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Common Problems with Travel Supreme RV

Common Problems with Travel Supreme RV

Travel Supreme RV is a famous motorhome brand due to its construction with high-quality materials. In addition, it comes into the market with proper maintenance of every part, and everything is fine.

Common problems with Travel Supreme RV include a low-quality frame, broken windshield, problem flushing a black water tank, broken plastic trim of the entry door, and faulty windshield wipers. Moreover, their parts are challenging to repair, the air suspension is defective, and the leather furniture is cracked. 

These RVs do not have any major issues that cost more to fix instead of chassis structure and windshield outside popping.

Travel Supreme RV Problems Solutions
Low-quality frame Add X-bars
Broken windshields Paint the X-bar
Problem in flushing the black tank Flush the black tank with bleach and water
Broken plastic trim of the entry door Add adhesive
Windshield wipers not working Remove snow from windshield wipers
Difficult to repair Protect parts from damage
Faulty air suspension Routine maintenance
Cracking of leather furniture Change furniture

Low-quality frame

Their chassis structure and frame are made of low-quality and highly flexible material.

This RV manufacturing company uses K2 spartan chassis that are of low quality and cannot bear the weight of the motorhome.

The manufacturing industry uses this material because it is less costly and lighter in weight. However, the bending is problematic and affects the smooth drive and steering stability.

These can bend when you drive them on the road with heavy weights and all of the accessories.

These have the less weight-holding capacity, and their flexible material can easily bend from centers.

You cannot replace the whole spartan chassis because it is ideally not possible and has a costly procedure that people cannot afford.

You can keep its sides apart and prevent them from bending by installing the X-bars in their central location on the lower side of the chassis.

The X-bar is a high-quality welded material with a rectangular shape and cross-linked bar to support the sides of the chassis.

Broken windshields

Windshields get damaged due to poor flexibility of the spartan chassis structure. These can easily bend and cause the windshield to pop up on the outside.

The broken windshield decreases visibility and causes issues in driving. Furthermore, it is highly risky to drive with broken windshields because it can cause safety risks.

Windshield brake due to the poor alignment of the chassis structure. It can also cause the bending of the windshield, and it breaks from the middle side.

You can fix this issue by preventing the X bars from corrosion so they can stay strong and not change into a parallel appearance.

The X-bars can become parallel when these become weak due to corrosion and heavy weights. Paint the structure of these bars to prevent them from rusting.

Problem in flushing the black tank

Black tanks contain contaminated water from the toilet, and you have to dump or flush them when they become full of water.

Sometimes people face issues flushing the blank tank because of the faulty hose. Sometimes these can become clogged with solid wastes, and contaminated water cannot move through drain pipes.

In addition, toilet paper also clogs these tanks and cause issue in flushing. You can fix the problem by flushing the black tanks with a mixture of bleach and warm water.

These can unclog the solid wastes and toilet tissues and clear the drain pipes and hoses.

Broken plastic trim of the entry door

Doors contain plastic trims to protect their surface and decrease the risk of breaking. In addition, these are also helpful in sealing the roads and filling gaps that come during construction.

The rim is made of plastic material that can break easily due to temperature changes. The dry and hot environment makes the plastic material brittle and can break easily.

Leakage of water on these sides also causes this issue, and these can start to come off from the doors. Moreover, the breakage of plastic trims occurs when you open and close the door hardly.

You can resolve this problem by using high-quality adhesive to seal the area between the door and the plastic trim.

Windshield wipers stop working

The windshield wipers stop working in these motorhomes and cause difficulty clearing the windshield during the snowy and rainy season and improving visibility.

The wipers stop working when they are covered with heavy snow. Moreover, the faulty and worn-out motors of these wipers interrupt their functioning.

They cannot work and clean the front screen because of their blow-out fuse. In addition, the wear and tear in the rubber blade of wipers and loose joints can cause difficulty in their movement.

You can fix it by lubricating the moving end of windshield wipers and checking wear and tear in its rubber blades.

It is also better to remove snow from the so it cannot hinder its functioning.

Difficult to repair

The parts of the Travel Supreme RV are hard to repair because you cannot find their genuine parts in the market.

The damaged parts are hard to find in hardware stores and cause problems for people. Therefore, it is a challenging situation for you when any of its parts gets damaged during the trip.

You must protect every part from damage and handle them carefully. You cannot find their genuine parts, and when you install the other parts, these can get damaged early.

The other parts cannot work well with these motorhomes because of their non-compatibility with the original design and structure.

Inspect every part when you feel uneven noise from the internal parts or difficulty in driving them.

You can fix it by adequately maintaining every part so they cannot get damaged early.

Faulty air suspension

Travel Supreme motorhomes are luxurious and highly safe due to the presence of air suspension instead of a shock absorber type.

These provide a smoother ride on poor roads and are easy to maintain. Moreover, these are lighter-weight suspension systems with reduced noise.

These contain balloons filled with air to provide dampening action and absorb the impact of the road. The air suspension becomes faulty when rubber balloons leak or there is some hole in them.

The rubber material can crack easily due to a series of compressions. However, you can fix the issue by routine maintenance of the RV and its parts.

Moreover, avoid driving on rough roads and contact with potholes.

Cracking of leather furniture

Leather furniture is present in these motorhomes because of its high durability and luxurious appearance.

Many people complain that the leather used to make this furniture, including love seats and sofas, is not of good quality and cracks easily after some months.

Leather is a highly resistant material that can contract and expand according to changes in temperature.

Cracking in leather occurs when it is not genuine and cannot resist the high temperature of the heaters and hot air vents.

Moreover, these can also crack due to poor maintenance and cleaning. You have to polish them with leather conditioners to keep their surface lubricated and fresh.

They can dry when you do not polish them with conditioners for their smooth appearance. Cover the leather furniture with cotton fabric so heat does not produce cracks in them.

Moreover, it is also better to recondition the leather sofas after every month.

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