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How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Nissan Altima?

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Nissan Altima?

Wrapping a Nissan Altima protects the surface paint from damage while retaining its original appearance. 

This material protects the car’s surface from the harmful effects of UV light, rainwater, and other environmental hazards.

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Nissan Altima? The cost to wrap a 16.2×6.2×5.1 feet Nissan Altima is between $1750 to $4200. Its minimum cost is around $1600 to $2000, and the maximum price is $2500 to $4500 to wrap its entire car surface. However, you can get a chrome wrap for $7000 to $8500, purchase a 10 to 12 square feet vinyl sheet for $39, spend $1800 to $2100 on a customized cover or get a matt covering for $1700 to $2700. In addition, vehicle condition, installation technique, wrapping area, and material durability increase procedure cost. 

It changes the factory look and provides a fresh appearance with colorful designs and different patterns.

Across the USA, the car wrapping trend has increased among young drivers due to their love for new and attractive looks.

Also, the cost-effective vinyl sheets are handy materials with easy installation. 

The authentic online portals provide these materials in a variable price range.

What is the average cost to wrap a Nissan Altima?

The wrapping cost varies according to the size and condition of the vehicle.

Its average cost is around $1750 to $4200. 

The cost includes the labor charges, a high-quality material, and installation activities. Hide a complete vehicle with doors, roofs, and walls. 

The price for the procedure changes according to the type of material and installation team.

A few selling and pasting portals provide their services at moderate prices. 

The sellers can provide customized packages at low rates. In addition, a few professionals deliver services at customer’s garages. 

The low-cost activities appeal to the drivers, but these procedures are less durable. 

Its minimum cost is around $1600 to $2000. These service providers use low-quality vinyl sheets for this procedure.

As a result, the customer has to face fade color challenges at different stages of usage. 

Overall, the procedure is expensive because people prefer high-quality, lengthy, 3Dvinyl wraps. 

Other users purchase chrome sheets for better adherence and appealing results. 

In these procedures, the pasting is quick with minimum trimming problems. The maximum cost of this procedure is around $2500 to $4500. 

It includes the labor charges with a high-quality wrap and quick services.

What are the different types of wraps for a Nissan Altima?

The Nissan users select various wrapping materials for their vehicles. 

Select them according to your budget and the condition of the automobile.


It is one of the most expensive wrapping films due to its complex manufacturing material and high-quality performance.

It hides all the flaws of its surface and provides a glossy appearance. Therefore, people use this material for their new cars with a stable surface. 

The average cost to cover a vehicle with chrome film is around $7000 to $8500. It is a durable material with an average lifespan of 5 to 8 years, but many people avoid it due to its high rates. 

It is a thick film with several layers of heat and water-resistant material.

In addition, it has one of the fastest installations because it has no directional effects.

You can follow any pattern without considering the direction of the panels. However, the labor can cost you around $700 to $1000 to install these attractive, glossy thick materials.


It is a common material for small to mid-size cars and is available in the form of sheets.

In addition, you can purchase vinyl products in variable qualities and unique patterns. 

They can hide the dents and faded paint surfaces with their thick material.

You can purchase these rolls according to the size of your vehicle.

In addition, you can purchase a vinyl roll of around 10 to 12 square feet for $39 to $44.

However, the glass vinyl sheets are expensive, and the average cost is around $450 to $470 for 250 square feet. 

These covering materials require professional help for installation.

The labor may charge you around $670 to $800 for covering its entire surface.

Customized wraps

Customized wrapping is an advanced technique that improves appearance.

The package includes customized graphics, versatile designs, and options of colors. 

The patterns and color schemes provide an attractive look to the car.

The entire package includes vinyl sheets, glass wraps, decals, stickers, and other such materials. 

Few service providers facilitate this option, but the procedure is expensive. So instead, get a customized work for your Nissan for around $1800 to $2100. 

In addition, labor charges for durable pasting and trimming. The graphics look attractive, and it appeals to drivers.


A few people avoid colorful patterns and stickers on their vehicles. Instead, they like the matt black frames of their cars.

You can get a matt wrap for the entire automobile with ready-made vinyl sheets. 

They turn the car into a classy set up with a quick transformation.

They are removable without any retaining spots on their external surface.

Preserve the matt black sheets for future use because they never tear during removal.

The average cost depends on the size and condition of the vehicle. Get this transformation in around $1700 to $2700 approximately.

What are the factors that affect the cost of wrapping a Nissan Altima? 

Wrapping a car is an expensive and challenging procedure that includes external help. The appropriate selection of material is necessary for avoiding installation mistakes.

I have mentioned a few factors that increase the total cost of the procedure. 

Condition of the vehicle

Cleaning and maintenance of the Altima are essential before applying this material.

In addition, the environmental damage and abnormal car surface result in an inappropriate installation procedure.

The vinyl, matt, custom, and chrome wraps can hide the scratches and minor dents over the surface.

But, the cost increases due to several dents, faded paint, and unstable surfaces. 

The fixation is insufficient due to bumps and damages.

In such conditions, remove the scratches, remaining patches of paint, and dust from the surface of your automobile.

It increases the total cost of the procedure because it includes different cleaning and repairing methods. 

Old Nissan cars with frame damages require dual layering of vinyl wraps.

The chrome material does not paste on these uneven surfaces.

You cannot paste customized stickers on these flawed frames. The repair costs you around $400 to $700 and depends on the type of damage. 

The prices include in the package, and a simple vinyl wrap can cost you up to $3000. 

Quality of the wrap

The high-quality wrapping material is more costly than a moderate covering sheet.

Glossy products are more expensive than any other material. 

The cost of the entire procedure depends on the selection and installation of the sheets.

Also, the quality of these things determines the performance and results. 

The high-quality stickers are costly because they have unique designs, shapes, and colors. 

These sheets with the quickest installations have high costs with stable adherence.

A few online portals sell them in a high price range. 

Installation method

Installation includes the pasting of the adhering strips. The other procedure involves the adjustment of gums and sticky pastes.

But, a few pasting procedures require paint stability and washing. As a result, the overall expense increases from the standard limit. 

Moreover, a few people find stickers and 3D sheets challenging to wrap for their vehicles. 

They take professional help, and labor charges make the procedure expensive. 

Size of wrapping area

Altima is a compact and mid-size car with an average length of around 16.2 feet.

In addition, it has an average width of approximately 6.1 feet to 6.2 feet. 

It is a high car with an average height of 5.1 feet to 5.2 feet. 

The partial covering procedures are less costly due to less usage of covering material. 

But, the covering of the entire automobile includes several vinyl sheets, adhering material, and complex installation techniques. 

Durability of material

Three dimensional, graphical, and color vinyl sheets are durable, but matt black covering material and chrome wraps are highly efficient. 

These last up to 6 to 8 years with proper maintenance and weather protection.

The stable vinyl sheets with maximum adherence improve the cost of the activity.

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