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Common Problems With XLR Toy Hauler

Common Problems With XLR Toy Hauler

Forest River is the manufacturer of the XLR Toy Hauler, and it contains a ramp door for loading and unloading Toys. These are beneficial for people who want to haul their bikes and boats during trips for adventure.

Common problems with XLR Toy Hauler include a gap in its garage door, incorrect-size tires, damaged patio mesh, and a faulty stereo system. In addition, these trailers have plastic faucets, non-insulated slide-outs, and loose anti-slip sheets of ramp doors.

People like to buy them because of their wide interior, but it has some missing feature, including a lack of a dinette area, washer, and dryer.

XLR Toy Hauler Problems Solutions
Gap in the garage door Fill the gap or replace door
Fireplace falling down Secure the fireplaces with screws
Damaged patio mesh Add new patio mesh
Stereo system problems Replace speakers
Plastic faucets Coat it with chrome layer
Non-insulated slide outs Insulate with RV slide out blankets
Incorrect size tires Install new tires
Loosening of the anti-slip sheet on ramp doors Secure with screws and adhesives

Gap in the garage door

Many people complain about the incorrect size of the garage doors, which leave some gaps when you close them.

These do not close properly and leave a visible gap on the top. The manufacturing fault occurs due to poor measuring of doors, improper installation, and inexperienced staff.

Sometimes contraction of the wood due to temperature fluctuations produces a gap in these doors. It is highly unaccepted by the customers because you cold air come inside during winters.

You cannot keep the bedroom warm and cozy because of the blowing cold air. The same issue comes in summer when AC works harder to maintain the temperature.

The warm air disturbs the temperature and makes the cabin less cool. Moreover, dust and bugs from the outside and the roads during driving come inside.

Dust from outside makes the bedroom and their furniture dirty. You can fix the issue by cutting the extra plywood layer and attaching it to the upper side.

You can replace the doors completely, which is time-consuming and costly. Instead, the foam can fill the gap and maintain the temperature according to specific seasonal changes.

Fireplace falling down

Electric fireplaces are present in these trailers to increase the temperature during winter and make the living area warm and cozy.

These fireplaces are not attached to their specific place properly. As a result, these fall on the ground when you drive at high speed and suddenly apply brakes.

In addition, the fireplace also comes on the floor when you drive on bumpy roads due to excessive vibrations.

Sometimes these are hot and damage the wooden floor and produce burn marks. The improper installation and loose screws cause their collapse.

You can fix the issue by securing them in their proper place. Tighten their mounting screws if these are loose using the screw wrench.

You can also secure them using clamps and metal wires that help hold them properly.

Damaged patio mesh

Patio mesh is the woven structure that is present in the patio area of these trailers. It is installed to give a cool appearance and also separate this area.

Patio mesh highlight this area when you are sitting there while placing chairs. It is the net or window screen-like structure that can damage easily.

It controls the entry of insects, bugs, and dirt inside when you are sitting there. Many people complained about damaged patio mesh, which cannot control the entry of insects and bugs from the ground.

There were boot marks when you purchased them from the factory, which showed that someone had walked on them.

It is also a factory-installed issue, and you can complain to the manufacturing industry about them. The service centers take a lot of time to respond to your emails and calls.

Install the new patio mesh there for an outstanding and appealing appearance.

Stereo system problems

People also face the issue with the stereo system due to bad and low-quality speakers. As a result, distorting noise comes from the speakers during trips.

The issue comes when you are moving on off-roads that are unpaved and have a lot of bumps. These bumps damaged the wires of the stereo system and also broke their internal components.

Moreover, the issue also comes due to the outlets’ power supply fluctuations. These speakers are not installed properly and produce distortion sometimes due to loose connections.

You can fix the issue by inspecting the wires of the individual speakers and repairing them if they are damaged or disconnected.

You can also install new speakers of high quality so they produce better sound and bass without distortion.

Plastic faucets

Plastic faucets are present in these RVs because they are easy to clean instead of metal or stainless steel.

Moreover, water leakage cannot produce rust on them due to oxidation. Therefore, people face several issues with these plastic faucets, which make them bad.

These are made of low-quality melted or recycled plastic that can break when you handle them a little hard or put pressure on them.

In addition, these can also creak and break because of their weak and less long-lasting material. However, you can fix it by coating it with a chrome layer so the plastic cannot break easily.

Chrome plating gives a lustrous appearance and also hides its yellowing texture.

Non-insulated slide outs

Slide-out walls of XLR Toy Hauler are not insulated and cannot retain heat during winter. As a result, people do not want to sit or sleep there because of their cold walls.

The walls become cold because of the low outside temperature, disturbing the interior temperature.

Non-insulated slide-out walls also increase the risk of water leakage on the interior side. The company does not make them insulated because these are less in use.

The insulating coatings in these areas increase the costs of the RVs. However, you can make their walls insulated if you use the slide-outs frequently.

You can make them insulated by wrapping its wall with foam and securing it with tape. Moreover, you can also insulate the thin metal sheet with RV slide-out blankets.

Incorrect size tires

The tires of the XLR Toy Hauler are not of the correct size and damage easily. These trailers have small tires according to length, width, and weight.

In addition, these wheels have the less weight-holding capacity, and the weight of RVs is more than that. The issue comes when you put extra weight on small-sized tires.

Moreover, these toy haulers are made of low-quality material that can damage easily. These can also blow out suddenly while driving on the road because of their heavy weight.

You can fix the issue by installing new tires and removing the old ones. Check the weight-carrying capacity of the wheels while selecting them.

Install them properly or hire a mechanic so they cannot cause issues during driving.

Loosening of the anti-slip sheet on ramp doors

The anti-slip sheet is present on the ramp doors with the grained surface to prevent slipping during the loading and unloading of heavy objects.

The anti-slipping sheet is installed with adhesive materials or using screws. It has more friction due to its grained texture and hard material.

These sheets start to come off from the top side of the toy hauler and cause hindrances while loading and unloading. Sheet loosening comes due to improper handling of heavy materials during loading.

These can also damage this sheet, and it starts to separate from the surface of doors. You can fix the issue by removing the old screws and fastening them with new screws.

Moreover, you can also fasten the sheets using high-quality adhesives and glues.

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