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Common Problems with Shockwave Toy Hauler

Common Problems with Shockwave Toy Hauler

These types of RVs contain a ramp door on their rear side for loading and unloading large and heavy items. People like Shockwave Toy haulers because of their larger and broad interior, but they have minor issues that can decrease their market demand.

Common problems with Shockwave Toy Hauler include tire blow out, faulty awning, absence of carbon monoxide detectors, and loose water or gas valves. In addition, glue and dust are present on the floors when you buy them, and you face leakage from shower faucets and poor working of LED lights. 

It is worth buying and is the most suitable option for larger families because 6 to 8 people can comfortably sleep in them. These are equipped with dual doors for entry and exit and an outside storage area.

Shockwave Toy Hauler problems Solutions
Problem with tires Fill all the tires with same air pressure
Faulty awning Fasten the screws of awning
Absence of carbon monoxide detectors Check leakage from stoves and heaters
Problem with gas and water valves Tight the heat and water-controlling valves
LED lights not working Check circuit breakers and GFI
Leakage of water from shower faucets Tighten the shower faucets
Glue drops on the floor Use ice cubes to remove glue

Problem with tires

Many people complain that the tires of these RVs blow out suddenly during driving. In addition, you can face the issue of incorrect tire pressure, which can decrease stability.

You cannot maintain stability because of incorrect tire pressure, and it disturbs the balance. In addition, swaying and leaning on the side cause rollover and accidents.

The incorrect tire pressure issue comes due to overloading. Overloading puts pressure on the tires and causes them to blow out suddenly.

You can face this issue if the company installed poor quality tires that are less durable and cannot hold that much weight.

Moreover, the low-quality bearings affect the tread surface of the wheels. People often forget to check the pressure and do not inflate all the tires with the same air pressure.

The incorrect size issues come due to different gas pressure in the front and rear wheels. In addition, small punctures and holes cause the gas to leak and decrease its size.

You can fix the issue by keeping the air compressors with you during driving to refill the air pressure in the affected wheels.

It is also better to check the punctures in the tire causing leakage. Do not add accessories on one side of the RV because it puts pressure on the wheel of that side.

Faulty awning

Awnings are the shades on the side of these Toy haulers to enjoy the outside environment.

Most of these structures are made up of vinyl and acrylic material, which becomes bad due to sun heat and moisture exposure.

Molds grow on their fabric and decrease their durability. In addition, wear and tear also come in these fabrics due to excessive use.

People complain that awnings start to flip on the sides because of loose screws and bolts. Loose screws cause them to sag on one side.

In addition, sagging also occurs due to damaged or burnt-out motors. The plastic strip that secures it from the sides starts to come off.

You can fix the issue by tightening the screws of the awnings. Add the new bolts if you face sagging issues and screws are absent.

Absence of carbon monoxide detectors

A carbon monoxide detector is the safety alarm in most of the RV to detect the leakage of the toxic alarm.

It senses the carbon monoxide gas and turns on the alarm to alert people. These are not present in shockwave toy haulers and put safety risks.

You cannot detect the leakage of toxic gasses from gas-powered heaters and stoves. This is because the leakage can cause suffocation at night, and you cannot find it.

Moreover, it can also increase the risk of fire and explosion. You can resolve the problem by regularly checking the stoves and heaters’ leakage.

Tighten the valves of these appliances to prevent the leakage of gas. Also, check the kitchen area and heaters when you feel the smell in your surroundings.

Problem with gas and water valves

You can face issues with the working of gas and water valves due to their incorrect functioning. These cannot control the flow of water and cause overheating.

The water temperature becomes extremely high, and you cannot use it. The temperature of the water increases due to the malfunctioning of the heat valves.

It cannot control the amount of heat that is needed to warm water. Therefore, the supply of excessive heat increases the temperature, and you cannot use it.

The heat valves get stuck in the open position, and you cannot close them. Moreover, these become loose, and you cannot close them properly.

Fix the issue by fastening the gas and water valve. Remove the faulty valves if these get stuck, and install the new ones for proper functioning.

LED lights not working

LED lights stop working suddenly, and it becomes an issue at night. It is due to circuit breakers and GFI malfunctioning.

These breakers trip accidentally, which cuts off the power supply, and LED lights shut off suddenly. The sudden tripping of circuit breakers comes due to poor power supply from the batteries.

The breaker trips when they identify the surge of the power supply to protect the lights. Do not install the new lights when these turn off suddenly.

Check the breaker that these are not tripped and inspect the ground wire connection.

Leakage of water from shower faucets

People complain that they hear the dripping water sound at night when there is complete silence. They check the kitchen and sink faucets, but these are fine.

They also inspected the pipes and connecting joints of the water tanks, but there was no leakage. Instead, the water drips on the bathroom floor because of faulty shower faucets.

The water leakage from these occurs due to loose joints of the faucets. In addition, exposure to water also damages the floor and causes yellowing.

You can see soft spots there because of entrapped moisture or degradation of wooden material. Take a wrench or pliers to tighten the connections of the shower faucets.

It is better to install the new faucets if you cannot fix the problem by tightening their screws.

Glue drops on the floor

You can see the glue drops on the floor when you purchase them new from the market. The issue comes due to poor maintenance and cleanliness.

Manufacturers do not inspect them before sending them to the market. Glue drops come on the floor because manufacturers use them to seal various materials.

Moreover, you can also see the dust on the floors because of poor cleaning practices. The flue drops become hard and stick to the floor.

It is challenging to remove them, and many people damage their floors because of incomplete knowledge.

It becomes problematic to walk on them because of the bumps of glue drops. Furthermore, bumps due to flue drop cause issues in the placement of furniture.

Avoiding scraping these glue drops with harsh material. Scrapping produce scratches on the wooden floors and makes them look bad. Removing dust and mites from the interior cabin is necessary to keep them clean.

You can fix the issue in the Shockwave toy hauler by removing the glue drops carefully. Do not use a knife to scratch the glue drops because it can scrape off the wood material. Instead, use the ice cube to remove the adhesiveness of the glue.

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