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Common Problems With Meerkat Trailer

Common Problems With Meerkat Trailer

Meerkat trailer is small in size that is easy to tow because of their lighter weight. You can easily haul them with cars due to their smaller size and lighter structure.

Common problems with Meerkat trailer include the presence of an icebox instead of refrigerators, the absence of a gray water tank, and a less aerodynamic design. In addition, it has less water capacity, plumbing lines freeze during winter, and have faulty sliding windows. 

The small Meerkat camper has some minor problems, but these benefits people who like camping and exploring new things. In addition, you do not have to arrange the large vehicle for their towing like a big RV needs.

Meerkat Trailer Problems Solutions
Icebox instead of a refrigerator Refill ice on time
Absence of gray water tank Use small container
Less aerodynamic design Install less resistive tires
Freezing of water lines in winter Use heat tape
Less water capacity Keep extra jugs of water
Sliding window issues Lubricate the seals of sliding windows

Icebox instead of a refrigerator

These RVs are equipped with iceboxes to protect food from spoilage instead of refrigerators. The icebox needs ice to maintain the temperature.

Sometimes these cannot provide more cooling like refrigerators because of their less insulation layer. In addition, you have to change the ice after some days.

Changing ice is sometimes irritating for people, and they forget to do this. The cooling decreases when you forget to change it and causes food spoilage.

The cooling speedily loses when you open their door frequently. Moreover, ice also melts from exposure to warm outside air and decreases cooling.

Moreover, it decreases the space for the storage of items because of the presence of ice cubes. The arrangement of ice cubes takes much more space and leaves only a small area for food placement.

You cannot add the new ice if it is unavailable in your nearby area. The manufacturer added this because of their smaller size and lower cost.

These come under fewer price tags as compared to refrigerators. You can fix it by changing the ice regularly and refilling them on time.

It is also better to check the draining pipes so they cannot cause water leakage due to melting. Do not frequently open their doors because it can cause their melting.

Absence of gray water tank

These small trailers do not have a gray water tank for storing used water from sinks and showers. These tanks are not present because of their smaller size and limited space.

In addition, the company’s main motive is to design lighter-weight trailers for people who love camping.

It is not present in most older and small RVs because of leakage issues. Moreover, the bacteria present in them harm humans and their survival.

You have to properly dispose of these tanks because it contains contaminated water. You cannot empty them on the roadside because it contains dirty water with soap scum.

They cannot add extra accessories or increase their size because all these things add weight.

You can fix this issue by adding smaller containers and attach with the plumbing system of the kitchen and bathroom faucets.

You have to make space for these small containers, but you can put them under the kitchen cabinets. These containers also have less water-holding capacity than the larger tank.

Drain these small tanks when they become filled with water. Avoid dumping it on your lawn because contaminated water can damage your plants.

Less aerodynamic design

The front side of these trailers has more width and is smaller in size, which can decrease the air drag. In addition, it provides a large surface area for air movement.

The more air collides with a hard surface, the more it creates aerodynamic drag. The higher the dragging force, the decrease in fuel efficiency.

The towing vehicle needs more effort to move forward because of wind resistance on its surface.

It increases wind resistance when you drive at high speed. It consumes more gallons of fuel than your towing vehicle because of wind resistance.

It is not a cost-effective solution for people because of their high fuel consumption. You have to refill the fuel tanks of your vehicle several times.

You can make them more aerodynamic by investing in tires, but you cannot change their designs. So instead, use less resistive tires for smooth movement and better fuel economy.

In addition, you can also add mudflaps because it also reduces the air drag of the trailers.

Freezing of water lines in winter

Many people complain that the water lines of the plumbing system freeze during winter. Therefore, it is not a good option for camping in winter.

The water in lines freezes because of the low temperature of the outside environment. As a result, the frozen water cannot come into the faucets, and you face issues while using it in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Moreover, the frozen water also expands and cracks the plumbing system. As a result, the plumbing lines can break and cause water leakage.

You can fix the issue by reducing the temperature for steady water movement in the lines. In addition, you can use heat tapes to insulate the pipes.

These need an electrical socket for their connection and can keep the pipes warm. In addition, the water cannot freeze in the pipes due to their insulation.

In addition, many people cannot afford heat tapes because of their higher costs. You can also wrap the pipes with towels so cold air cannot comes in contact with them.

Less water capacity

Many people complain that these small trailers are unsuitable for long tours because of their limited water capacity.

On average, the Meerkat trailer tank only contains 4 to 6 jugs of water, which is insufficient for long tours. You need water for washing, cooking, cleaning, and baths, and you cannot spend days without them.

In addition, the frequent filling of tanks is also a hectic procedure that can tire people.

Moreover, the situation worsens more due to the non-availability of water in the specific area. You can fix the issue by keeping extra water bottles with you during long trips.

Fill the extra jugs of water so you can pour them into tanks when their levels become low.

Sliding window issues

Sliding windows are present in the Meerkat trailer for proper air crossing. However, these become faulty due to their damaged or poor seals and lead to interruptions in their smooth movement.

Sliding windows are not much reliable because of their design. Therefore, you cannot enjoy the rainy and foggy weather while opening them.

It can cause rainwater to enter the cabin and damage wooden floors. In addition, the seals become weak due to exposure to water and heat from the outside.

The tracking system for their back-and-forth movement also becomes faulty. You can fix the issue by properly maintaining and handling them carefully.

Lubricate the seals on time for their smooth movement without any creaking sound.

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