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What Does DESUL Mean on a Cen-Tech Battery Charger?

What Does DESUL Mean on a Cen-Tech Battery Charger?

Cen-Tech battery charger has a desul feature to Desulfate batteries with pulse generation. Sulfate crystals build up on the battery terminal when these are not fully charged. These can affect their life, and they cannot maintain the charge. It is common in lead-acid batteries because of sulfate crystals build-up. Overheating and long charging times are the common symptoms of this problem.

What Does DESUL Mean on a Cen-Tech Battery Charger? DESUL on a Cen-Tech charger means these are helpful to desulfate the car batteries. They generate high-voltage, low amperage impulse, and high frequency to remove the sulfate crystals from the battery plates. You can desulfate the batteries by connecting the desulfation charger with the car batteries and selecting the repair mode.

Batteries in most cars last 3 to 5 years, depending on their usage and maintenance. I faced the headlight blinking issue and checked the battery. It was undercharged, and I saw white-colored crystals build up on its plates. I came to know that sulfation is reversible with chargers having a desul feature.

What is the meaning of the DESUL on the Cen-Tech battery charger?

Desul on Cen-Tech charger means these are beneficial to remove the sulfate crystals from the batteries. They produce high voltage, high frequency, and low ampere impulses to remove these crystals.

It is approximately the 24-hour cycle in which battery chargers generate impulses to reverse the sulfation. These chargers ensure that sulfuric acid crystals move back to the solution and mix with electrolytes.

Sulfate deposits on lead plates do not allow the chemical energy to convert into electric energy. Sulfation is common in lead-acid batteries because of regular charging and recharging processes.

Pulse technology that is used in these chargers removes the sulfate deposits through an ion transfer process. These crystals move back to the solution and work as active electrolytes.

One of my friends recommended the Cen-Tech charger to recharge car batteries because these are highly efficient and have a desul feature. He told me that he prefers to use it regularly to maintain the longevity of the battery and the functioning of electric components in his vehicle.

In addition, he told me that regular maintenance decreases the chances of sulfate build-up.

How is Desulfation with Cen-Tech charger beneficial for batteries?

It is necessary to desulfate your car batteries to improve their working performance. Inspect it properly to check water levels and white-colored hardened and dried material on their plates. Difficulty in cranking and sudden power loss are the common symptoms of sulfated batteries.

Fast charging

You have to desulfate the batteries once in a month for their maintenance. Over and undercharging issues cause the lead-sulfate crystals to build on the plates.

They take more time to charge than regular ones because of deposits on their surface. Electrolyte build-up does not allow the current to pass through them.

The speed of chemical reaction also decreases because of these hardened crystals. Cen-Tech chargers also restore their functioning while charging.

You can complete the charging process in optimal time. It provides more surface area to accept the charge. My friend also faced the same issue, and he told me that his car battery took longer to charge. He went to the dealership for inspection and realized the problem was due to acid build-up.

Increase longevity of batteries

Batteries in your cars last for 4 to 5 years, depending on the maintenance. However, several factors decrease their life and cause electric issues in your vehicles.

Desulfation also decreases their longevity because of acid build-up. These do not hold the charge for longer and cause issues in electric components.

These do not supply sufficient power to the spark plugs for ignition, which causes a sudden loss of power. Removal of sulfate crystals allows the batteries to work efficiently and hold charge longer.

They increase the longevity, and you do not have to replace it frequently.

Restore electric charge

Desulfation helps to restore the electric charge, which improves the overall battery efficiency. It can provide enough charge to your cars’ electric components, including headlights, spark plugs, and 12V sockets for their functioning.

It increases the electrolyte conductivity by converting the lead sulfate crystals to active electrolytes. Moreover, it is also helpful to raise the charge of the desulfated batteries to 12V.

It improves the electric charge by increasing its charge acceptance. They accept the charges from the Cen-Tech chargers due to decreased electric resistance and acid build-up.

How do you DESUL your car battery with a Cen-Tech charger?

People usually use desul battery chargers to remove the sulfate deposits from their car batteries. However, it is only a temporary solution, and you have to maintain the charging time of your battery.

In addition, sometimes it does not work when the situation is worse. Moreover, you need special care while connecting chargers with sulfated batteries because of heat, chemical, and electric hazards.

I also desulfated my car battery with a Cen-Tech charger. I wore rubber gloves to avoid direct skin contact because it can cause skin burns and severe allergic reactions.

I disconnected its terminals and removed them from the car. I checked the water levels and added the distilled water in it according to the optimal level.

I connected the charger to the battery and turned it to repair mode. The charger started generating high-frequency and low-ampere pulses to dissolve the sulfate crystals and send them back to the electrolyte solution.

I left it for a few hours to remove sulfate deposits and removed it after the completion of the procedure. I checked the water level and added it because water levels are slightly low.

I placed the battery back into my car and tightened its terminal. Moreover, my friend advised me to apply Vaseline over their terminals to stop corrosion.

How long does it take for a battery to Desulfate?

Batteries usually take several days to a week to complete the Desulfation procedure.

Some batteries require 24 to 48 hours to remove sulfate deposits. The time required to complete this procedure also depends on the size of the battery.

However, some of them require a week to reverse sulfate crystals because of their size. Chargers need more time if sulfate deposits are hardened on the plate.

In addition, it also depends on the type of charger you are using for it. You have to connect the chargers for more time if the level of lead sulfate crystals is high.

The process cannot work for severely damaged batteries, and you have to replace them with new ones.

You have to check their fluid levels and temperature during Desulfation. D disconnecting the charger if you see deformation in its shape and low fluid levels is better.

What is the voltage of a Desulfated battery?

Sulfation affects the voltage and charging condition of the car battery. Lead-sulfated plates do not allow the battery to hold a charge because of poor conversion of chemical energy to electric energy.

New and freshly charged ones have a voltage of about 12V to 14V. However, the voltage of sulfated batteries becomes 4V to 6V.

Lead-acid batteries should have a voltage of about 12.4 volts for their better performance. A drop in voltage affects the functioning of electric components.

The voltage of the sulfated battery decreases because of the less surface area of the plate, which affects the chemical reaction. Voltage drops down because of internal resistance.

Sulfation decreases the electrolyte levels, which affects the overall voltage.

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