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Cen-Tech Battery Charger Won’t Turn On

Cen-Tech Battery Charger Won’t Turn On

Cen-Tech is the automatically controlled battery charger of 2-Amp. These can easily charge batteries of 6V and 12V. People usually use these to recharge 12V automobile batteries. However, many people complain that it won’t turn on when they connect its power cords with electric outlets.

Cen-Tech battery charger won’t turn on because of overheating issues, broken clamp power, damaged fuse, broken wiring of internal circuitry, overloaded transformers, damaged charging cables, faulty outlets, loose connections of charging ports, and incorrect clamp attachments.

I also purchased the Cen-tech charger last month because my friend suggested this to me. I used it to charge my car batteries, which were 12V. I connected it to the battery terminal last night, but it did not turn on.

It was difficult for me to turn on the headlights because of dead batteries. I checked the charger, and it was fine, so I moved to the dealerships for battery inspection.

Causes Solutions
Overheating issue Turn off the charger for a few minutes
Broken clamp power Replace clamp power
Damaged fuse Remove the plastic cover and replace the fuel
Wiring issue inside the unit Avoid storage in damp places
Damaged charging cable Replace charging cables
Overloaded transformer Replace transformer
No power from the outlet Check the tripped circuit breaker
Loose connections with outlet Use compatible power cords and ensure a tight connection
Incorrect attachment of clamps Correctly hook the charging clip with the battery’s terminal

Overheating issue

The Cen-Tech charger becomes faulty and will not turn on when you connect it to your vehicle’s batteries because of overheating issues.

It is highly advanced and efficient and contains overheating protectors. These protectors help to protect their internal circuitry from damage that comes because of overheating issues.

It also shuts off the charger after detecting the hot temperature. The overheating issue comes when you forget to unplug these from electric outlets.

In addition, it can also overheat because of fluctuated voltage supply from the sockets. Dead batteries need more charge and lead to overheating of charging devices.

My friend also faced the same issue last year because he did not know how much time his car battery takes to charge fully. He kept it connected for longer, which is more than the recommended capacity.

He called me to say that his charger is not functioning and is extremely warm. I advised him to disconnect it from the power outlets and batteries and leave it for cooling.

Leave it in an open, cool, and ventilated place to cool its internal components, and then connect it again after 1 to 2 hours. My friend followed these instructions, and his charger started functioning correctly when he connected it again.

Broken clamp power

The Cen-tech charger contains the switch or clamp power to turn on the voltage supply. You have to rotate this button to the left side to ensure the power supply to the batteries.

Sometimes, it stops working because of this broken clamp power. Clamp power buttons can break because of their age and exposure to adverse climatic conditions.

In addition, it is vulnerable to damage when you rotate them forcefully. Incorrect handling and use increase the wear and tear of this button.

You cannot use it without this button. You must operate it carefully and avoid rotating it fully.

Moreover, you can also replace the broken clamp power with new ones to recharge your car batteries.

Damaged fuse

Cen-Tech chargers contain hidden fuse to protect their internal circuitry from damage. Power surges and fluctuating voltages from the electric sockets affect the internal circuitry.

It contains small fuses that are present in the cylindrical container with a plastic cover. These fuses blow out because of fluctuated voltage supply from the power outlets.

In addition, it can also blow out because of shirt-circuits in outlets. Damaged fuses do not allow the chargers to turn on and supply electric current.

It is necessary to replace the blown-out fuse with a new one to ensure a smooth current flow. It stopped working because of the blown-out fuse. I replaced it by unplugging the charger and locating the fuse.

I opened the plastic cover and removed the old fuse with a screwdriver. I added the new fuse at the same location and closed the plastic cover. I plugged it with the voltage supply to inspect its functioning after fuse replacement.

Wiring issue inside the unit

Cen-Tech Battery Charger contains internal circuitry that regulates the current flow to the connected devices. These contain transformers, surge protectors, and wires.

It will turn on because of the damaged internal circuitry components. Internal wires play an essential role in the current supply of car batteries.

Damaged wires make its components faulty, and you cannot recharge your vehicle batteries. Wiring issues are due to their age, short circuits, and overheating.

Wires are vulnerable to overeating and short circuits when you connect these high-voltage equipment. Moreover, wiring issues arise because of water-related damages.

You can face problems when you do not store the chargers in the right place. Avoid storing it in humid and wet places because moisture can damage their internal components.

Damaged charging cable

You require a power cord to recharge your car batteries with Cen-Tech chargers. You have to connect one end with the electric connectors of the charger and the other end to the electric outlets.

These power cords help transfer the current from the electric outlets to the batteries so they can recharge the connected devices.

The damaged power cord does not regulate the smooth current flow. They won’t turn on because of damaged charging cables that are not capable of power supply.

Power cords become faulty because of a damaged insulation layer. In addition, the issue also comes when rodents chew these cords because of incorrect storage.

You have to replace the charging cord with a new one to ensure smooth current flow. In addition, it is also necessary to use compatible electric cables.

Overloaded transformer

Cen-Tech battery chargers contain transformers to increase and decrease the AC voltage. You do not have to replace this part frequently because it is designed to last longer.

You cannot turn these on because of faulty transformers. In addition, the issue comes because of overloading and overheating.

It can also burn out because of overloading. It can overload when you charge car batteries that are more than 12V. You have to replace the transformer to restore its functioning.

Ensure the correct wiring connection while adding a new transformer.

No power from the outlet

You cannot turn on the battery charger when there is little or no power in the outlet. You have to connect their switch with power outlets for the current supply.

Sometimes, these electric sockets do not supply sufficient current to these devices. The issue comes because of broken wiring connections.

In addition, electric sockets also become faulty because of tripped circuit breakers. You have to check the circuit breakers and turn them off if their switches are down.

Use the electric tester to check the voltage supply in sockets.

Loose connections with outlet

Battery chargers require power cords that are connected to their electric connectors and power outlets. It cannot turn on because of the loose connections of these power cords from both sides.

Loose connection issues come because of broken adapters and switches. In addition, it cannot maintain its connection because of broken electric connectors and outlets.

You can face problems because of the use of non-compatible power cords. It is necessary to ensure tight power cord connections with sockets and electric connectors.

Incorrect attachment of clamps

You have to attach the clamps of the chargers with the battery’s positive and negative terminals. Many people do not know the correct clamp’s attachment.

It will not turn on when you incorrectly attach the clamps with positive and negative terminals. It is necessary to read the instructions in the owner’s manual about their correct attachment.

Hook the Cen-Tech Battery Charger positive and negative clips with the terminals of the battery, respectively. Connect it to the power outlet and wait for a few hours for charging.

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