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Common Problems with Lippert 6-Point Leveling System

Common Problems with Lippert 6-Point Leveling System

Lippert is a famous company in the RV industry, and they manufactured the 6-point leveling system for trailers and motorhomes. The leveling system has extended jacks that help distribute the weight on the frame equally.

Common problems with Lippert 6-Point leveling system include low fluid levels, poor lubrication of jacks, accumulation f debris, an issue with the control panel, and damaged wires. Moreover, you can also face issues due to broken buttons, stuck jacks, corrosion, and a blank screen.

These leveling jacks are essential for maintaining a stable position and properly functioning various components. For example, water movement becomes easy and accurate when these are parked at a stable and even position.

Lippert 6-Point Leveling System Problems Solutions
Low fluid levels Refill fluid in the reservoir
Poor lubrication of jacks Use silicone lubricant
Accumulation of debris Clean jacks with warm and soapy water
Issue with the control panel Restart the control panel
Damaged wires Replace damaged wires of the electric leveling system
Broken buttons Replace buttons on the control panel
Stuck jacks Remove air by moving jack up and down several times
Corrosion on jacks Remove the dust and dirt with a brush
Blank screen Check power supply

Low fluid levels

The Lippert offers two types of 6-point leveling systems, and you can select one according to your choice.

These are the electrical and hydraulic type that uses the power supply and hydraulic fluid, respectively, for their function.

Sometimes people complain that they hear the noise after pressing the button, but jacks are not extending from the front and rear sides.

The problem occurs due to low levels of hydraulic fluid. The fluid creates pressure and extends jacks from the lower side of the motorhomes.

The fluid level decreases due to excessive use and leakages in the system. You can resolve the problem by checking the fluid levels in the reservoir and refilling it.

Moreover, checking the leakage in the reservoir and fluid lines when hydraulic fluid ends quickly is necessary.

Poor lubrication of jacks

Sometimes the jacks of the leveling system do not extend when you press the button on the rear or front side.

It can occur due to poor lubrication and increased friction between metal parts of this leveling system. You can hear the grinding or squeaking noise when these come out.

Moreover, the delay also occurs in the extension of these jacks because of poor lubrication. However, the metal parts can move smoothly when lubricated or appropriately greased.

Schedule maintenance is necessary to keep these parts functional for longer. People use different greasing ingredients, but I prefer silicone-based lubricants because of their high quality.

Moreover, silicone lubricant stays on the metal parts for longer and allows smooth movement.

Accumulation of debris

The hydraulic fluid and electric-based 6-point leveling system do not work when jacks become dirty and have debris on their surface.

The dust and debris get stuck in their seals when you close them after use and cause a problem.

Also, the dust and mud come on their lower side when you park the trailers on the lawn that have mud weeds.

These weeds also get stuck and cause an issue in their retraction. Therefore, cleaning the stabilizers or level cylinders after one or two weeks is necessary for proper maintenance and smooth functioning.

You can wash them with warm and soapy water to remove dust and debris residues from their surface.

However, it is better to lubricate their metal component with WD-40 dry lubrication after applying soapy water.

Wipe off the excess lubricant with a dry cloth to prevent the dust from accumulating on them.

Issue with the control panel

The control panel is the operating system of this leveling system that contains the small screen or buttons for their functioning.

The control panel uses a small power supply for proper functioning. Moreover, the control panel also alerts the RV drivers if there is an issue with this system.

You can see the warning light or error message on the screen if there is a problem with the control panel. This is because the control panels use a small amount of electricity to function.

These cannot function properly when there is a loss of power. You can fix it by resetting the control panels.

Reset the system by turning off the vehicles when you hear the beeping sound. See the ON and OFF buttons and turn them OFF.

Press the FRONT and REAR buttons on the control panels 5 to 10 times, and you can see the ZERO POINT CALIBRATE message on the screen.

Damaged wires

Some of the Lippert 6-point leveling systems are of electrical types that need a power supply.

These need electricity to extend the leveling jacks and balance the rig. Sometimes the wires can break and cannot supply power to these jacks.

The wires break during the loading and unloading of trailers and cause an interruption in the power supply. Moreover, wires can also break due to their age-related deterioration.

You can resolve the problem by checking the wires near the leveling system’s control panel.

Replace the broken wires of the system with new ones because they can also produce short circuits and increase the risk of sudden fire.

Broken buttons

Various buttons are on the 6-point jacking system control panel to operate this system. FRONT and REAR buttons are used most because you need them to extend the front and rear jacks.

These buttons contain plastic or rubber material for their protection. The buttons become faulty and cannot perform their specific function.

These can get stuck in a close position, and you cannot press them to retract the stabilizers.

Moreover, the springs of these switch buttons also break and produce malfunctioning.

You can resolve the problem by changing the broken and stuck button on the control panel screen.

Increase the longevity of operating buttons by handling them carefully and avoiding pressing them hard.

Stuck jacks

Sometimes the jacks on the rear side get stuck, and you cannot open them while pressing the rear buttons.

People press this button several times, but the rear jacks do not extend. The problem occurs because these can get stuck in their position.

The air can enter into the lines of the hydraulic leveling system, and these cannot create the specific pressure for the retraction of metal stabilizers.

The air enters the line of the jacking system during their opening and closing. Therefore, you can resolve the problem by the continuous up and down movement of jacks.

Allow the jacks to move up and down several times to get rid of the air in the lines.

Corrosion on jacks

Corrosion is a common issue in these metal jacks which can interrupt their function. The corrosion comes on the metal surface because of their contact with the ground floors.

The road surfaces are dirty and muddy, which can increase the corrosion of metals. Moreover, environmental changes also lead to this issue.

You can see rust marks around these jacks’ seals and polished surfaces. Many people complain that the corrosion problem occurs when they do not use their RVs for longer.

You can resolve the problem by adequately storing their trailers in favorable conditions. In addition, clean the lower jacks with a brush to remove dust and mud from their surface.

Blank screen

People often complain that the 6-point leveling system control panel screen becomes blank after some time, and you cannot see any message or light on them.

Furthermore, the buttons also stop functioning due to a blank screen. As a result, the screen becomes blank, and you cannot operate the system and retract the jacks.

The blank screen problem occurs due to the loss of power supply. These cannot get enough power from the weak or dead batteries leading to a blank screen.

Check the power supply by connecting the voltmeter and replacing the weak or dead batteries.

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