchor is not fitted correctly into the frame, and this can lead to events of crashes.

The customers report these models because of several incidents. Faulty buckles put you at high risk of injury, and it is essential to replace them as soon as possible.

Problem with airbags

Airbags are present in your automobiles to prevent the striking of your head with the vehicle’s interior during a crash.

Electrical airbags are present in all Ford truck models, but Ford trucks have problems with airbags due to defective electrical components.

These defects can occur due to faulty clock springs in the steering column or defective manufacturing of electrical components.

Defective wiring can also lead to the failure of signals to the airbags, and they rupture upon impact collision.

The airbag wires rub against the metal edges of horn plates, creating a risk of electrical short that ultimately leads to the explosion of airbags randomly.

Issue with brakes

Ford F150 brake rotors are low quality and become prone to premature wear and tear.

You can feel the vibrations through the suspension and steering wheel when applying the brakes at certain speeds.

Some customers also report the leakage of brake fluid leading to the damage of brake booster that causes the failure of brake function.

Other problems that Ford F150 trucks face include sliding brakes, faulty brakes, and sinking of brakes to the floor.

The pressure rises when you pump the brakes, and the brake pedals will slip to the vehicle’s floor.

Suspension problems

The most common problem in the Ford F150 models is the unsteady and unsupportive suspension system.

As a result, they are not balanced on their vehicles as they should be, and this can cause damage.

The natural wear and tear of the suspension make them noisy and bouncy. In addition, you can hear front knocking noise because of this shaky suspension system.

The front end loses grip when you go fast over a rough road leading to its popping. This noise can also occur due to the failure of shock absorbers.

These shock absorbers cannot dampen the bounce, and the stability of the vehicle is highly compromised.

Defective spark plug

Bad spark plugs in your Ford F150 truck can cause many problems. These plugs also break off inside the head. In addition, bad spark plugs make the accelerator weaker and slower than normal.

They can also lead to misfiring, and the engine gets slower over time. The defect is most commonly seen at idle speed, and you can feel rough vibrations.

Black and chunky carbon start to buildup that spans the gap between the overhanging metal piece and the sparking end of the plug.

There is a lack of acceleration, and you can also hear a loud noise coming from motors, and they need regular maintenance.

Issue with windows

Your Ford F150 and F250 have common window issues, and people think they have a bad reputation.

Elevator cables are present in the windows, and they become prone to quick aging. As a result, they become brittle over time, reducing their durability.

Electrical windows are present in Ford trucks, and they can cause problems due to blown fuses. They prevent the electrical controls from handling the working of windows, and they fail to roll up.

Windows fail to work, especially during rainy and snowy weather, and they become stuck in place. This is because you cannot open them in the first place and fail to close them when needed.

Are Ford trucks unreliable?

They are generally reliable for many reasons, but several competitors tried to create a bad impression. However, some faults are present in all models of Ford trucks.

Recalling is a standard procedure, and people reported several models of Ford trucks in the past, and due to these reports, Ford trucks generally have a bad reputation.

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