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Chevy Silverado Won’t Start Just Clicks

Chevy Silverado Won’t Start Just Clicks

Many people complain that they hear uneven noises when starting the Chevy Silverado. This clicking sound upset the people, and they think there is some serious issue. 

Sometimes Chevy Silverado won’t start and just clicks due to bad ground wire, corrosive battery terminals, and loose connections of battery wires. The problem can also occur due to faulty alternators, issues with the starter motor, faulty starter solenoid, defective switch, and damaged relay. In addition, the clicking sound is produced due to dead batteries, the issue with components of engines, faulty fuel pumps, and broken valves.

You should avoid driving your truck if you hear a clicking noise because it can also cause irreversible damage.

Bad ground wire

A ground wire is the necessary electrical component in your truck.

The presence of these cables or any fault in them affects the functioning of electrical circuits.

The electrical systems do not perform well because of faulty ground cables. The ground wires connect the battery’s negative terminal with the chassis structure.

Corrosion is a common problem due to moisture, and high humidity levels can affect the ground wire.

The rust on their surface can disturb the current flow, and you cannot start your vehicle after turning on the ignition switch.

The damaged connectors also lose their connections and cannot perform their function efficiently. 

The damaged wires cannot supply enough current for the working of different electrical components.

In addition, the paint on the chassis structure and the presence of grease also cause damage.

You can easily hear the clicking sound one to two times while turning on the key.

Therefore, it is better to turn off your Chevy Silverado and check the ground wires when you hear this noise.

You can also check its functionality by performing the continuity test between the battery’s negative terminal and the chassis structure.

Corrosive battery terminals

The corrosion on the battery terminals causes resistance to the inflow of electric current.

As a result, the lower current supply to the starter motor does not allow the truck to start.

The electrolytes are present in the battery for their proper flow of current.

Sometimes these electrolytes start to leak due to different issues, and leakage causes rusty battery terminals.

In addition, the problem occurs due to overcharging the battery and leakage of electrolytes.

The cracks and holes are also formed in the battery due to damage to its structure.

These cracks can cause battery fluid leakage to the outer side, and when this fluid comes in contact with terminals, that causes corrosion.

Hydrogen gas is released from the acid present in your battery when it comes in contact with the other things that produce corrosion.

These battery terminals are made up of copper material. 

Copper sulfate is produced during the flow of the electric current and causes corrosion at the terminals.

You have to fix this problem for the proper current flow and avoid the clicking sound in your Chevy Silverado.

You can make a mixture of baking soda with water and apply it after removing the terminals.

The baking soda helps to remove the accumulated copper sulfate from its surface.

The anti-corrosive sprays are also available on the market, and you can use them to fix the issue.

Faulty alternator

The alternators are the necessary component to charge your battery, and any fault in them can disturb the functioning of this component.

This component generates enough power to recharge and replenishes the battery for its appropriate use.

When bad alternators fail to charge the battery appropriately, it causes an insufficient current supply, and as a result, the truck does not start.

You can easily hear this sound from 3 to 4 times. When you jump-start the car frequently, it can damage the alternator.

Moreover, the aftermarket addition of any accessory in the vehicle that drains excess power from the battery also causes the problem.

The premature wearing in their structure also occurs due to tight belts, directly damaging the alternator bearings.

The fluid leakage in this component also affects their bearings and cause issue in their efficient working.

When you feel the smell burning of rubber and wires, take the Silverado to the nearby dealerships or repairing centers as soon as possible.

They can replace the bad alternators with new ones to resolve this issue.

The issue with the starter motor

The starter motor is the type of electrical motor necessary for the engine’s functioning.

In addition, it is responsible for other functions when you push the start button.

Due to this component, the mixture of oil and fuel and crankshaft and camshaft work.

Therefore, any damage in this part cannot supply the current or signals to the engine for its further working.

The faulty starter cannot get enough power to crank the engines and smoothly run the truck.

You can hear the loud click sound when you turn on the start button, and your Chevy Silverado won’t start.

The problem with starter switches also affects their functioning and interrupts power generation.

Moreover, the faulty internal systems of this motor can also cause an issue.

The loose and corroded wires of starters also cause resistance in the generation and flow of current.

Again, you can take your pickup to the repair shop and take help from the mechanic.

The mechanic will repair the starters if there is a fault in their bushings, wires, and commutators.

Poor connection of cables

The cables and different wires are also attached to the battery to supply current to the electrical system.

The terminals of these cables become loose, and it can cause an interruption in the power supply to the electric components of the pickup trucks.

You cannot start your vehicle due to an insufficient power supply and hear a clicking sound.

The cables become loose when you do not charge the battery after coming from long trips.

Moreover, driving on poor and bumpy roads produces vibrations that cause loose connections.

You can tighten these wires, but it needs complete understanding and special care to do this procedure. After that, you can fasten them by using pliers or screwdrivers.

Problem with engine

The engine’s different issues and components also cause a click sound when you turn on the ignition switch.

The fuel pump is present in this compartment for proper fuel supply for their mixture with air and provides ignition.

The faulty fuel pumps do not supply the correct air-fuel mixture ratio, which can cause a problem.

In addition, the low oil pressure due to poor lubrication of different parts produces this sound and issue in idling.

Moreover, the Chevy Silverado engine also becomes dirty and impure, which can cause problems with your truck.

Sometimes the engines also become sized due to their old age, and they cannot help to open the starter motor solenoid or relay.

The poor alignment of engine valves and their opening or closing at the wrong time will also produce a frequent clicking sound when you turn on the start button.

You can reduce the seizing of the engine by properly lubricating its components with high-quality lubricants.

You should also remove rust from its components by using different chemicals for their appropriate functioning.

Bad starter solenoid

The solenoid is the component of the starter motor, which helps in internal combustion.

The current does not flow appropriately due to bad starter solenoid and poor functioning of the engine.

It provides the full power to the motor for its appropriate function to engage the pinion gear. When pinion gear engages, it helps to spin the flywheel gear.

As a result, it activates the crankshaft for the air-fuel mixture and provides ignition to your truck. The damaged or dirty wires can damage this solenoid.

They also do not work accurately due to blown fuse. You should also check the wiring to resolve the problem.

Replace the blown fuse for proper current supply.

Dead battery

A dead battery is also a common issue that can cause an insufficient power supply.

The main reason for dead batteries is some accessories in the chevy Silverado that drain excessive power.

Moreover, when you forget to turn on any electrical system during nighttime, it will also drain the battery and make them dead.

The long-term use of headlights on bumpy roads also decreases their life, and they become out of function.

You can fix this issue by checking their functioning and electrical current.

Increase the durability and longevity of the battery by turning off the headlights and other electrical components during nighttime.

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