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Common Problems with PullRite SuperGlide Hitch

Common Problems with PullRite SuperGlide Hitch

PullRite manufactures the SuperGlide hitches for the trailer for their easy movement. These are beneficial for trucks that have small beds and have more chances of collapsing.

Common problems with PullRite SuperGlide Hitch include unlubricated metal parts, poor locking, loose mounting screws, corroded parts, and loose nuts of base plates. Moreover, you can also face issues due to poor wiring and stuck sliders. 

It can make the trailer’s reversing, forwarding, and turning easy on short-bed towing trucks. It automatically adjusts the spacing when you reverse or turn the trailers and reducing stress and breaking of towing trucks.

PullRite SuperGlide Hitch Problems Solutions
Dry or unlubricated metal parts Use heavy greases
Poor locking Lubricate the locking lever
Loose mounting screws Scheduled maintenance
Corroded parts Disassemble the parts and coat them with antirust paint
Loose nuts of base plates Tighten the four nuts of the base plates
Poor wiring Replaced frayed wirings
Stuck sliders Avoid overtightening

Dry or unlubricated metal parts

The dry and unlubricated metal parts are the most common reasons behind the failure of SuperGlide hitches.

Most of their parts are made of metal material that needs proper lubrication.

The increased friction between two metal parts produces wear and tear in these parts.

Moreover, you can hear the grinding and squeaking sound while reversing and turning around because of dry metal parts.

The drying of metal parts and increased friction between them occurs when you do not lubricate them for a longer time.

In addition, dryness issues come when people store their RVs, which are not in use.

The parts become dry and start to rub against each other, which can lead to their failure.

Therefore, lubricating this hitching kit’s metal component is essential for its proper function.

I prefer to use high-quality silicon lubricant because of its longevity. Also, it is better to apply heavy greases instead of lighter ones for easy movement of slides.

Poor locking

These contain the locking disc for its adherence with the trailer body. The locking mechanism becomes poor, and you cannot hitch or unhitch your RVs.

These locking mechanisms get stuck, and you cannot separate your trailers from them. The locking mechanism gets stuck due to jamming.

People often do not separate the hitch while storing their RVs. the locking mechanism gets stuck due to changes in environmental conditions and their limited use.

Poor lubrication can also cause their parts to get stuck. Moreover, you can also face problems due to a broken locking lever.

The locking lever also bends and does not perform its function. You can reduce the jamming and bending issues of the locking lever by lubricating it.

It is also necessary to separate the locking disc from the trailers when you are not going on any trip.

Loose mounting screws

The mounting brackets come with this hitch to properly adjust the truck bed and trailer body.

These are heavy-duty bracket mounts; you do not have to drill holes in the trailers for their adjustment.

Sometimes the mounting brackets become loose and cannot perform their function efficiently. For example, the SuperGlide mounting brackets can get loose due to their poor installation.

Sometimes people do not fasten them properly, which can cause their loosening. Rust can also come on these metal parts, making them loose by decreasing their strength.

In addition, the mounting brackets become loose due to poor scheduled maintenance and negligence of drivers.

You can fix it by adequately maintaining these components. For example, prevent the loosening or mounting brackets by tightening them after every trip.

Stop your vehicle if you feel any wobbly movement during reversing and turning, and tighten the screws and mountings.

Corroded parts

PullRite SuperGlide hitch components are made of metal material and are more prone to corrosion-related damages.

Corrosion is the biggest enemy of metal parts and deteriorates them completely. In addition, these metal parts can rust easily due to the accumulation of dust and debris on their parts.

Improper cleaning can increase the chance of rust on their surface because of layers of dust and dirt.

Moreover, the risk of corrosion increases due to salt water sprays. The saltwater on metal surfaces increases corrosion because of more dissolved ions than freshwater.

These ions participate in the oxidation reaction, move steadily, and speed up the corrosion process. The exhaust fumes from the outside environment can also cause this problem.

The trailers’ exhaust fumes and humid air can corrode these metal parts. In addition, these do not allow smooth movement because of their rusty parts.

You cannot rub or sand their surface to remove corrosion. People use different anticorrosive sprays, but I prefer to disassemble their parts and coat them with antirust paints.

Loose nuts of base plates

The base plates are the basic component of this hitch because it allows their attachment with the truck bed.

The hitch body is attached to these base plates for their proper movement in all directions. The base plates are installed on the truck bed with screws and bolts.

The screws of the base plates become loose over time and cause wobbling issues. You cannot turn around and reverse your trailers because of loose screws of base plates.

The base plate screws are made of metal material and can corrode easily due to environmental conditions.

The moisture in the environment increases during the rainy season and increases the chances of rust on these screws.

You can resolve the issue by tightening the base plate screws if you feel any uneven movement of trailers at turning points.

Poor wiring

The PullRite SuperGlide Hitch has sets of wires to move trailers without damaging the truck bed. However, sometimes the components cannot perform well due to damaged or loose wiring of the hitch.

The wirings can get damaged due to age-related wear and tears. The frayed wiring problem comes due to the frequent movement of its components.

In addition, corrosion comes on their wirings, and these can lose their function. Metal wires can also break when they lose their strength due to aging.

You can resolve the problem by replacing the damaged or frayed wiring components. Protect the metal wiring from moisture and corrosion attack.

Stuck sliders

The two sliders are present along with base plates to secure their movement. However, the sliding problems restrict the movement of the trailers and cause accidents.

Slider issues come when the hitch is not correctly attached to the surface of the trailers.

The improper alignment causes the incorrect movement of the sliders, and eventually, these can get stuck.

The jamming issue of sliders occurs due to poor lubrication and dryness. Moreover, the accumulation of dust and debris also causes this problem, and these cannot allow smooth movement.

The excessive moisture from the outside environment corrodes its parts and causes them to get stuck. You can resolve the problem by protecting it from humidity.

In addition, it is also necessary to tighten them correctly and at a certain level because overtightening cause this issue.

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