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Common Problems with Pleasure-Way RV

Common Problems with Pleasure-Way RV

Pleasure-Way RVs are famous for their high-end parts, including stainless steel sinks and maple cabinets which are durable and easy to repair.

Common problems with Pleasure-Way RV include overloaded circuits, poor tire carrier installation, refrigerators not cooling, steering wheel handling issues, and cracked headlights.

These are high-quality class B motorhomes and are easy to park at the camping site. In addition, you have to spend less on repairing its damaged parts.

Pleasure-Way RV Problems Solutions
Overload circuits Remove switch
Poor installation of the tire carrier Reinstall the tire carriers
Refrigerator not cooling Ensure air circulation
Steering wheel handling issue Inspect the steering box component
Wear and tear on tire tread surface Properly inflate tires
Cracking of headlight lens Coat the headlight lens with surface protectants
Less fuel efficient Decrease weight
Faulty electric sofa Check the button and power outlets
Less ground clearance Install lift kit

Overload circuits

The circuit boards in these motorhomes are not labeled correctly. These show the power ampere of 30 amp, but the fuses are 20 amp.

The circuit boards can overheat due to their low ampere fuse when you attach heavy electrical equipment.

The overloading of circuits produces short circuits and overheating in their wires. The fuse of the circuit board also lows out when heavy current passes through them.

Moreover, overheating due to voltage fluctuations melts the wires, and current cannot pass through them.

It is the factory-installed fault in motorhomes due to poor labeling and manufacturing of circuit boards. You should switch off the electrical equipment when you see any short circuits in the outlets.

Moreover, it is also better to remove the switch when you feel any burning smell near the circuit boards.

Poor installation of the tire carrier

Tire carriers are present on the rear side of the motorhomes to hold spare wheels so you can change them for safe driving.

Tire carriers in these RVs are not installed properly, and these can block the tail lights. As a result, people from the rear side cannot see the taillights, which can increase the risk of an accident.

Tail lights are present on the rear side so you can see the vehicles moving in front of you and cannot collide with them.

The poor installation can block their visibility, and drivers cannot recognize the vehicles. The poor installation problem comes from the manufacturer’s negligence and inexperienced staff.

These can also block the tail lights if they are larger and aligned near the rear end’s bottom.

You can fix it by reinstalling the tire carrier using a screw and mounting brackets. Loose the screws and detach the carriers from the rear side.

Mark the correct attachment points and makes the new holes to fasten them with screws.

Refrigerator not cooling

The refrigerator in these motorhomes uses propane gas and power shore. You can connect them with any of these sources for cooling.

Many people complain that refrigerators are not cooling when they connect them to gas or power shore, and RVs are in parking condition.

These cannot cool well because of overheating issues. Refrigerates dissipate heat when they work, and it is necessary to remove this heat for proper cooling.

The poor air circulation and removal of this heat interrupt the cooling of refrigerators. You can fix the issue by leaving some distance behind the refrigerator for the movement of heat and better air circulation.

In addition, drive them some miles for air circulation and heat release.

Steering wheel handling issue

People face issues with the handling of the steering wheel, which can cause accidents. The steering wheel becomes hard to move, and you can hear the rattling and vibrating noise from them.

These can also shake due to wheel alignment issues and disturb the handling and stability during driving.

The issue comes when the steering fluid leaks and their levels are low. In addition, the damaged parts of the steering column also cause an issue in steering wheel handling.

Check the steering box to identify damage to its components. It is also better to inspect steering fluid levels and their leakage for smooth steering movement.

Wear and tear on the tire tread surface

The tread surface of tires in these RVs can damage after traveling a few miles because of poor installation and manufacturing faults.

The tread surface can damage due to underinflation of tires which puts stress on the tread surface. In addition, the issue comes when you do not repair or notice worn-out tires.

Worn-out or damaged tires directly impact the tread surface and cause them to separate. Improper driving conditions like hitting with potholes, frequent off-roading, and overuse cause this issue.

You can fix the issue by replacing the damaged and worn-out tires. Inspect the air pressure in wheels using a pressure gauge and inflate them if it is low.

Cracking of headlight lens

Headlight lenses are made of plastic material that can crack early because of their less durable material. The cracking of plastic lenses comes due to exposure to UV radiation.

These can also crack when you use harsh cleaners and buffer in them. UV radiation from the sun comes in contact with the plastic layer and weakens them.

The heat and moisture also increase the risk of cracking. These can also break when you do not clean the moisture and dirt from them.

You can resolve this problem by coating the plastic lens with surface protectants so fog, UV rays, and dirt cannot damage them.

Clean it with a specific headlight lens cleaning solution instead of home-based detergents.

Less fuel efficient

These motorhomes have diesel engines, but these provide less mileage as compared to other high-quality class B motorhomes.

These cannot provide good mileage due to changes in weather conditions. The viscosity of diesel changes due to changes in weather and decreases the mileage.

These also consume more diesel because they are heavier in weight. In addition, the large design of these RVs increases the wind resistance, and the engine takes more power for movement.

The large and less aerodynamic design decreases their mileage and makes them less fuel efficient. However, you can increase fuel efficiency by reducing the weight and removing extra accessories from them.

Add fewer things in the storage area because these things add weight and increase diesel consumption.

Faulty electric sofa 

The electric sofas are present in Pleasure-Way RVs recline their headrest and footrest electrically for a comfortable sitting position.

You can recline the headrest and footrest according to your choice using the manual button or the remotes of the electric sofas.

Sometimes these can get stuck in their reclined direction, and you cannot close them because of their faulty motor or button.

These electric sofas become faulty due to poor wiring and defective motors. Moreover, the faulty outlets and interrupted RVs’ power supply cause electric sofas’ failure.

You can fix the issue by turning them and checking their wirings and motors. Inspect the power source and outlets to properly attach the switch to the power outlets.

Less ground clearance

Pleasure-Way RV has less ground clearance to increase the center of gravity and improve the driving experience.

The manufacturing industry selects this style because it can provide better handling and stability during driving.

The less ground clearance can damage the lower frame of the RVs when it collides with hard objects on the road and obstacles.

You cannot take them for off-roading because an unleveled road collides with the lower end and damage them. It also damages the undercarriage and increases the risk of rust because of poor maintenance.

You can increase their height by installing lift kits. Select the height of the lift kits according to your maximum range.

Moreover, you can also change the tires and add larger and bigger ones to increase ground clearance.

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