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Common Problems with Alaskan Camper

Common Problems with Alaskan Camper

Alaskan campers are the truck campers that are placed on the truck bed. These are smaller in size than the conventional ones but have a lot of accessories. Many people face minor issues with their quality and internal parts, which can decrease their reliability.

Common problems with Alaskan Camper include the absence of water tanks, missing slides out, and no bathrooms. In addition, their fuses blow out frequently, wooden floors swell, lot of gaps between the truck bed and camper frame, and they are heavier. 

These are better to purchase because of the hard walls that improve fuel economy. In addition, it provides the best mileage because hard walls increase aerodynamics.

Alaskan Camper Problems Solutions
Absence of gray water tank Use water carefully
Heavier in weight Decrease the number of accessories
Absence of slide-outs and bathrooms Use air mattress to create extra sleeping area
Faulty hydraulic pumps Check motor and fuse of electric hydraulic pump
Gap between the truck bed and the camper frame Use rubber boots to seal gap
Swollen wooden floors Check window seals
Frequent fuse blowout Inspect power supply from battery

Absence of gray water tank

Gray water tanks are present in all RVs to store the waste water. These tanks store water from sinks, kitchens, and all sides except toilets.

These are connected to sinks and kitchen faucets like your plumbing system. The sink and bathroom faucets’ contaminated drain water enters these tanks.

You have to dispose of these tanks when they are filled with water to avoid leakage of contaminated water. Many people complain that these gray tanks are not present in these campers.

The drain water from sinks and other faucets enters the toilet tanks. It becomes problematic for you because of less water-holding capacity.

You are using one tank for all purposes, which limits its use. In addition, you have to use water carefully because there is less storage space for contaminated ones.

You can fix the problem by using disposable utensils that are not washable. You can waste them after eating foodstuffs, and you do not have to wash them.

Use sanitizers and antibacterial sprays instead of water and hand-washing soap to clean the hands.

Heavier in weight

Alaskan truck campers are heavier in weight than the traditional ones, and people do not want to purchase them.

These are heavy because the side walls are made of solid material instead of plastic and canvas. In addition, manufacturers use high-quality materials to make them, which increases their overall weight.

In addition, an insulated exterior beneficial for all seasons puts extra pounds. Therefore, it becomes challenging to deal with heavier ones because of their excessive weight.

It is difficult for people to load and unload them on a bed truck. Moreover, it increases oil consumption because the engine needs extra power to drag the heavy weight.

It can also damage the truck bed and make it softer and breakable. You can resolve the heavyweight issue by minimizing the load of accessories.

Do not add accessories that only increase the weight and make the loading difficult. Instead, decrease the load by minimizing utensils and kitchen accessories.

Use the outdoor stove for cooking, which is also fun during winter.

Absence of slide-outs and bathrooms

Slide-outs and bathrooms for taking showers are not present in these Alaskan campers. Therefore, people face the issue because they cannot take showers in a closed place.

These are not present because of their small size and heavier weight. You cannot increase the accommodation area by opening the slide-outs.

It is not suitable for families with more than 5 members because it can cause issues while sleeping because of less space.

You can create the sleeping area by creating floor bedding rather than beds. Then, use air mattresses to fill the air in them at night and store them easily in less space.

Faulty hydraulic pumps

A hydraulic system is present in these truck campers to lower or raise their floor. Therefore, you can raise the floor and make the interior larger when you are not driving and staying in one place.

Furthermore, it is better to lower the floor to decrease the aerodynamic and wind resistance issues.

Sometimes the hydraulic pump becomes faulty and cannot raise the floors. In addition, many people complain that the valve gets stuck when pushing it for raising purposes.

The hydraulic system uses hydraulic fluid for its work and to create pressure. The decrease in hydraulic fluid restricts the movement of the valve.

The system uses an electric motor to function, and the electric component becomes faulty.

These cannot raise the floor when the motor or fuse blows out. Failure of the electric hydraulic pump occurs due to faulty or frayed wirings.

You can fix the issue by inspecting this system’s valves and fluid. Inspect the motor or fuse ad replace them if these are burnt out.

It is also necessary to check the damaged wires and their connection.

Gap between the truck bed and the camper frame

People face issues in the placement of campers on the truck bad because of its exterior layout. You can see the gap between the truck bed and the side layouts.

The gap is problematic, which can cause the entry of dust from the sides. The dust can accumulate in the corners and cause damage to the interior.

Moreover, dust mites also accumulate on the sides because of hidden corners. The water also accumulates on these sides and damages the truck bed.

Water accumulates there when you keep driving in the rainy season. Therefore, it is necessary to seal these gaps and prevent the interior from the entry of water and bugs.

You can use rubber boots to seal the gap on the sides of the truck bed.

Swollen wooden floors

Many people complain about the swollen wooden floors on the sides of the windows and under furniture.

The wooden floor’s swelling occurs due to exposure to moisture. Sometimes water under the campers, because of its poor placement, ruins the wooden flooring.

Poor sealing of windows causes moisture entry into the interior cabin and damages the wooden material. In addition, high humidity from the optimal range causes the wood to swell and change its integrity.

You can fix this issue by filling the gaps on the sides of the camper, so water cannot travel on the lower side of the campers.

Moreover, seal the windows properly to reduce the humidity and maintain the inner temperature.

Blown out fuse

The light of the interior cabins blows out suddenly because of faulty fuses. You can also see the flickering issue when you turn them on.

Fuses blow out due to an issue in the electrical system or battery. For example, sometimes, the fluctuations in the power supply from the battery cause the flickering of lights and the fuse to blow out.

Moreover, a change in the route of electric current causes blown out the fuse of LED lights in the Alaskan Campers. Therefore, people change the lights many times but cannot fix this problem.

It is better to check the power supply from the batteries using a voltmeter. In addition, replace the faulty fuse and install the new ones with the same ampere.

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