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Common Problems with Winnebago Travato 59KL

Common Problems with Winnebago Travato 59KL

Driving the Winnebago Travato 59KL motorhome is a fun and comfortable experience due to its relaxed driving seat and greater visibility. You can enjoy the trip with little modifications in some of its parts to fix the problem.

Common problems with Winnebago Travato 59KL include poor TV signals, loose medicine cabinets or towel bars, small holding tanks, poor insulation, and poor customer support. Moreover, these have lead batteries, a narrow back bed, and non-power adjustable leather seats.

It is a suitable RV for families because of its interior structure and single beds for every person. Moreover, you can store many accessories for your family in the cabinets under the bed.

Winnebago Travato 59KL Problems Solutions
Poor signals on the TV screen Change antenna direction
Loose medicine cabinet and towel bars Tighten the medicine cabinet and towel bar mounted screws
Small holding tanks Keep extra water gallons
Poor insulation Insulate walls of R
Poor customer support Fix minor problems by yourself
Lead batteries Replace lead batteries with lithium types
Narrow back bed Replace narrow bed with sofa bed
Upholstered leather seats are not power-adjustable Add leather upholstered power adjustable seats

Poor signals on the TV screen

Large TV screens in these motorhomes catch signals from the antennas, and you can see different channels.

Sometimes you can see distortion and sound, and the screen becomes black and white. The black and white spots or lines come due to poor signals from the TV antenna.

The issue comes when moving to areas with large mountains and trees. The large buildings, mountains, and trees disrupt the signaling by acting as a barrier between the satellite and the antenna.

Moreover, the poor installation of these devices causes poor signaling. Moreover, the rainy and windy weather cause difficulty in catching signals from the satellites.

Check the connections of the cables that run with an antenna to identify the problem. Change the direction of the antenna and use signal booster devices.

Moreover, scan TV channels to get rid of the black and white TV screen.

Loose medicine cabinet and towel bars

The highly equipped motorhomes contain a medicine cabinet, so you can store the first aid accessories and use them to tackle emergencies.

These cabinets are mounted on the walls and present on the bedroom side. These are of wooden material and mounted with screws and bolts.

Sometimes these can produce noise when you drive an RV due to their poor installation and loose screws. These can come off on the floor if you do not tighten their screws.

Towel racks or bars are in the bathroom to hang the towels while bathing. These racks are vertical rods that are secured on the walls with screws.

These screws become loose due to the weight of the towel and when you put the extra cloth on it. It is necessary to fix these accessories because medicine cabinets also break when they fall.

Check the screws and adhesive glue of the medicine box and tighten them using a screw wrench. Moreover, you can also make new holes for tightening screws because the size of old ones increases with time.

Small holding tanks

Freshwater, black, and gray water tank capacities of these motorhomes are small due to their limited interior space and small size.

These tanks are smaller and cannot store large amounts of fresh and drained water from sinks, bathrooms, and toilets.

These RVs are not best for long trips of several days because you cannot stay long without water when the freshwater tank is empty.

Moreover, it is hectic for people to refill the tank with fresh water and dump the contaminated black and gray water tank frequently.

The loading and unloading of the black and gray water tanks are challenging for dumping because of their contaminated water and heavy load.

You can fix the issue by keeping small water containers so you can pour them into freshwater tanks.

In addition, medium-sized plastic containers are also available in the market. You can attach them to the drain system of the bathroom and sinks to collect contaminated and used water.

Poor insulation

Winnebago Travato 59KL motorhome is not well insulated, and people feel problems in winter because of the cold interior.

In addition, the interior remains hot in summer when you do not turn on the ac. It also affects the batteries because you have to turn on AC all the time to maintain internal temperature.

Walls do not contain insulated air to prevent heat entry and loss in the motorhome’s interior.

You can resolve the problem by investing money in RVs to make them insulated. You can use the foam material and attach them to walls to prevent heat and cold air loss.

Some people do not afford this costly procedure, so you can use blankets to cover the walls of your bedroom and keep them warm.

Poor customer support

Winnebago Travato has poor customer support, and people are worried about problems in their motorhomes.

They cannot tell customer service centers about the problems because of their poor behavior.

Customer support representatives do not listen to you carefully and show rude behavior. In addition, these do not admit their manufacturing mistakes and are not ready to repair the damaged parts.

You can fix the issue by calling them repeatedly and reminding them about your issue. Moreover, you can also resolve minor problems by yourself without wasting time for their positive response.

Lead batteries

These motorhomes contain lead-acid batteries instead of lithium ions that provide less current because of the slow movement of ions.

In addition, these are not environmentally friendly and difficult to maintain. Moreover, these take up more space in the motorhome and increase their weight.

Manufacturers install these batteries because of their higher energy densities according to their dimensions and weight.

Lead type stores a small amount of current as compared to lithium-ion batteries. Furthermore, these last for a longer time and are highly reliable.

You can replace the lead ion batteries with lithium ones if you want fast charging of electric equipment.

Disconnect the lead acid batteries and their connections for their removal and add a new one.

Narrow back bed

The back bed in the bedroom has less width, and two people cannot sleep at a time. It is an extra addition because it provides sleeping space for only one person.

The bunks beds are better than these because they are narrow in size but have double beds for sleeping two people while taking up the same space.

One person also feels uncomfortable because the risk of falling on the floor increases when you change your side while sleeping.

You can fix the issue in the Winnebago Travato 59KL by removing this narrow and small-sized bed from the bedroom and adding the bunk bed to replace them.

Moreover, you can also put sofa beds that can perform a dual function.

Upholstered leather seats not power-adjustable

The passenger and driver seats in these motorcoaches are upholstered with leather because of their comfortable and luxurious qualities.

These are also waterproof and do not damage the seats in case of water and liquid drinks spillages. However, the leather seats are highly uncomfortable due to the lack of a power-adjustable feature.

You cannot increase or decrease them from the floor according to your height and comfortable sitting position.

You can resolve this problem by installing customized seats according to your choice and comfort level. For example, you can add the power-adjustable leather seats and remove the old ones to enjoy a comfortable journey.

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