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Common Problems with Cruiser RV Fun Finder

Common Problems with Cruiser RV Fun Finder

Cruiser RV Fun Finder trailers are famous for their affordable price, large kitchen area, and lightweight. In addition, the living area is large and comfortable so you can add more furniture like tables and ottomans according to your need.

Common problems with Cruiser RV Fun Finder include faulty lights of the front cap, jammed door locks, stove hood failing, cheap Chinese tires, and poor gluing of floors and wall panels. Moreover, you can see broken burner igniters, shower drains leak, faulty coax cables, and loose dinette chair screws.

The only major issue in these trailers is the poor finishing of the interior side, which is expensive to repair and takes more time and effort.

Cruiser RV Fun Finder Problems Solutions
Faulty light on the front cap Check the fuse and wires of the front cap lights
Jammed door locks Lubricate the door locks
Failing of stove hood Replace the motor fan of the stove hood
Cheap Chinese tires Replace Chinese tires with other brands
Poor gluing of vinyl floors and panels Reglue the vinyl floors and wall panels
Faulty stove burner igniter Clean the stove burner igniter
Leakage of shower drain Seal the shower drain with plumber putty
Poor attachment of coax cables Hire a mechanic to attach coax cables correctly.
Loose screws of Dinette chairs Reassemble the loose parts and screw them

Faulty light on the front cap

The LED lights are present on the front cap of the trailer to increase visibility during the night. The light becomes faulty, and you cannot turn it on.

Many people complain that lights become faulty due to short circuits and overheating. The short circuit occurs due to damaged wirings that supply current from the main power supply to these lights.

The alternative flow of current through these damaged wires produce short circuit and cause them to melt due to overheating.

The current cannot pass through the melted and damaged wires, and these cannot illuminate. Moreover, the weak batteries and their lower charging also cause an interruption in their working.

You can fix it by checking the blown-out fuse of the LED lights and replacing them. It is also better to replace the damaged wires to prevent short circuits and heating them.

Check the power of the batteries by connecting the voltmeter to them.

Jammed door locks

These Cruiser RV Fun Finder trailers’ bathroom and entry door locks become jammed, and you cannot open them. These can get jammed, and you cannot open them with a key because their locking mechanism gets stuck.

The issue occurs when you use the wrong key in the keyhole. Moreover, the door locks become jammed due to poor lubrication and the use of dirty or corroded keys.

The dust and rust in the keyhole cause problems in the movement of keys. In addition, the door locks also become jammed due to their broken internal parts.

Over time the grime and dirt also build on their interior side and disturb the locking mechanism. You can fix the issue by lubricating the key and door locks with high-quality lubricant.

Avoid inserting dirty and corroded keys inside the hole because it can worsen the damage.

Failing of stove hood

The stove hood is above the stove to redirect the heat and steam flow outside the trailers. In addition, it can remove steam, grease, odor, and smoke from the kitchen.

It can move the steam outside so it cannot damage the roof and walls of the RV. The stove hood fails to work when there is less power supply from the batteries.

In addition, these cannot function when the on and off buttons become faulty. The burnt-out or faulty internal motors of the fans inhibit their functioning.

The problem also comes when filters become clogged and cannot remove the smoke and grease outside.

You can check the fan motor and install the new one if there is malfunctioning in them. Furthermore, check the incoming power supply when the stove hood fails to work.

Replace the on and off button if it is broken and does not work.

Cheap Chinese tires

These trailers contain cheap Chinese tires that can wear out early and not last long. The company added them because these are less costly than other brands.

The Chinese tires have less life span, and you can see rubbing marks on their surface. In addition, these cannot resist frequent braking and can get damaged due to increased road friction.

In addition, these are not better for driving on watery roads because of their less friction which can increase slipping chances.

Tires are easy to replace, and many people do this because they are unsatisfied with factory-installed wheels.

You can select tires from well-known wheel brands and replace the old ones.

Poor gluing of vinyl floors and panels

The vinyl strips are present on the floor to give the furnished appearance. The company adds vinyl floors because these are less costly and provide better insulation.

The vinyl flooring is not installed correctly and starts to come off from the sides. The stripping peeling off is common in areas of high traffic because of poor gluing.

These are not glued properly and can come off the floor. In addition, wall panels are not attached correctly and come off from different sides of the walls.

You can resolve the problem by regluing the damaged parts of the vinyl floors and wall panels. Stick the wall panels with glue for their proper adhesion to the walls.

Faulty stove burner igniter

The burner igniter is the component of the stove that provides the spark. However, many people complain that the burner igniter is faulty and does not provide a sufficient spark to turn on the stove.

The igniters become faulty when grease and dirt during cooking build up on their surface and block the passage of the gas.

In addition, the component also gets broken and cannot function. Furthermore, the efficiency of the burner igniter also decreases with time, and these failed to comply.

You can fix the issue by removing the burner cap and cleaning the igniter surface. Dip a cotton swab in alcohol and remove the grease and food crumbs from their surface.

Leakage of shower drain

Many people face leakage in shower drains when they become clogged with hair, soap, and greasy materials.

The water overflow can cause leakage in different areas of the trailers. For example, you can see the water in the dining area because of the clogging of shower drains.

The shower drain leakage due to a damaged gasket and O-rings. The gaskets and O-rings can deteriorate over time and cause seeping of water.

The leakage of shower drains also ruins the wooden sink cabinets in bathrooms. However, applying a plumber’s putty can fix the leakage in shower drains.

It is the best sealant in wet areas and lasts longer without damage.

Poor attachment of coax cables

Coax cables are in the Cruiser RV Fun Finder to connect the TV with an antenna. These cables are mainly made of copper but are coated with a metal sheet or different materials.

Using coax cables to connect the TV reduces interruptions from the surrounding objects and enhances the signal-catching properties.

The coax cables reduce the interferences from the surrounding metal material, which interrupts the signal-catching power of the devices from the satellites.

Many people complain that they face interruption instead of installation of coax cables. The signaling issue comes from the poor connection of these cables with the antenna and TV.

You can hire a mechanic to attach them properly and ensure their connection with the TV.

Loose screws of Dinette chairs

The dinette chairs and tables are in these areas so people can sit on them to eat food and gossip with their family members and friends.

The dinette chairs are of cheaper quality and are secured with screws and bolts at their joining points. However, the screws can become loose over time and cause separation of the dinette chairs.

These chairs break due to loose screws and the separation of their parts, and you cannot sit on them. The screws become loose because of their incorrect installation and poor tightening.

You can face the problem when you do not tighten them for longer. For example, you can prevent the separation of dinette chair parts by tightening their screws when you face wobbling issues while sitting on them.

Reassemble the broken parts of the chairs and fasten them with new screws and bolts.

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