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Common Problems with Nissan Altima Door Lock Handle

Common Problems with Nissan Altima Door Lock Handle

The lock handles are present on the exterior and interior sides of the Nissan Altima.

These are made up of plastic or metal material to unlock the cars. The issue in this part can put the safety of drivers at risk.

Common problems with Nissan Altima door lock handle include a jammed lock in the winter season, faulty springs, and damaged lock and unlock buttons. The faulty actuator and failure of the motor can cause difficulty in engaging its handle for unlocking. The improper signaling issue comes due to faulty or broken internal wirings. In addition, the broken and misaligned latch due to accidents causes door handle issues.

You can fix it by adding a new handle to your vehicle. You should also check the bushings so that they are not worn out.

Jammed door lock handle

Car door handles become jammed and stuck, and you cannot use them for locking and unlocking purposes.

The issue can occur due to rust on their outer sides. The corrosion will come due to the entry of moistures when you park them outside.

Winter season, foggy and cold weather is also problematic. For example, the door lock handles become jammed during cold weather, and you cannot open them.

If you put stress, their breakage can occur due to their low-strength plastic material. The accumulation of dust and debris also cause malfunctioning.

In addition, when your vehicle is not in your use for a longer time, it can jam the lock handle.

Whenever you park your cars for several months, always lubricate their parts.

You can hold it firmly and quickly release it to open the jammed lock in your Nissan Altima.

You should also keep the lubricant to spray on affected parts during the winter season.

Poor wiring

The electrical wiring is present in this lock to connect them with buttons.

When you turn on this button, the signals are sent to the door locks through these cables.

The broken cables or wear and tear cannot send a sufficient power supply. 

You can fix it by checking the internal wiring and connections of the door lock handle in your Nissan Altima.

Moreover, you should also replace the broken wires with new ones.

Breakage of latch

The latch is the smaller component of the door handle for its appropriate closing and opening. 

The breakage can occur due to the process of weather stripping, and this is common in Nissan Altima.

The meaning of weatherstripping is the erosion of the paint layer than can damage the latch from the inner side.

The wear and tear in this component cause the inappropriate closing and opening of doors while driving, which is risky.

In addition, when this side hits other vehicles during collision or accidents, it can also damage this component.

The accidental damage also causes misalignment of the latch and strike plate.

Due to this issue, the door remains stuck, and you cannot open them again.

The frequent opening and closing can also cause malfunctioning of their components.

When you move on bumpy roads or uneven surfaces, the continuous vibration also causes the problem.

It is better to install the new latch so you can grab the handle for opening and closing.

Moreover, you can also protect them from side-hitting by driving at a slow speed and not over-take your cars.

Failure of spring

Spring is part of the locking mechanism to engage the lock of the door in Nissan cars.

The spring is present in handles for their appropriate movement to lock and unlock the car. The faulty springs cause the doors to get stuck.

In addition, sometimes it cannot close properly and open frequently, compromising the passenger’s safety.

These springs also become faulty due to over usage and their aging. The issue comes due to their breakage and poor engagement.

When you add the new parts of poor quality, their springs will also break early and cause problems in unlocking your Nissan Altima.

Due to wear and tear in its structure, the spring will not come back, and you will face problems.

The overtightening of the whole component also causes the lever to bind with its surface.

The replacement of the spring is a challenging, time taking, and costly process.

First, you need to hire a mechanic to remove the handle properly and replace the spring with new ones.

After adjusting, attaches the handle back to its position accurately.

Improper handling

The improper handling of the door lock handle can also cause its components to malfunction.

Sometimes children in your homes open and close them frequently while playing in vehicles.

Moreover, when you open them at a poor angle, it can also break the spring.

Its parts become loose due to consecutive use. Aging can also affect this part, and they cannot function well after loosening their strength.

Due to improper handling, it causes sagging during movement on poor roads.

The loose nut will also cause problems while unlocking. When you harshly move them upward, it can also cause the issue.

These are made up of plastic material which can break easily due to little stress while using them.

You can fix it by tightening the screws and nuts after some time. In addition, you can also open them carefully because of their less fragile plastic material.

The problem with the key fob

The key fob is a small remote-like device to open the keyless entry system.

When you press the button for unlocking purposes, you can hear a chirping sound.

The chip sound comes from the locking mechanism and latch.

You cannot open the car door if there is an issue with key fobs.

The key fobs have a battery to operate the keyless entries. When the battery becomes dead, it cannot work accurately.

These devices also stop functioning due to poor wiring and detection through the car’s system.

You can resolve this issue by changing the key fob’s battery for its accurate functioning.

Issue with lock and unlock button

Its handle will stop working due to faulty switches, and you cannot open the doors.

These buttons are present on the driver’s side so they can lock it for the safety of people. They become faulty when you press them hard.

In addition, the breakage can also occur due to improper handling and physical stress.

When the lock buttons accidentally become faulty, the car remains in the locked position.

In this situation, you cannot open the doors from outside by using lock handles.

You need to resolve this issue by changing the whole button.

Moreover, you should also check the buttons before locking. Finally, take the key fob to open the car in case of emergency.

Faulty power door actuator

The power door actuator is also present in this mechanism for locking and unlocking purposes.

In addition, it contains the gear motors and cables for their appropriate functioning.

The faulty actuator motors can cause an issue in opening doors with handles.

The bad component cannot send power to unlock the system.

They become defective due to blown fuses or short circuits in the power supply. The problem will also come due to broken wirings harnesses.

Moreover, the failure of the module will also cause malfunctioning of the actuator motor, and you cannot operate the handle.

Sometimes during the rainy season, the water comes to the inner side of the door and affects the motor.

In addition, moisture and water can affect the internal components.

When you find that car is not opening, check the power from the actuator by using a digital multimeter.

In case of complete damage, you have to remove them and replace them with new ones.

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