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Difference Between AC Delco 41-110 and 41-162 Spark Plugs

Difference Between AC Delco 41-110 and 41-162 Spark Plugs

The Silverado variants have combustion engines with AC Delco 41-110 and 41-162 spark plugs with a single electrode and built-in heat resistance.

These plugs are components of the engine and ignite the air-fuel mixture in the combustion compartment, supply power to the truck’s engine, and start the vehicle. 

AC Delco 41-110 and 41-162 spark plugs look similar, but there is a difference in their diameter, life span, and cost. An AC Delco 41-110 is an iridium-single electrode, NGK spark plug with a diameter of 0.651″, has a lifespan of 53000 miles to 82000 miles, and is adjustable in Silverado combustion engine. It improves fuel economy from 12% to 14%, has low heat resistance can cost around $12 to $16. However, a 41-162 is a Denso plug with a single iridium electrode with a platinum alloy pad at the top, has a resistance of 5 kOhm to 8.5 kOhm, and lasts up to 110000 miles. It has a nickel core, improves fuel economy from 24% to 27%, costs you around $13 to $20, and the gap between side electrodes and center is 0.050″.

Both plugs are the best replacements for worn-out and broken factory components. The engine response improves and smoothers the driving. Moreover, they optimize the horsepower of your engine.

What is an AC Delco 41-110 spark plug?

AC Delco 41-110 is an iridium plug that is effective for Silverado combustion engines.

A company called NGK manufactures these efficient plugs for the improved engine performance and smoother driving conditions of a pickup truck.

They have iridium inside their frame, and they provide cold starting conditions. In addition, they resist heat and pressurized conditions at a specific range. 

You can purchase these replacement parts from automobile stores or buy them online.

The seller provides one plug packaging. However, they have a gap because the manufacturing company builds them on this feature.

What is a 41-162 spark plug?

An auto part manufacturer Denso provides these Iridium electrode plugs with a nickel core. They are efficient components with insulation that improves durability.

Also, they are adjustable in all types of engines but promote engine stability. In addition, they resist excessive wearing and tearing.

In addition, they have far more durability than other products due to external insulation that prevents environmental hazards. Finally, it restores the original performance of the truck engine.

They work efficiently after replacement and provide better results than the original products.

What are the different properties of AC Delco 41-110 and 41-162 spark plugs?

They have a similar appearance, but minor differences are present. I have explained a few dissimilarities of both components. 


The AC Delco 41-110 plugs have an electrode with iridium material. These plugs have no external insulation of any metal material that decreases the lifespan. 

They are resistor plugs that improve the performance of a Silverado engine.

The Gap is around 0.05″ with a conical seat style.

They have a high heat range and a diameter of 0.651″. They have nickel as the core material of electrodes depending on the type of plug.

41-162 spark plugs have one iridium electrode with an external coverage of nickel alloy.

They have a specific type of electric terminal and comprise a resistance of around 5 to 8.2-kilo ohm. The singular electrode has a single strap for a ground connection. 

The efficient electrode comprises a platinum tip that resists wearing. The plug has an insulator height of around 0.980″. 


NGK spark plugs have an average lifespan of around 42000 miles and 53000 miles.

But, the overall engine’s condition and functioning of internal motors determine their span.

A few built-in motors work without any replacement due to their high performance.

For example, the AC Delco 41-110 can last from 62000 miles to 82000 miles. 

However, the latest evolutionary, high-performance 41-162 plugs can last up to 110000 miles with the maintenance of the engine.

Moreover, they have durable performance without internal wearing and tearing.

Type of engine

The Silverado has turbo combustion engines with 2.7L, 4.3L, and 5.3L capacities. 

The engines are available with 6 Speed and 8-speed transmission.

The 41-110 are present in the combustion engines. However, the 41-162 plugs are adjustable in combination and non-combustion engines. 

However, both plugs provide high-quality results with efficient engine performance. 

Stability under heat & pressure

41-110 plugs have iridium material with an electrode covering, but they have a low resistance to heat. As a result, they are vulnerable to wearing and other damages. 

In addition, the Denso plugs are highly efficient and resist heat.

They also repel pressurized conditions due to a mixed covering of nickel and copper. As a result, the metal can compete with high temperatures and remain stable for a long time. 

Design of electrode and wiring

The NGK 41-110 spark plugs have one electrode with one ground connection. It is a small iridium component that provides better acceleration.

Moreover, the electrode comprises fine electric firing that offers excellent ignition.

Also, it burns the deposits of carbon that are present on the plug’s top. They improve the fuel economy due to their small, complex, and efficient structure. 

The 41-162 plugs also have one electrode that can retract according to the manufacturing specifications. Moreover, they have a pad of platinum alloy at their top area. 

They have thin but complex electric wiring that makes a single ground connection.

Engine performance

The NGK plugs are efficient because they are the best replacement components.

They can improve the fuel economy from 12% to 14% from the standard range.

But, the 41-162 plugs have improved the engine’s performance far more than the NGK parts.

They have enhanced the stability of engine motors with durable performance. In addition, they have improved the fuel efficiency from 24% to 27%. 


They are economical, and you can purchase them from any auto part store. 

However, the part number has its significance during purchase conditions.

The average cost of an AC Delco 41-110 plug is around $12 to $16.

On the other hand, you can purchase a 41-162 iridium spark plug for $13 to $20. 

What is the gap on 41-162 spark plugs?

The gap on the spark plug is the average distance between the side electrodes and the center.

As a result, the electric arc generates at an appropriate voltage level.

It ignites the engine fuel and produces combustion. As a result, the engine gets electric power for running and standard performance.

The average gap of iridium plugs is around 0.050″, and platinum plugs have a gap of 0.070″. These plugs work on a 5.3L engine on a Chevy Silverado.

Moreover, they are pre-gapped, and you should never try to increase the gap. Also, avoid pressing the plugs because it can reduce the gap.

What are the digits on AC Delco 41-110 and 41-162 spark plugs?

The numbers on the spark plugs are identification digits of these parts according to their design and further fitting procedures.

However, the number 41 on AC Delco 41-110 is the size of the thread. Therefore, the next part of the total number indicates the range of heat.

The manufacturers developed these numerical values in the late 90s to identify different parts. 

It helps in the appropriate selection, control, installation, and usage of these products in the engine of a Chevy Silverado.

Can you swap AC Delco 41-110 with 41-162 spark plugs?

Both have iridium electrodes with fine electric wires and identical connections. The manufacturer made 41-162 plugs for old models of Chevy Silverado. 

They are adjustable in the model from 2007 to 2013.

In addition, the 41-110 adjusts in the engines of models from 2015 to 2019.

However, they have composition similarities, and you can swap them in emergencies. Also, it depends on the type of engine on your pickup truck.

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