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Common Problems with Sabre 36bhq RV

Common Problems with Sabre 36bhq RV

People want to buy the Sabre 36bhq trailers because of their wider design, rear living area, and plenty of space in storage rooms.

Common problems with Sabre 36bhq RV include a low-power battery, improper floor installation, cracking in the freshwater tank, faulty slide-outs, protruding stairs screws, poor ventilation, and low-quality leather.

People ignore the minor issues in these RVs because of their unique interior design different from other trailers. These large windows improve the natural lighting source in the interior cabin.

Sabre 36bhq RV Problems Solutions
Low powered battery Add new batteries in large compartments
Cracking in the freshwater tank Patch up cracks with tape
Protruding screws of stairs Wrap the stair rungs with foamy material
Poor ventilation in rooms Add extra ac and heating unit
Low-quality leather of folding couches Use cotton covers
Burnt wires of fireplaces Turn off fireplaces quickly
Dead microwave Ensure proper plugging of the microwave oven
Glue failed to hold mirror latches Install mirror latches with screws and mounting brackets
Dirty fabric of dining room chairs Vacuum the dining chair’s fabric regularly

Low powered battery

The batteries that powered the electric equipment in these trailers are of low voltage. Therefore, these cannot power the two heavy electric equipment simultaneously.

Many people complain that you cannot turn the refrigerator on with other electric appliances. This is because the batteries are low-power and cannot supply sufficient voltage to run heavy appliances.

The company often adds low-powered batteries so you can add new ones according to your needs.

These have a second compartment for placing large batteries as an aftermarket solution. You can resolve the problem in the Sabre 36bhq RV by adding another battery in the second compartment.

Add larger batteries, so you can turn on electric appliances without fear of their blowing out.

Cracking in a freshwater tank

You can see invisible cracks in the freshwater tank that damages the nearby floors. In addition, you can see water accumulation in the areas near the water tank that can cause the rotting of the wooden floor.

The floors can easily creak because water exposure makes them soft and spongy. The cracks in water tanks come due to their age-related deterioration.

Moreover, temperature changes also cause the degradation of plastic material over time. You can face the problem due to improper cleaning practices.

I prefer to use tape to patch up small holes and prevent water leakage. Moreover, you can also replace the tanks if the holes are large and you cannot repair them.

Protruding screws of stairs

The round rung of the stairs has protruding screws that are highly uncomfortable. You cannot step on the stairs with bare feet because of their hard material.

In addition, the hard and protruding screws can also injure your feet. The issue comes due to poor securing of the nuts and bolts of the round rungs.

Moreover, the manufacturing industry does not install or finish them properly, so they cannot cause damage.

The exposed screws have hard surfaces that can make climbing stairs difficult. However, you can resolve the problem by sanding the edges of the screws so they cannot injure your feet.

Add a foam sheet layer on the plastic rungs that can cover the edges of screws, and you can easily climb on stairs.

Poor ventilation in rooms

The middle room with bunkbeds has poor ventilation because of its location. As a result, these remain hot in summer and cold in winter.

These have more temperature differences compared to the trailers’ other areas. This is because these do not have factory-installed exhaust fans or air vents that cause fresh air circulation.

Moreover, you can also face issues due to poor insulation in these areas. Resolve the temperature difference issues of the bunk room by reinsulating their side walls.

Moreover, you can also install extra ac and heating units in these rooms to make your children comfortable during trips.

Low-quality leather folding couches

The folding leather couch is in the second room of these trailers so that people can turn it into a bed at night for sleeping purposes.

The leather couch is of low quality and becomes dull after some months. The rich and dark color of the leather starts to disappear, and you can see cracks on its surfaces.

The leather becomes dull with time due to exposure to heat and UV rays. Moreover, the hot environment and exposure to body oils produce cracks on their surfaces.

You can resolve the problem by repolishing the leather couches with leather conditioners. However, it is better to use cotton covers to protect them from heat and UV rays.

Burnt wires of fireplaces

Many people complain that they feel the burning wire smell from the fireplaces after turning them on. The wire burning smell from wiring melting due to overheating and short circuits.

These electric systems become faulty and draw high currents from the batteries. The high current, when moving through these wires, cause overheating and burning of the insulation layer.

In addition, you can feel the smell due to the melting of the plastic insulating layer. The high ampere current also increases the risk of short circuits when it passes through wires.

It is better to quickly turn off the fireplaces when you feel a burning smell. Shift the fireplaces to the gas source for their correct functioning.

Dead microwave oven

The microwave ovens in these trailers become dead, and you cannot heat your food. These cannot function due to insufficient power supply from the sockets.

Sometimes the broken switches or cords make the microwave dead. As a result, people face issues heating their food quickly, and they have to reheat it on the stove, which takes time and effort.

These do not turn on due to their improper plugging in the cord. In addition, the tripped circuit breakers and blown-out fuse of RV inhibit the function of this electric equipment.

You can resolve the problem by plugging in the microwave oven. Check the fuse in the breaker box and replace the blown-out ones.

Ensure sufficient power supply from the wall outlets for their proper functioning.

Glue failed to hold mirror latches

The latches of the bathroom mirrors are attached to latches on the walls. Glue or adhesive materials help fasten the latches on the walls and hold them in place.

High humidity and water splashes reduce the glue’s adhesiveness and fail to hold the latches properly.

Moreover, the steam in the bathroom area also makes this gluey material less adhesive. As a result, the latches come off the walls and cause the shattering of the bathroom mirror.

You can feel the sudden sound in trailers due to the mirror falling. You can resolve the problem by adjusting the mirror latches with screw mounts instead of glue.

I prefer to use the bracket mounts to install mirror latches on walls.

Dirty fabric of dining room chairs

Many people complain about the dirty fabric of dining room chairs. The chair fabric can absorb dust particles and become dirty.

The fabric is soft and of light color, which becomes dirty quickly. As a result, dust and dirt marks are more prominent on the light-shade upholstered chairs relative to dark colors.

In addition, spillage marks are more common on the light-shade fabric of the chair. Therefore, it is unnecessary to replace the chairs completely because it is costly.

You can fix the issue in the Sabre 36bhq RV by regular maintenance of the chair fabric. Clean the chair and vacuum them regularly to remove dust and dirt residues.

Clean the spillage quickly so it cannot make a permanent spot there.

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