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Common Problems with Fuzion Toy Hauler

Common Problems with Fuzion Toy Hauler

Fuzion is the best Toy Hauler with indoor TVs and many storage compartments. These are beneficial for camping because of their large refrigerators for storage of food material for many days.

Common problems with Fuzion Toy Hauler include faulty landing gears, incorrect solar panel wiring, hard lug bolts of power inlets, rotted outside speakers, and uncomfortable recliners. Moreover, you can see a leaky wall behind the stove, weak legs of folding beds, small kitchen cabinets, and collapsed ramp doors.

These are the best RV from the Keystones, and you can only face issues with some of these items, but the company provides repair services for faulty items.

Fuzion Toy Hauler Problems Solutions
Issues with landing gears Lubricate the landing gears
Incorrect wiring of solar panel Hire professional for wiring or solar panels
Hard lug bolts of power inlet Replace bolts with rivets
Rotted outside speakers Keep volume at medium frequency
Uncomfortable recliners Replace the recliners or add comfort on existing ones
Weak legs of folding bed Replace the weak folding bed legs with detachable wooden legs
Small kitchen cabinets Organize the countertops
Collapsing of ramp doors Add an aluminum sheet to support the foam and veneer material

Issues with landing gears

Landing gears are located on the front side of the trailer to provide proper support when you detach them from trucks and towing vehicles.

These are electrically controlled equipment, and you can retract them when parked on the floors for servicing without support.

These provide support and prevent them from sinking. Sometimes the landing gears become faulty and do not extend outside due to poor lubrication.

The rust on their lower ends can damage their material and disturb their functioning. In addition, the faulty electric connection and poor motors make the landing gears bad.

It is better to paint the landing gears when paint peeling off occurs in any area. In addition, lubricate its components so they can extend smoothly.

Incorrect wiring of solar panel

The incorrect wiring of the solar controller is a factory-installed issue, and there is no specific cause behind them.

The inexperienced people in the manufacturing industry installed the wires incorrectly, which can interrupt in power supply.

People complain that carbon monoxide and propane gas detectors never worked in these Fuzion Toy Haulers. They checked every part of this safety equipment but could not find any issue with them.

They can identify the issue by hiring a mechanic. The mechanic disconnected the wiring connection and reinstalled the solar controller wiring safety alarms to function correctly.

Hard lug bolts of the power inlet

The lug nuts are used to secure the power inlets in the RV because of their strengthening material. The lug nuts used for their fastening are made of hard metal.

This hard metal causes a problem in tightening the power inlets. You cannot tighten them correctly because of the hard metal material of the lug nuts.

You cannot tighten them with a screw wrench because of their hard material. In addition, the loose connection of the power inlet causes its loose fittings and issues with wirings.

The wiring connection becomes loose, and it cannot supply proper power. You can only fix the issue by replacing the lug nuts with simple bolts.

You can also use the rivets for their proper fastening and to prevent loose connection of wires.

Rotted outside speakers

The speakers in these trailers are prone to failure because of their incorrect adjustments. In addition, these can blow out because of faulty wirings and improper flow of current.

These are present outside and are also suspectable to water damage. The speakers also fail when you turn on the volume too high.

The speakers of the RV blow out when you turn on the high-frequency sound for a prolonged time. The high volume damages its internal components and makes them faulty.

You can prevent the rotting of speakers and stereo systems by reducing sound frequency.

Uncomfortable recliners

Lazy-boy recliners are present in these travel trailers because they are less costly than other brands. One of those recliners becomes faulty and cannot recline when you press the button.

The recliners become faulty early because of their cheaper components. In addition, these are highly uncomfortable because of the cheaper upholstery, and people do not want to sit on them.

These are not soft and provide a soothing effect when you are tired. You can resolve the issue by replacing these recliners with some other brands.

In addition, you can also make them more comfortable if you do not afford the new ones. Add cushions and soft comforters on these couches to add an extra comfortable and soft layer of fabric.

Weak legs of folding bed

The folding beds in these trailers are of low quality and have thin legs that do not last long. The thing legs of the folding beds break when you put extra pressure on them.

These can also break when kids jump on these beds and play on them. It is also a factory-installed issue because the company uses thin and cheaper wooden materials to manufacture them.

The legs of the folding beds become wobbly when more people sit on them because of their less strength. You can fix it by removing the legs of the folding beds and installing new ones.

The detachable bed legs are available in the market in different sizes and materials, and you can select them for installation.

Make a hole with a drill to screw the detachable bed legs for proper support.

Small kitchen cabinets

The cabinets in the kitchen area are smaller in size, and you cannot adjust the plate in them horizontally. In addition, these have less width, so you cannot close the cabinet doors after placing the dish in them.

The company does this because they do not know the width of the utensils, and they do not keep these things in mind.

Moreover, manufacturers also decrease the size of wooden cabinets to save the wood and reduce the cost. People face issues storing their utensils, which can fall on the floor and break when you put them on countertops.

I prefer to use small boils for eating that can easily adjust in these cabinets. Moreover, you can also use utensils and baskets for their placement on countertops.

Collapsing of ramp doors

The ramp doors of the Fuzion Toy Hauler provide a larger storage area, and you can add dirt bikes and golf carts.

These doors are made of foam and veneer material to make them lightweight. However, the foam and veneer are less durable than aluminum and steel ramp doors, which provide more strength and durability.

The water can enter into the foam and veneer material and damage them. These can collapse when water seeps into the foamy and veneer material.

Water softens these materials and can damage easily because of their poor support. You can resolve the problem by adding support to these doors so water cannot damage them.

Attach plastic mats or aluminum sheets over ramp doors so water cannot damage the veneer and foam material.

Moreover, aluminum also prevents softening by providing support.

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