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How to Open a Pop-Up Camper?

How to Open a Pop-Up Camper?

If you are buying a new pop-up camper, you should know methods to open it.

How to Open a Pop-Up Camper? There is no specific door to open a pop-up camper. Open tent area allows the movement of people inside it, use a door-like entrance with a key and without a key, It also includes open canvas, through a ladder, and you can enter from the roof area.

How to Open a Pop-Up Camper?

In this article, we have added easy methods to open a pop-up camper yourself. Many people get confused as there is no specific way to open a camper for all brands.

Door like entrance 

It is a sliding metallic body, and the size depends on the model of the camper. In some models, the door-like entrance is on one side. 

Some models have an entrance in the middle area. These entrances have edges connected to the body of a pop-up camper.

Folding entrance

The folding entrance in a pop-up camper means a metallic and long body. It moves from the most bottom side to the top area of the camper. The whole body of the entrance is foldable with maximum flexibility.

It moves towards the ending direction when you hold the handle. Drag the handle backward leads to its opening, in some models of the mobile home, the entrances are big than the small ones. 

They have double-fold entrances. The metal structure folds twice, once it is towards the end. 

The folding entrance is suitable for long-distance travelers. They can settle and adjust the entering place with a small modification. The travelers open it half most of the time. 

They open it in its full form when they need to transport something. 

Non-folding entrance

The non-folding entrance is a simple opening place, it has one rigid handle that helps in free movement at any time. The edges connect with the connectors and clamps.

It enhances flexibility and free flow. The structure detaches from the upper portion and comes back into its original position. 

They are easy to handle and less expensive. The intercity travelers use such things because their movements are lesser than the long distant vehicles. The driver gets inside once and closes it. 

Open the Pop-Up Camper With key 

Few entrances have locks. The handles have locking parts. It is possible to get inside without any key. There is a proper setup for enclosing and securing the system.

It is a method to unlock the keyhole with a key. Locate a window with a vast crossing space. Reach to the window and slide or move its glass. The window should allow the crawling of an adult to get inside.

Reach to the door and unlock it with a key in the lock area.

There is another way to unlock the entrance. Call the lock maker and ask him to make another key for your mobile home entrance.

It is a valid method for those situations when you have lost the key. You can open and enter it with a new key. 

Open it Without a key

It is a method that appears like theft and control of the vehicle. Few people use it to check the internal structure of someone else’s camper. There is a chain of methods that are without the help of a key.

Use a bobby pin to unlock the entrance area. Insert in the hidden spot of the pin inside the lock.

Put a certain amount of pressure and force. Move the booby pin in the same unlocking direction as you do with a key.

Keep hearing the clicking sound. Understand the mechanics of your entrance lock. 

Manual provides a thorough understanding of the lock and internal body. 

Move it to its ultimate end and click with a jerking force. 

There is a window that is also an emergency exit. You can get inside the vehicle through this window. It has no lock, and you can open it from both directions.

Lift the glasses of the emergency exit, and put yourself on the edge of the surface and get yourself inside. There is no need for a key in this method.

Break and remove the lock in the absence of a key. Few people stick in a situation where they cannot access a new tool immediately.

Break the lock with a mass and remove it. Get inside and then repair the whole structure. However, you should properly fix it; otherwise, the camper door won’t stay closed.

The last method is a preventive measure. Never lose your key because it can lock you outside or inside.

The stuck position is not favorable for anyone. Protect your Keys so that no one can make an imitation. It offers maximum security to the moving home.

Open tent area

The tent is the topmost part of the camper. Few pop-up campers have low-height models. Few of them have a certain height.

This method is valid for the low height models. These are vast, but they are short. Removal of the tent from the top surface is a passage to get inside.

These tents are foldable, and you can do them anywhere with power buttons. 

The removal of the tent from the top area makes a vast space, and you can approach the internal structure of the vehicle. 

There are a few windows and holes for the ventilation process. You can go inside by crossing these small windows.

They have enough space that an adult can go through it. Choose a right side when you are folding the tent. 

Never remove it because the installation becomes difficult. Make a specific space for the entrance. 

Once you get inside, cover it all over again. It is a method to access the internal body of the pop-up camper without any accurate entrance.

The locking of the casual entering space also leads to these procedures. It is favorable and less time-consuming.

Open the canvas

The canvas of a pop-up camper has a separate door. 

It is usually present on the backside of the canvas structure. 

It allows a free and accessible movement of a person. 

Few people travel while sitting inside the camper. 

It has an opening in the internal structure of the mobile home. A person can open the lock of the canvas, and they can move in the whole setup.

Approach the canvas part with a jump. Take the help of a friend and reach the utmost area without any harm. A heightened mass also offers maximum protection and safe landing. 

Rotate the lock of the shaded area and open the door. Access the top shade area and crawl inside. 

Locate the opening spot of this area, crawl with an optimum speed or jump inside the setup.

Never open the outer entering part. No one can tell that someone is inside it because the entrance remains lock.

Travelers use this method for their security. They hide inside without letting anyone know about their presence. 

The locking of the shaded part from the inner area is far convenient than from the outside. 

Click the lock inside and check the door by rattling it. It is also a convenient method to enter the mobile home when the main entrance is not working.

In the absence of a key or broken lock, you can enter it without any hesitation. The only tricky portion is the approach to the shaded area.

Enter through a ladder

Use a ladder to enter it without any inconvenience. Follow this process in those situations when the canvas door is also not working.

Settle a ladder with the camper in the front direction. Always stand it on a stable condition of taking the help of a friend.

Access the tent area of any other possible window. The structure of the mobile home also defines this process.

You can use a ladder process in terms of the camper’s model. Jump on the roof area or directly crawl through the open surface. 

Access the inside of the vehicle and then unlock the main entrance from inside. You can do it in your garage or near a place where the ladder is available.

It becomes difficult for those who are away from ladder sources. It is a useful method in emergencies. 

Remove the tent

Remove the tent with an instant move. In the time of difficulties, people find no time to lock the entrance and then get inside. Run towards the vehicle and remove the tent instantly.

Few remote control tents are automatic in their movements. Keep the automatic device with you when you are away from the mobile home.

You can fold the tenting fabric from a specific distance without even touching it. Push yourself in and immediately push the folding button. This method offers maxim security and protection from danger to life. 

Enter from the roof area

Few campers have separate roof areas in terms of their model and structure. These roof areas have holes and windows for ventilation.

You can move inside the camper through the roof side. Jump on the upper portion or use a ladder.

Jump inside from the hole and make yourself comfortable. If you are going to do it regularly, then settle the internal space as well. Place one or two mattresses right under the window area. 

Jump on the mattress without harming yourself. It is a fun and quick way to open the pop-up camper. 

Windows with model specifications

There are several windows of different sizes. The main entrance area is sometimes at the front side, and few times it is present in the backward. 

Access the vast window according to your body. You can move inside this window.

Once you get inside, the pop-up camper locks it and protects you.

Jump outside with the same passage. It saves time for locking and unlocking its entrances.

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